Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yep folks, it was a tough call last night as card sharp and Summer Series pokie star Steve 'The Strangler' Holloway presented a challenging hand at North Parramatta. The area for our second to last outing in the 09/10 season (new last year) was augmented with a new section across James Ruse Drive to the east - including some of the Burns estate. At the 1:10,000 scale Steve's course looked a daunting prospect - with little fodder close in, and with several 30 pointers (you guessed it) at the extremes. The early cogitation seemed to be how much of each side to attempt, and if you could work in the sixty points around last years start point. There appeared few takers for #21 and 30 - the latter known in WHO circles as the Andy Hill 'tester'.

Some looping appeared in a fog of discovery, while other areas defied linking. The trio of 23,15 and 24 needed to be fed, just as 25,26 and 4 led you, trance like, under James Ruse to the new territory. 18 was Steve's killer, pulling quite respectable citizens northwards and uphill beyond their ability into certain timing doom. Number 9 worked as in-out (nobody was going to 30 except Glenn), and #16 toyed with those coming 'up the skirt', but better surrendering to a neater in-out from the Parramatta Road crossing. 27,17 and 7 exerted some pull for the guns, but was easily dismissed for the rest - just too wide, especially the daunting flog from 25 to 27. Number 22 was also a cracker - pulling runners wide to the west (past the confusing map yellow area).

How to start? Many tore off east to #13, others added #1 on the way, and ripped into the new stuff. Some tales of confusion at #19, but a better lead to #28 from above than those coming from #20 and thinking they were looking for a fence corner! No names, but a salutory lesson. Read the clues Rosscoe! Other runners nipped off via 11 and 12 to 22 and a few flippers on Richie Benaud Oval. This seemed to set up a nice lower loop through to the east side. Of interest was Michael Burton's route. He began at 21 and then worked 12, 22, 14, 2, 24, 5, 25, 27 etc - returning from the eastern pots to do 16, 15, 23, 1 and in-out 13 (and ignoring #11). Something like putting the 'Y' in the Y fronts.

Lots of puzzles, but with few easy points close to home, it was always looking a low register scoring symphony. Now let's look at some of the tallies.

At 'train time' (well Resches time is a sort of departure time for your reporter), Michael Burton had put up 480 after running 520 less four to share the lead with Steve 'Six O'Clock News' Ryan - in a couple early. Mark Schaefer had run strongly on the bend to be one back at 470, ahead of Wendy's exceptional 460. It looks like the Masters Men might have had a 13th winner this series with Graeme McLeod notching 450 for a convincing lead from rivals Peter 'The Pud' Annetts and Mike Free (420/400). Davy Bray played a royal flush to post 430, joining Anthony Flick on a quick home visit. Nathan Lowe, Jim McLean and Fergus all carded 410 to shade Super Vet Graeme hill on 400. Graeme had the oil on most of us - working in the main Burns estate building, and no doubt familiar with the area. Good to see 'Gray' pull the points from Wazza (380) - with The Porkster twenty back but suprisingly clear of Steve Flick (360/330). Selwyn Roper penciled 340 in the same SV class - as did Rachael Noble (JW) and Ron 'The Pumpkin' Junghans (VM). Ronny claims the ton, but only just, with Malcolm a short head back on 330 and Heiko further astern on 310.

In the Veteran Men, Mal Bradley worked the Velocette into the corners well for 440, with rival VM Eoin going harder for 450. The V Women were equally stroppy, with Robin Cameron running strongly for 360 to pinch ten from Karin (350). Not sure of Dale's score. In other scoring, Mike Halmy pushed 380, as did Tom Joss, while 'Hot' Rod Clark tied up 390. Paul Olsen, Shane and Larry walked home with 360, whereas Vicki Stitt, John Anderson, Wiz, Michael 'The Funeral Director' Allen, Paul 'The' Shoe and Greg Nibbs had to make do with only 350. Oh well, always next week! I also noted Linda Sesta's 320, a tenner up from Lisa Lampe but also a tenner down from Rose Todd 'River' - running well in the pink glossies. Mike Roylance donned a yellow cape to fly a neat 300 - as did David's Lotty and Bowerman. The two Jim's (Stuart and Forbes) also shared the half way mark.

