Monday, September 8, 2008

Four weeks to go!

As you can now see, the programme has been posted to the SSS site with a pdf version available. It has also been sent to Run-For-You-Life, and orienteering subscribers will get the yellow flyer this week by post. Warwick Selby and one or two others are getting excited!

In addition to the new maps mentioned in my last blog, there is a bit of map augmentation going on as well. Look for Glenn's event at Gannan Park to include a bit more to the south and west - with Pork Pie working the coloured pencils as the old goat try's to decipher the contours along Buffalo Road and Laurel Park. A control on the old bridge (wait till you see it) might be on offer as will the usual collection of barking suburban dogs. The Glebe Point map is also being extended west to Whites Creek - giving us THREE tram stops on the one map, surely the envy of all other SSS venues.

Various orienteering championship events coming up to help pass the time till October 8. A good way to warm up for the 08/09 Sydney Summer Series!

Keep spreading the word.

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