Thursday, January 28, 2010


On a dark, thundery and damp evening at Seaforth's 'Burnt Bridge', Open Men's star Richard 'Birds' Green, had the guitar in tune for a spectacular 590 point on-time finish. King Richard swept all pots except #1 in a blistering attack on Terry Bluett's challenging course - and seemed to have twenty buns clear of the next chomper, Andy Hill, back from Cardiff in a welcome return to the series. Great to see Andrew back on the knee rattle, where he did a 'Glenn', running the lot for a two minutes thirteen penalty - not bad seeing he (according to dad) "wouldn't be fit"! Fantastic running from our current OM leader and our previous OM star.

Despite the ominous weather, a goodly bunch of SSS addicts turned up at Bantry Oval (maybe 180 or so) to be confronted with a potty pattern spreading further and further downhill. True to his word, Terry had added a decent dollop of bush work, and retreated somewhat from the fearsomely wide spread here last year. The tighter pattern did result in some higher scoring, but it was great to see the bush navigation pulling up the runners where the O brigade shot forward to claim.

The pots were all single letter biggies, with some confusion (L or V) if you were flying. Still, all good sites and well hung (now, now) on a great SSS area - with lots of off road possibilities that Tezza exploited rather well. Looking at the map and high start location, you saw four exit paths, with most commencing on just two of them - via the north west or across the oval to #10. A bit of study under the kerro lamp made you realise that the most distant 30 pointer (#25) was a long way down - 80 metres down in fact. So all routes were going to involve a bit of heavy breathing on the way home - no matter where you went.

The 18,22,15,26 start kicked up the scoreboard early and seemed a reasonable choice, although many opted to do the bush pots early, figuring that the return via 26 would be straightforward if steepish. This easterly start also quickly added lolly, with most runners well into three figures before needing the Ventolin. The general early gloom was also was a factor in hitting the bush first up before 'you couldn't read the map', although the evening lightened off much to the chagrin of the early smarties.

The two 30's on the bare rock were a significant feature of the course and rewarded the effort. The other pairing (27/21) also attracted most runners and led to the tempting easterly run down the creek to 19 and 25. Linking these two was a trick, with Steve Flick running the northern road between, where Wazza (and Simon Barr) saw the thin yellow strip and plonked down their loose change. The link across from 11-23-14 in either direction also rewarded, as those that ran 9-12-8 instead later realised - and rued (Remember Gordon 'Harold' Wilson's thought - "never go out of you way for a ten pointer"). The lonely pot looked like #2, or maybe #9 - or then again #1. I'll take a tenner on 2 cried the Porkie!

Looking at some of the other scores, we begin with the excellent Crispin Yuen - home after lots of fun and 10 on the board. Go the 'Potatoe Chip'. I generally like the modest end, but didn't seem to record many last night I'm afraid. Bev 'Johnno' Johnson and Don 'Elvis' Burnett both carded 180 in the Legends category, as did our favourite group Viv and Robyn. Go girls! In the SVW's, Angela Murray and Sue Thomson both posted 290, but well behind Dale with a cracking 450. Cripes, the 'Hills &' is back with a vengence.

The legendary men decided that love was in the air, with Mal Gledhill, Heiko and Ron 'Son Lighter' all posting an impressive 420. Things are heating up in the LEM's, with this excellent run by Mal reminding the hiking pole and the farmer of his former speed. Steve 'The Abbotsford Abbot' Flick ran a superb loop for 490 and looked likely to take the ton, until Warwick and Graeme Hill (a late run) pulled in for ten more. Maybe the thin yellow line after 19 was the difference. Ian Cameron ran a tidy 460, with a few other SV's doing the 420 tango (Jim 'Morrison' Merchant and I think 'The Rope'). Terry Murphy, with a week of heavy sentencing on his mind, ran a nice 330, as did Adrian Steele. Ady was outshone by his sister however, with Bronny tucking another ton under her arm for a fantastic 430.

The Legendry Wendy Stevo popped 540, annoyed by Malcolm running the Triumph on unleaded for ten more. Michael Free sensed a big score, and in a rush to see it posted came home five minutes early! He gets 540 for his enthusiasm, but settles in behind Tim 'Bo' Rogers (560). Kar-Soon also had the Masters bib on for a strong 540, ten ahead of Pete Annetts in the same race but shaded by the furniture store. Other high 500 scores were a spectacular 550 from Adrian White 'Wash' and a strong 520 from OW star, Lisa Grant. And how about Gil Fowler and Steve 'The Hangman' Ryan - cracker runs for 550, ahead of fancied stallions, David Bray (530) and Anthony 'Armstrong Jones' Peterson (540).