Down a bit, the board trembled with excitement to see Rachel Gale and Josh holding hands for 220 and Brian and Mary Jane on 210. Catherine 'Not Mrs' Packer plonked down 200, as did Liz Lockley and Kathryn Cox - Kathy walking of course. Peter Stevens wore a modest outfit (140), and Bev Johnson strapped on the camel for a perfect zero. Good to see Peter 'The Graveyard' Garran testing the shorts (250), Anne Marie Hegarty enjoying herself for 290 and Claire Winnick 'winning' with the same. Sue Thomson was back at the lollies for 220, but well shaded by Helen 'Of Troy' Murphy and Annette 'Henry' Larsen on 270. As I have mentioned before, these snippets are all very provisional, but give you some idea of the evenings fun and games. Runners just wanting to have fun - as the song goes!

Looking ahead to our last event, there are still some intriguing contests.

In JM it looks a cert for Aidan, Duncan and Mathew (Matty flying at the end of the season). JW sees Michele averaging 99 from equally placed Rachael Noble and Em Prudhoe (both 1167 points and an average of 97)!! Exciting stuff. Green, Ryan, Hatton looks to be OM, with Gill Fowler about to join Lisa Grant on top of OW. Another exciting finish. The Masters sees Glenn from a mighty throng. Peter Annetts and Michael Free both on 1163 (Peter up tonight), from fast finishing Tim Rogers 'Over & Out' 1161! Whohoooo! Kar-Soon is handy on 1159 and the same 96 average. Top racing indeed. Mary Fein from Sue Login and Rachael Best in MW it seems, and Wendy from Robin Cameron and Karin in VW also looks settled. The blokes are Burton on the ton ahead of Malcolm on av 99 from Eoin 'Mr BankWest' Rothery 91 (1194 to 1097).

The Super Vets see Waz Selby from Graeme Hill and probably Steve Flick, although Pork Pie is only 4pts adrift and could spark a riot at the final if he turns up in the All Black outfit and puts in a blinder (Steve is already losing sleep just thinking about it). Neil Hawthorne looks comfortable in 5th spot from the consistent Selwyn 'The Rope'. Earny is in there somewhere also. The SVW's will be Dale from Carol (missing lately) and Sue. Remember Sue is running down a class and performing exceptionally well here in tough company. Go Thommo the crowd roared!

Legends Men has Ron from Heiko and Malcolm, and the women see Janet holding off Bev and maybe Anne Stewart in this tiny class of only four mares. The walkers have been a bit light on in our inaugural season and obviously need more promotion (look at Melbourne!). Still we have Mel Cox walking alternate weeks to lead the men and Kathy leading the women. Al Pearce with a 91 average is keeping her honest though and will take silver.

This brings me to a sorry admission. The lack of recent Pork Pie Guides. The truth is, since retiring at Christmas I have had so much free time, I can't seem to get around to doing a 'Porkie'. It seemed so easy at work! Pathetic I know, but hopefully somewhat ameliorated by the blogs. Maybe next season.

Anyway, to next week. Warwick Selby has a cracker planned at the Dundas/Kissing Point map, with us starting up the hill (for a change) at the Royal Rehab Hospital. The venue here enables us to use a good room for the prize presentations, as well as affording Waz a chance to cruelly send us up and down hill in all directions. Get there as early as possible so the close contests are sorted in time for a nice end of season dinner (we were thinking of The West Ryde pub afterwards). Hopefully many can join in the fun.

It's been a great season with numbers well up on the previous two. It seems that we have also moved many runners to joining O clubs and giving bush orienteering a try as well - always a good outcome from the Summer Series. And how enjoyable is the flow of results data from Dave McKenna and out web man Dave Noble. Fantastic stuff in a great season. I'll no doubt do a lyrical wrap sometime after next week, but don't forget the three Autumn Evening events coming up - with your headlamps at the ready. More, more, more was the cry - and more was the answer!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Crossing busy Victoria and Lyons Roads at tonight's SSS event doesn't seem to have slowed Richard Green, who carded an impressive 550 points to claim the 'Birkenhead' bride at tonight's event. King Dick is also 'fresh' from a great run at last weekends six foot track outing, which just adds to the majestic aura of our Open Men's star. Top running Rich in a nice new bit of inner city fun bought to us by super veteran speedster Steve 'Grandad' Flick.

