Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Crossing busy Victoria and Lyons Roads at tonight's SSS event doesn't seem to have slowed Richard Green, who carded an impressive 550 points to claim the 'Birkenhead' bride at tonight's event. King Dick is also 'fresh' from a great run at last weekends six foot track outing, which just adds to the majestic aura of our Open Men's star. Top running Rich in a nice new bit of inner city fun bought to us by super veteran speedster Steve 'Grandad' Flick.

Steve added the eastern side of Drummoyne to the existing Abbotsford and Five Dock maps, giving runners a chance to flog along the two K between the bridge crossings, or take a chance with peak hour traffic lights. The new area was characterised by several out and back dead ends and little foreshore linking work - and yes, the 30 pointers were at the end of these road ends. But what views! Most impressive outlooks to Cockatoo Island from 25, 15 and 30 - and the view across to Balmain from #14 was also a beauty.

Five Dock Bay also held its own, with plenty on offer south of the start. Many liked what Steve had on sale here, and took off to the jetty at #26 before looping to 16, 2, 4, 27, 24 and across to the Bay Run. The more adventurous pushed to 12 and 6 before running the bulls (ooops, no, the cars) of Lyons Road. Others worked in a clockwise fashion, running up to 11 and across to 23 before going the in-out scenic stuff. Those that started this way, would have been puzzled at the misaligning of the roads just out of the car park - a quirk of joining three maps.

Not too many seemed to tackle the northern route via the low tenners, although Simon Barr's dash straight from the start to 17 and then on to 28 seemed like a plan (his subsequent triple cross of Queen Victoria slowed him though, as did Lyons on the 11-19 leg. I'd guess that #9 would have to be our lonely pot. Numbers 1,20,17 worked - even 8,20,17, but the old Beatles number just looked a lost soul to me.

Because old Pork Pie is jumping across the ditch (dutch?) early tomorrow, this report may be a bit short winded. He's also a bit shaken after having to make do with a Carlton at the club 'post race'. Never mind, there are some times taken in a shaky hand with the 2B, so listen up.

Both Steve Ryan and Kar-Soon penciled around the 540 mark like our winning Ricardo, but were late back - ending the night with 500's I think. Andrew Hill pushed hard and looked to have the silver with 520, in front of MM star , Glenn 'The Man' Horrocks with 500 after his usual 'all points' outing. Pretty amazing racing Glenbo.

Veteran Malcolm Bradley had the BSA flying for 490, a bottle of five cent coins in front of Peter Annetts with 480. Mal's pillion, Wendy 'Not Deng' Stevenson also flew for 480 in another outstanding run from the veteran star. Tim Rogers and Tony Dowle joined hands for 470, with 'The Jellybean' Michael Free and Jay Wilson a touch wider for 460. AP 'codeine' held 450, as did Mark Schaefer and Chris 'Picture' Frane. Good to see Mark back to speed after missing a few. Warwick Selby 'Seen' was very much seen, with an incredible 450 - and this after the old goat had run the six foot! Waz avoided the traffic light road crossings, unlike several of us other poor mortals. A better idea come to think f it.

'Slam' Dunk Sinclair, Jimmy McLean, Fergus and Gill all posted 430 (Gill also a six footer), while other leading scorers included Tommy Joss 'Stick', Dave Stanley and James 'Oil Paint' Lithgow (420's. Wayne Pepper Pot scribbled 360, Heiko had tree trouble for 350 - giving Uncle Ron the 100 with his 370 (Mal well back in the legends with 310 after losing out to the Lyons Road Tango). Ian Miller and Steve Dunlop flew WHO colours for 310, Lotty hated the roads for 300 and Debbie Byers loved it for 290. Good to see Linda Sester on the burst for 330, along with Tearaway Ted Mulherin and Julia Prudhoe.

Brian and Mary Jane made 100, Lumo a quiet 200 along with SVW Sue Thomson. Mel Cox walked for 240, as did Cheryl Bluett - although the CB radio was noted as a perfect zero. Amanda and Ange (no, not Angina) kept their hearts beating steadily for 230 and Rachel Merton posted 370. There were of course many others - in fact around the 200/210 mark it seems. A very impressive crowd at this end of the season.

Good one Steve, and maybe a great venue for the finale next year. Fancy dancing with your medals on!

Next week we move to the second to last offering at North Parramatta, under the baton of Steve Holloway (270 tonight). The more northern start area should add to the fun of this excellent venue - with plenty of grassy stuff and the odd gravestone to contemplate. Almost the last chance to create an upset, as we watch on especially with the close racing in the masters and veteran categories. Be there.

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Fly on the Wall said...

Just one Flick and we were gone!
Some very devilish setting by Steve, who is known more for laying out fast, flat courses that suit the speedsters rather than plods like me.
But those bloody red lights!
Two sets of those cost me two and a half minutes, and I wasted a further 45-60 seconds making a meal of #18 from below.
Could not see much value for money in the northern pots so ruled those out immediately.
The question was whether to do everything west of the start (290) plus perhaps 21-18, 23 (lights!!) and maybe 7 or 5, and 8 if early.
But that left no shortcut home so I went for the reverse which gave options for more and less.
So it was 11-23 (80 seconds wasted at lights)-25-15-30 (curse those in-outs)-10-14-21-18-29-13-3-22-24 (another 80 seconds wasted at the lights near 24)-27-4-26 to be home in 45m 30s. That was nett 390, having run 7.4km with 68m of climb - stoked with that distance!
Mind you, that's a long way for just 17 pots.
If not for those pesky lights I could have grabbed 12, or 2-16, on the way home for a PB in percentage terms.

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