Two injured runners thought a walk would do them the world of good and promptly clipped on the water bottle - Ian McKenzie walking the lot for 120 and Mark Schaefer posting 320. Emily Prudhoe scored a spectacular 440 in Junior Women, with Mathew Hill 'Song' handling 490 in the JM's. Both are running in top form. Kath had Aoife Rothery strapped up in the buggy for 290, remembering the flat stuff in Perth rather ruefully no doubt. James 'The House Of' Stuart and Graham Horrocks found 280, Vicki Stitt (OW) carded 390 and Robin Cameron put 450 to bed in VW. Karin with 360 in the same class was off tune, with her strapper, Larry 'The Baritone' Weiss, a bit fresher with 410. The Pork also notes Jai DiTommaso (VW) notching a nice 320, Julia Clements (370), Rachel Merton (380) and in a rising chorus, Sharon 'The Shower Curtin' Lambert (390). Ten by ten they go.

Eoin Rothery posted a tidy 470, but had to follow fellow vet Jamie Lithgow into the dis-mounting yard (490). Good run from the love bird. There were plenty of 'around' 500 runners home. Dave Hegarty, Graeme McLeod and Jim McLean (all with 510), Stuey Deane (500), Chris Jacka (490) amongst them. I should also note first timer, Mike 'The Deodorant Bottle' Ward enjoying a change from striding and getting into a touch of map magic for 180 points. Ward 13 looks the goods and will improve - 'each way' say the Pie. As the 2B grinds down, I also note Pete Marshall and James 'The Red Engine' Lucas putting up 460 and retiring to the club to collect their winnings. Nice running boys!

The old goat has run out of notes, but remembers that pot 21 was moved late in the evening by some kids - now traumatised and sleeping badly after James Lithgow threatened them with the old Holden. I hope not too many lost it at this marker. A great night, a great course and some wide and varied performances. As it should be of course. Thanks Terry.

Next week we return to an old favourite - Boronia Park with Larry in the cockpit. Larry has added a bit of extra work to the west, but also will have you confused in the nice bushy bits. Enjoy the smell of the mangroves - and savour the thought of the pie and peas at the Woolwich Pier (or the HHH). Make it a plan.

I should also mention the excellent Monday Sprint series, next Monday at UTS Lindfield will be a beauty. Also the two Rogaines coming up, including the three hour option on March 6. Sounds like lots of fun (go to for info). That's it, time for a Resches!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


On a warm and beautiful Sydney evening, Brendan 'The Trilby' Hatton and Richard Green 'But Not Heard', flew the Cabarita course to post perfect full 600 point scores. They were joined by around 200 other Summer Series addicts at this fantastic harbourside (or is that riverside) location that features the old AGL gasworks development (now known as Breakfast Point), and the sublime Cabarita Point Park. Dr Matt Peters, well known for past outings at Joeys, was our pot man - and didn't disappoint with a full spread across the page. Daunting until you realised the map scale was 1:7,500!

The course featured a nice left turn at #30 which most runners seemed to take. A few contrary types plugged for 29, or 30-29 to begin their meals. There was a nice tangle in the Breakfast Pt area itself, giving the loopsters much to chew on, before the breakout north to 22/23 and/or west to the killers 21-11-1. The hard one to capture for the 'second tier' was probably #14 - just too far off line on the 26-4-5 route, but a nagger all the same. Those with a touch of rocket fuel plugged for a 5-21-14-26 return, missing #4, and ignoring the siren song of 11 and 1. This was a good way of boosting beyond the standard central 510, but did entail a bit of leggy stretch. Many OM's and MM's worked the tangle of western streets to this effect - even the old plodder Waz Selby, found himself out there (happy 60th tomorrow Warwick!!).

This will be a great sprint O map when all developments are finished, with lots of fun in the connecting lanes and gardens. Running the foreshore tracks and boardwalks (great between 3 and 23) and around the parks here is just a buzz. The yummy contrast when you duck into the developed areas - and then out again to the views and grassy stuff is fantastic. Control # 27 on the knoll was surely on of Sydney's great Summer Series spots. A great SSS venue, set to get better as the years roll on.