Steve added the eastern side of Drummoyne to the existing Abbotsford and Five Dock maps, giving runners a chance to flog along the two K between the bridge crossings, or take a chance with peak hour traffic lights. The new area was characterised by several out and back dead ends and little foreshore linking work - and yes, the 30 pointers were at the end of these road ends. But what views! Most impressive outlooks to Cockatoo Island from 25, 15 and 30 - and the view across to Balmain from #14 was also a beauty.

Five Dock Bay also held its own, with plenty on offer south of the start. Many liked what Steve had on sale here, and took off to the jetty at #26 before looping to 16, 2, 4, 27, 24 and across to the Bay Run. The more adventurous pushed to 12 and 6 before running the bulls (ooops, no, the cars) of Lyons Road. Others worked in a clockwise fashion, running up to 11 and across to 23 before going the in-out scenic stuff. Those that started this way, would have been puzzled at the misaligning of the roads just out of the car park - a quirk of joining three maps.

Not too many seemed to tackle the northern route via the low tenners, although Simon Barr's dash straight from the start to 17 and then on to 28 seemed like a plan (his subsequent triple cross of Queen Victoria slowed him though, as did Lyons on the 11-19 leg. I'd guess that #9 would have to be our lonely pot. Numbers 1,20,17 worked - even 8,20,17, but the old Beatles number just looked a lost soul to me.

Because old Pork Pie is jumping across the ditch (dutch?) early tomorrow, this report may be a bit short winded. He's also a bit shaken after having to make do with a Carlton at the club 'post race'. Never mind, there are some times taken in a shaky hand with the 2B, so listen up.

Both Steve Ryan and Kar-Soon penciled around the 540 mark like our winning Ricardo, but were late back - ending the night with 500's I think. Andrew Hill pushed hard and looked to have the silver with 520, in front of MM star , Glenn 'The Man' Horrocks with 500 after his usual 'all points' outing. Pretty amazing racing Glenbo.

Veteran Malcolm Bradley had the BSA flying for 490, a bottle of five cent coins in front of Peter Annetts with 480. Mal's pillion, Wendy 'Not Deng' Stevenson also flew for 480 in another outstanding run from the veteran star. Tim Rogers and Tony Dowle joined hands for 470, with 'The Jellybean' Michael Free and Jay Wilson a touch wider for 460. AP 'codeine' held 450, as did Mark Schaefer and Chris 'Picture' Frane. Good to see Mark back to speed after missing a few. Warwick Selby 'Seen' was very much seen, with an incredible 450 - and this after the old goat had run the six foot! Waz avoided the traffic light road crossings, unlike several of us other poor mortals. A better idea come to think f it.

'Slam' Dunk Sinclair, Jimmy McLean, Fergus and Gill all posted 430 (Gill also a six footer), while other leading scorers included Tommy Joss 'Stick', Dave Stanley and James 'Oil Paint' Lithgow (420's. Wayne Pepper Pot scribbled 360, Heiko had tree trouble for 350 - giving Uncle Ron the 100 with his 370 (Mal well back in the legends with 310 after losing out to the Lyons Road Tango). Ian Miller and Steve Dunlop flew WHO colours for 310, Lotty hated the roads for 300 and Debbie Byers loved it for 290. Good to see Linda Sester on the burst for 330, along with Tearaway Ted Mulherin and Julia Prudhoe.

Brian and Mary Jane made 100, Lumo a quiet 200 along with SVW Sue Thomson. Mel Cox walked for 240, as did Cheryl Bluett - although the CB radio was noted as a perfect zero. Amanda and Ange (no, not Angina) kept their hearts beating steadily for 230 and Rachel Merton posted 370. There were of course many others - in fact around the 200/210 mark it seems. A very impressive crowd at this end of the season.

Good one Steve, and maybe a great venue for the finale next year. Fancy dancing with your medals on!

Next week we move to the second to last offering at North Parramatta, under the baton of Steve Holloway (270 tonight). The more northern start area should add to the fun of this excellent venue - with plenty of grassy stuff and the odd gravestone to contemplate. Almost the last chance to create an upset, as we watch on especially with the close racing in the masters and veteran categories. Be there.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


David 'Gallows' Gatwood deployed the Pentridge effect last night, with a perfect ring of controls around the central assembly point. Arriving runners, having got off the tumbril, were confronted with a circle of control points with seemingly only one way in and out. It looked a daunting loop, but there were too many points to discount it, no obvious alternative, and so the Circle Line tube it had to be. Many stared at the map, unsure if they would make it, and then just sort of surrendered and shot off - perhaps hoping it would come to a quick and painless end.

