Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quiet isn't it!

Well, not for the bush orienteering crowd - where the winter programme is in full swing, and attendances so far this season have been above expectations. An excellent trend, with many following on from Summer Series running and trying the real thing. Good stuff and addictive once you get into it. See the link to the Orienteering Association of NSW for full event details over the winter months, including the winter solstice event on Wednesday June 17 at North Sydney and Dave Stitt's moonlight madness night events over the next few months.

As to the Summer Series, all is in hibernation (well brief hibernation) for a couple of months before we commence preparation of the 2009/10 programme in ernest. We are looking again at a 26 event schedule, commencing in spectacular fashion at Luna Park on October 7. As this is the week before the world masters games orienteering events in Sydney/Lithgow, we hope to attract a fair few of the international O runners arriving in town and will give this one a publicity bang. It will be a great way to start the season, in an area that is fast becoming traditional.

We intend to continue with the holiday event (this time on Wednesday 30/12), and will bring you a tantalising range of events and venues. Bushy ones, harbour side stuff, great runnable parks and historic urban areas, and........ wait for it! New maps!!! Oh, I almost forgot - something with steep hills! Yep, bound to be a few of these little critters to get the puff happening.

Anyway gang (if your out there), keep the running up and dream on about the next series. Only five months away!

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