Looking at some of the route options. Many competitors looked to work all the inner Breakfast Point apartment points (8-16-28-25-15) on their outer run, coming home from the north via 13-24-5-26-6-7 and the 20 and up. Others separated them with a 28-15 outer and a 25-6 inner. Much fun and nice flat running (a nice change from last, and next!, week). Although #10 didn't have many fans, I think #4 might be our lonely pot. Too hard for the slower 'inner' runners, and not enough potatoes for the big guns. Nice setting here Matt. Always good to plonk one down somewhere that gets us all worked up in a fug of 'will I or won't I'.

So, back to some of the scoring.

As well as our two golds, there were several nearly made it's. Steve 'The Pencil' Ryan and Rob Mason were a scratch away for 590, Lisa 'The Schooner of Gin' Grant, Kar-Soon and Anthony Peterson carded 580, while Davy 'The Gravy' Bray and Graeme McLeod were out a touch wider on the turn for 570. Not bad, not bad at all thinks the old Porkster. Of interest was Steve leaving off #10 in his on-time outing, and Lisa shunning #4 for her seconds over run. Amazing stuff from these two stars.

Other great scores noted by the man in the trilby, were Pete Annetts working the sweat band for 560, Michael Free cunningly giving his rivals a bit of unexpected lolly with 550 and home four minutes early (planning Michael, planning!), and junior Matty Hill posting 540. Get that. Mathew is still a JM!! And while we are thinking 'Hill', how about mum Barb going the bolt for the same 540! Tony, I know how you feel.

Chris 'Door' Frane and Graeme Hill grabbed 530, Jo 'Jo Zep & The Falcons' Sinclair pocketed 520, followed by a posse of 510's - Ian Cameron and Steve Flick in SVM and Mark Robinson and Mel Cox in VM. Good to see Gary Farebrother working 500 into the score book, and Dave 'Poached' Heggarty shy ten for 490. Richard Morris also held 490, which seemed low for the Morry Minor. Maybe back early.

In the Legends, Heiko and Ron held hands for 460, to be well clear of fellow LM's Mal Gledhill (420), Eric 'Clapton' Smith (360), Chris Crane 'On The Plain' (290), Barry 'Tread' Cole (280) and Peter 'In The Clubhouse' Stevens with 200. Janet Morris took the LW points, with Beverly 'Bird' Johnson carding a remarkable minus 210! Bev must have gone on a serious walk, or stopped at the Palace for a Resches (as we did later - but you knew that didn't you!). Sue Thommo posted a strong 350 in the SVW's, enjoying the course - and Carol Jacobson's absence tramping the Routeburn Track with young Kenny (no, not that Kenny!). Other junior scores noted were Michele Dawson's 440 - well clear of brother Dan's 380, and Siobhan Wilde (Dave's niece not granddaughter) with 190 big red and white ones. Hard also not to enjoy 'Alex, Duck and Hannah' once again on the board with 110. The legend is building!

More scores? All right, all right, settle down - I've got a few more (no rain you see). How about the great Robin Cameron, running in pink sox for 480 (same as Chris 'Taker' O'Neil in OW and Dave 'I'm Off' Lotty in SVM). Jim Merchant had the Culoul Creek Tee on the drip for 470, a shade behind All Black flanker Selwyn 'Toogood' Roper's 480, but in front of Ian 'Business Machines' Miller (440) and Terry 'The Weight of the Law is Upon you my Son' Murphy's 400.

'Noah' Mark Schaefer walked for 330 (a planter f prob rears its head). Mike Hanratty, back from three months in Europe (and a touch of the shivery grass), ran his debut this series for 300. Adrian 'The Drainpipe' Steele is back running and on the boil with a few mates, carding 430, Lisa Lampe worked the Uringa O top well for 380, ten behind Caitlin Anderson's 390. Good to see the 'Biscuit Tin' reclaiming her running form after recent mumdom. Carolyn 'Iment' Haupt ran an excellent 450, Ross 'RKO' Duker and Melissa Selby were unlikely partners on 430, but none the less in front of a subdued Wayne Pepper and Julia Prudhoe's 400 odd.

Given that Masters star Glenn 'The Toecutter' Horrocks absence, good to see the family well represented by dad Graham pushing hard for 330 points in the Super Vets. And for those that didn't hear, Glenn has a broken toe (don't blame the sofa) and will be out of action for six weeks! Betting in the Masters has suddenly become frantic, as the top ten get the renewed itch for gold.