In addition to this 'Ring of Fire', there was a tight bunch to the north for those that had more petrol in the tank. And petrol you needed, especially for the sobering leg 13-29-7. One that lives on in the memory. The totality looked very tough, with Michael 'The Freemason' calling Glenn to be ten over for the lot (a suprisingly accurate call with The Glenny actually home in 54.46 for 500 points).

As I said, most stuck to the noose, with their only options being how many 'home' points to go for, and/or if they could take in the Loyal Henry Park ticklers (15,8,17). 27 was too hard to ignore and many began there - and found themselves buggered before they had got out of the gate! Checkpoints 3,1 and 11 were lodged in the 'if I have time' slot, which few seemed to have and were infrequently visited. One startling route that did a bit of early 'home cooking' was Simon Barr beginning with 1, 11 and then down the creek to 26! Ronny 'Out of Africa' Junghans, on hearing of this audacious beginning, thought he would give it a go too - only to find the green really was green and lost much time. His day was over before he hit Lady Game.

The ringsters mainly went east first (16, Loyal Henry, 20, 25 etc), hoping to do a bit of bush on the way back (in-out 23 worked for many). Going the other way held out the hope of adding the 24/14 at the end of the run if the legs were still pumping. Those that planned to add northern points needed to be aware of the track not joining the road at #21. Bashing out worked apparently, but trying to find the way in was a different story (Michael Burton lost much time here). Going anti clockwise probably was the way to go for the stallions - with several ignoring 23, 12 and 5 in their sweep to fame and fortune. Many competitors lost time at #25 (either moved of incorrectly placed) and #9 (in the next watercourse south early on). I think all the #25 prospectors were paid the lolly, thank goodness. Not sure about 9 though - I know Heiko was discombobulated here and lost time.

Anyway, how did the scoring go? Well it looks like Richard Green might have gone gold again (reported as 530 and home early! - cruel I know), with Andy Hill posted as 520 and Kar-Soon with Glenn on 500. All incredible scores given the slower running in the bush, and not forgetting the contours. Back in the fours we find Dave 'The Omelet' Heggarty flying with 490, and nosing out brilliant runs from Peter Annetts and Sister Wendy with 480 apiece. Eoin Rothery must have liked the bush as he carded a fantastic 470, in front of the oil on the boots man, Malcolm 'McLaren' Bradley (450), Michael Free (440), Davey 'Crocket' Bray (430) and the head of Westpac, Tom Joss (420). In gaining his 440, the flying Freedom Fighter worked a loop that saw him coming home from #9 - up the cliff directly to #3!! Something about local knowledge. Amazing. Gill 'Gumboots' Fowler popped onto the board with a sensational 450 - and so is popped onto the blog right here! Good running Gill.

There seemed a goodly bunch around the 400 mark, with Mary Fein and Rod 'Knee' Clark posting just that, although aging speedster Steve Flick and Waz 'The Pluviometer' Selby were reported as ten better. Mel Cox startled the official tent with an arrival yell to rival 3801's departure whistle on the Central West sleeper. Mel pulled 390 to head a posse of 380's - all pouring down the finish steps like hot gold. Jim McLean, Aidan Dawson (junior men and holding dad Graeme to account with the same score), Darren 'The Venetian' Slattery, Nils Bown and Joel 'Snow' Putnam were the culprits. Steve 'No' Cassell, Phil 'After Lunch' Morris and Chris Brown had 370's, while Anthony Petterson, Cath Chalmers (sans pram) and Shane Henry had to settle for 360's.

Giving the World Masters body a final work out before Clandulla, Nick Dent flew down from Terrigal to pencil 350 - and a chance to podium with the gorgeous Dale Thompson and Carolyn 'Ch Mob' Haupt. 'Jesse James' Jessup was ten back, but led in Julian Ledgers legendary white Tee (330) and the two Rachels (Noble and Merton) on 320. I've got Vicki at 330, I've got Larry and the silent car with 410, I've got Michele at 310, and I think I've also got Ian McKenzie with a perfect zero after walking the entire course to be back exactly 60 minutes late (tell me it isn't true Ian).

