Monday, September 23, 2013


Hard to believe that it's nearly six months since Sports Minister Annersley joined us at The Mac to celebrate the end of season 22. And now, here we are, white of leg, leathery of calf, groping for the shorts at the back of the drawer - and detecting a sniff of the mothball, as we brace for the electric beginning to season 23!!!

While many orienteers will be in the ACT for the Aussie O carnival, Carolyn Haupt has graciously forgone the lure of the Federal Capital to bring us Round One at Blackman Park. Despite a few of us nutters being awol here, 'The Commandant' knows how to set a cracker, and promises to see those fronting the card table with their Banjo's and cheesy singlets, a great opening event. Expect to wobble the dibber into control sites in the bush, in the mangroves, on the stairways, under the cliffs, across the grassy bits, and on the street corners at this great riverside location. 'Blacko' has the lot, and should attract an attendance in the thousands! Make sure you are one of them in the frame on day one - as you work the body (and the string) once again into those enjoyable summer series contortions.

Carolyn will have a bunch of the famous 'yellow' SSS programme sheets on hand, and also copies of the new NSW Summer Orienteering event guide. The latter features a huge array of events over the next six months, including the weekly Sydney Summer Series and it's children - the Western and Southern Series. Speaking of the latter, Janet advises they kick off on Monday 21 October at Glenwood Reserve. Something to factor in as Monday's join Wednesday's in falling to the cry "I'll be a little late home tonight"!

And in the new year, the Monday madness continues with Terry Bluett's fantastic Sprint Series. Speaking of Sprint Orienteering (as I just seem to be doing - fancy that), don't forget to enter the NSW Sprint Orienteering Champs on Sunday October 13 at Pyrmont (and make a weekend of it while you've your Latte in hand, by entering the Big Foot Sprints at Sydney Uni on the Saturday). A great weekend double of fast and furious racing - and in the case of the 'Pyrmont Panter' - bought to you by none other than Pork Pie himself! Cunning running with harbour views. Not to be missed.

So, in a little over a week, the SSS begins. Another great programme as I hinted at in my previous post. After oiling the joints at Blackman Park, the action moves to Forestville, and then 'Murdering Bay'! It's then a blurr of madness as Glenn races clear, Wazza soaks the Striders singlet, and 'The Station Master' looks to establish an early lead over 'Two Bob Watch'.

Can't wait!


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