Sunday, September 25, 2011


When Pork Pie, in his usual lather of SSS excitement, and waxing lyrical about young Dunk's Annandale event, calls it as event three when it in actual fact it's event four! Sit me down with a Pimms and bamboo fan folks, I completely forgot to mention the real event three - Terry 'Towling Hat' Bluett's tempter at Manly Dam. This 19 October fixture promises a little more bush, sandstone, bush tracks and cliff line fun - as well as the usual streets, ovals and urban grassy stuff around this North Balgowlah location. Same assembly location as previous events, but with the promise of more Angophora Costata cuddling than our last outing there. As with all things Tezza, it will be a classic. Bring a hat, bring a friend, bring granny - as we go all funny with the coloured 1:10,000 once again.

No other early news, although the first few events are looking like pot and pencil. More news on Sportident scoring as it comes to hand.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I had intended to blog up with a 'two weeks to go' spray, but even this has been overtaken! We are only just over a week and a half till take off time at Balls Head - or till Dan 'The Man' Redfern pulls out the green flag to start the 21st SSS express. And what a start it will be at one of our favourite spots. Classic harbour views, intriguing historical sites, bush tracks and tiny workers cottages. And don't forget the 'Tunnell' - one of the areas most alluring features. All easily accessible from the train station at Waverton, so no excuses to not roll up and give Dan a good going over - his course I mean! Bound to be be another Summer Series classic.

And following Dan, James McQuillan 'Ink' takes the stage with a flog out west at Cumberland Hospital. This is an almost dead flat area with fantastic old historical buildings (jail/hospital), as well as delicious running in Parramatta Park and along 'The Toon'. Expect to see the fast men tightening their hose as they put 10/11 klms on the board and notch their belts. This is what we've been waiting for!

Given I seem to be giving us a sort of early events preview, we can then look handy back in the inner west, as young Duncan and dad put on SSS event 3 at Whites Creek Annandale. This start area has us well away from the harbour, but rest assured there will be checkpoints aplenty 'down along the bay'. Also expect 'The Doughnuts' to have filled in the small missing bit of the map - upriver where the salmon spawn and perfect for a pot or two.

Three events, three classic locations - and Richard 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Green has only just got into stride! Whooohooo. Summer Series fun time folks, so get out the shorts, get out the grease paint, get out puff-o-meter, and get going in the race of a lifetime. And as you can see from our cannily crafted programme, there is much fun to follow. Event 5 has new territory for royalty fans, event 6 is ALL new territory - as is event 9. Marina is going Bok Choy on December 14, Carol will have you running in your lane at Mowbray, Alan Tilley promises an entirely new take on the flying foxes in early Feb - and Dr Ian will have his Gladstone bag handy at Lovers Jump. Our 21st year is looking the goods. Big time!

Housekeeping department. All now in readiness, with perhaps an early mix of pencil/pot and sportident scoring - before we fully settle the SSS into a complete sportident competition system. If at all possible, Pork Pie is urging summer series competitors that are not already orienteering club members, to consider joining one of the six Sydney clubs to help obviate the increased cost of casual event attendance. We expect to have sportident sticks available at events for purchase - another way to keep costs in check as we move with the 'electronic' times. And as with all SSS events, there will be plenty of willing helpers there to explain all developments.

SSS, running fun in the sun? You betcha!!

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