In the Legends, Ken Jacobson was well back for 120 (uncharacteristic I have to say), Malcolm Gledhill on 230 and Heiko on 310. I think Ron was less than this after his creek route, but not sure of the final. In the LW's, it looks like Sue Thomson has ten over Janet (180/170), with Anne Stewart back on 110. Viv and Robyn put up 180 walking, as did Lee Lowe. Steve Dunlop chomped 290, to head Rosscoe 'Count Dracula' Duker and Judge Murphy (260's), but allowed Selwyn 'Professor Plum' Roper to slip through for 310. Hilary Wood posted 230, a tenner under fellow coaster David 'Blue' Bowerman, as she too warmed up for the Kandos fun to come. Great to see 'Tensing' in Sydney. Yes siree, good stuff indeed.

On the right hand board, we have to report 'Untitled' with twenty points, and a clutch of perfect zero's - Bates, Bates & Turner being one of them, or maybe an architectural practice registering for the wrong conference. Good to see no matter what the score, and we hope they enjoyed the afternoon. There seemed to be many new faces by the way (boys in blue T shirts), with Dave McKenna indicating that the individual entry number is fast approaching 1,000!!! Blimey, imagine if everyone turned up at once.

Many more interesting scores of course, with quite probably other high ones. But correspondent Pork was under starters orders and had to make a mercy dash to Pyrmont. The word is, to get noticed - run early!

To wrap then (slurping on a Coopers in the semi dark), a tough take and a different take on this area by course setter Dave, with many enjoying the chance to do a bit of bush track work (Lotty, the main fan of the off road offering, appeared to not be there. A pity as 'The Envelope' would have loved it). The additional stuff around 26 was fun - including the pot on top of the cairn (18). Things will be even faster when the boardwalk is finished (on the way to #12), so we might factor another gig here next summer - maybe from Loyal Henry.

With event 23 now astern, we focus on Steve Flick and his promise of new material at Drummoyne next week. This looks like under the bridge at one end and under one again at the other end. No matter what, Steve knows how to set a puzzle and will have us hanging out for a Guinness and tatey after this one. Only three more chances to pull clear of your rivals, so get the runners oiled as we take in yet more Sydney Harbour, Sydney real estate - and Sydney running fun, in flogging the skin off the sausage at Five Dock Bay. Be there!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Summer Series history in the making as 'The Hoist', 'The Lending Library', 'Frankenstein', The Akubra' and 'The Noose' all posted 600 big ones at Bedlam Point last night. Well that's actually only five, but the 'six pack' in the title sounds better than a missing bottle - and 'The King of England' was only a whisker back on 590 anyway. Editorial licence at work, and a bit of terrible Pork Pie horse naming (I'm sure you can guess them all anyway).

Yes, it isn't often we get such a slew of podium punchers, and many others so close (Kar-Soon had 580, Dave 'With Two G's' 560 and 'The Viking' 540. Not forgetting Michael 'The Pineapple' Free, crushed by Glenn for 540, Malcolm, Wendy and Gill losing a tenner each to Golden Circle for 530, and Eoin ramming the WA numberplate into contention with a well compiled 500. Super scoring all, at one of our favourite locations - and on a nice evening to boot.

Looks like around 220 took the opportunity to sample the classic hospital buildings and the inevitable 'add-ons' to east and west that always make up the course at Bedlam Point. John Anderson was in charge of the pots and had an evenly balanced distribution on offer from the Banjo. Most of the leaders needed to add something from both sides, with 27 and 28 finding themselves the likely candidates for the drop zone (#9 being a side salad accompaniment to #28). If doing the east, then the western twenty point loop of 14, 16 and 17 were worth the addition, with faster runners adding all the west except #27. The visa-versa eastern story was more complicated because of the two 30 point tempters in #29 and 30. The 8,19,20 and 4 return circle appealed if you didn't fancy the hill south to those two, or the aforementioned 9/28 dash.

In working a loop, the only real puzzle was how to incorporate 11 and 12. Some ran from below (21,1,11,12), while others added them from the top (22,11,12,2). Everything else flowed fairly smoothly, although the odd runner missed the hard to spot #22 - including 'Out Of Africa'. This would have been so much clearer with Sprint O mapping standards and it's medium grey building colour (next seasons Sprint Series perhaps). Lots of good running, and not too much empty distance. Good fun through the door at #3, and under the old bowling club down (or up) to #20. And how many stayed on the old sewer track stairways (1-21) when the shore route was faster? Aaaah!

Hard to pick a lonely pot as most seemed to be well visited - maybe the outpost at #27. Seemed a long way off to me, although Heiko enjoyed the ride there (going west 18-27), as did Michael Free, running it clockwise and uphill (26-27).

As I said, some good scoring. Amongst the mob, the Porkster noted Malcolm and Ted posting 390's in the Legends, ahead of Ron 'The Zulu' Junghans 350, Barry Cole 'Man Hawkins' with 220 and Peter 'Even' Stevens with 210. Ronny is just back from Africa and re engaging the legs once more - but missed 220, so may need to readjust the Christine Craigies! Janet Morris put on 290 in the LW's to keep clear of Anne Stewart (210), while in the SVW's, Sue Thomson's 340 kept 'The Angina' and Mary Jane at bay (320/260), but was no match for Dale 'The Cordial Bottle' Thompson running well into form with 420. Robbie Cameron also carded 420 (in the VW's).

Rachel Noble 'Rot' didn't leave the grapes on the vine too long, with a quick 340 in the juniors - Michele well down this time (290 - an injury? PP saw MD walking at one stage). Duncan 'Doughnut' Currie held 320 in the JM's, and may have headlined here with few other juniors noted before Reschs time tapped the old fella on the shoulder.

Some other good scoring included Dan Dohle with 520 (partner Kelly chompted 440), Mel and Kathy Cox both walking (340/290), Graeme Hill a length back from Warwick (510/490) in the SVM's, and Kenny Jacobson holding hands with John The Bowler Hat' Giles for 360. Rosscoe Duker was way off pace for 160, but this might have been an add error. Seems out of character for the 'Man in the Van'. Larry blasted out 510, but the watch said 49 (Why am I singing about 'The Miner...') and he copped four down. Still good stuff from the Lassoo, and a bragging score to Karin's 410. Lisa 'Starlight' Lampe claimed 370, Jim Merchant had the slide ruler to blame for 400, whereas Lumo finally got into highway mode for 420. Good to see Andrew back into top half scoring after the bloody Carlingford creek encounter some time ago. I've also got President Paul with 440, Terry Murphy with 340, Viv and Jos teaming up for 240, but nobody noted at 140! Emily and Edward (obvious royalty) popped a neat 100, Jane Beamish 'Mash' posted 290 whereas Angela, Mandy and Sue 'T Pudding' got together for their second outing - coming home after drinks with 210. Excellent stuff girls.

A brace of impressive 440's in Wayne Pepper 'Steak', Nathan 'At' Lowe and Clare Murphy. Ian McKenzie managed ten better to outpoint Dave Noble (410) and Steve 'The Swamp' Dunlop (420), and an impressive run from Dan Redfern (400). Meg Croft had the knitting needles flying for 330, but lost a stitch to Julia Prudhoe - taking no prisoners for 380, the same as Stuart 'Bike Lane' McWilliam. I have also got Adolfo 'The G Man' doing a 310 degree tango with Connie (the injured Michael pushing 'The Con' to greater heights) and Dave Stitt. It was a popular score, but the pencil failed just at that moment, and off we raced for the pie and peas.

So, next week, our fourth to last race, has David Gatwood and the Big Feet in charge at UTS Lindfield. The campus precinct adds 'sprint o' flavour to this one, and helps balance the nice bush tracks and the tree lined streets. Good north shore tucker and I'm sure Dave will set us a perler.

Finally some stats. For those that are looking, you will see we are well up on the past two seasons with about 200 more entries in total, and a big increase in individual runners. So far we haven't hit a new record (260+), but are doing consistently high numbers week in, week out. Take a bow SSS addicts, your a great group to be sharing Wednesdays with. Speaking of Wednesdays, we have the three Autumn Evening events finally scheduled (7,14,21 April) and leading up to the night champs. Flyers at next weeks event. Make it a date!

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