There were many more great scores - some best of season, some going into the light type. The Pork Pie pencil has ground down to a stub in reporting on yet another great event. Next week we fly east to Manly Dam where Terry Bluett (the man behind the Monday Sprint O series) has a treat in store. Terry has added some bush work to last years Burnt Bridge, so expect a little more challenge as we flog our sox off at The Dam! Beauty.

And just before folding the camp stool, a little more news. Andrew Hill is heading home after his year in the UK, and may just be on the lick next week. Graeme thinks he won't be fit - but we all know that means 590 rather than 600! Be great to see Andy back. Also, many of you might have noticed the great numbers we are building in this years series. After 15, we have 628 individual nags on the paddock, as opposed to 676 for all of last season - could be a record sniff given we still have eleven events to report. Bring you friends, bring grandma! The more the merrier, with still lots of fantastic racing to come. Not to mention new maps and some very cunning course setters out to test the ponies (and some nice pubs to ponder the 'if only's').

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Biting off too much at Granny Smith

This was the refrain of many returning runners at last nights 'Devlin's Downpour', as they found themselves seriously overtime getting back from far flung high point tempters. And spare a thought for the later starters. Finding #29 in good light was a trick (especially coming from the east), but the 6.30-6.45 brigade (and there seemed lots) would have flogged off into the bush here in the gathering gloom only to find the heavens open and the T Shirt going into serious droop. Always a great Summer Series combo, the gloom and doom scenario!

Course setter, and Summer Series Veteran superstar Mike 'Just Do It' Burton, was in charge (perhaps not of the weather), and crafted a huge spread of controls from tiny Ray Park (and the Granny Smith apple tree) to all points of the Epping/Beecroft map. The first glance said 'tough' - and subsequent study confirmed the opinion. In fact, so cunning and devilish was Michael control deployment, that the string brigade got more and more puzzled trying to work a loop, bringing on headaches and a sense of deep despair. Eventually, even the most composed competitor just said 'bugger it', and launched off on their run - hoping there might be a McKillop moment somewhere along the way that would create a sensible route.

The big points were mostly at the extremities, creating the need to add more distance than experience suggested was sensible. How to begin? Many liked the northern exit via 29 and 30, and then 'something' over the freeway. The loop back via the south east worked, although you had to do the odd in/out to capture both 28 and 20. Others began with the friendly 50 points (2,12,11) that led to the south east from the other direction, with the nice string northwards from 27 to 25 making sense. Those with more ambition charged further north to grab 18 and 24 before the bush track work back to the interesting stuff under the M2. Yet others racked their brains in trying to get the bevy of shy twenty pointers to the west (13,14,15,16) into bed (VM Larry 'The Ratcatcher' Weiss managed this with his 29,30,25,north,17in/out,6,15,16,5,14,13,22 route and it's fast flog home via 4 and 3).

Unbelievable as it sounds, several competitors forgot to bag #1 (including Pork Pie - who thought it would be a nice finisher, but lost the notion in a blurr of late running desperation charging home from 29). At 51.10, there were enough seconds left to do the tango with Granny, but..... Always next week I hear you say.

Looking at the course, it's hard to find a lonely pot, as all seemed to be on someone's radar (a sign of excellent course setting of course). There seemed to be plenty of runners everywhere, many with that grim look that comes with the sobering realisation that "I'm going to be late"!!! Maybe the two western 30 pointers (22/23) didn't get many licking the 2B, but we will have to await the McKenna analysis to be sure. All in all, a real puzzler with low scores the order of the day - but lots of pressure orienteering decision making, planning and then re-planning adding to the event satisfaction. Well, course setter satisfaction!

Because I vamoosed just as the storm broke, my score recording is very incomplete. However, the following give some picture of proceedings. Rob Mason 'Ic Temple' had the robes flying in Open Men for 500 points - a fantastic run that must have seen him to all parts of the map. Not far off this pace were a brace of Masters, including John 'The Strangler' Havranek carding 470, Michael Free (440) and Pete 'Poselthwaite' Annetts enjoying the wide screen for 420.

In the older categories, Wazzo posted 330, behind an excellent run from Ian 'Doc' Cameron (350), and a goodie by Dave 'Mr Orienteering' Lotty with 320. I have a report of Warwick, with time on his hands, running an extra 130 points and taking twelve minutes to do it. This would have to be about the lowest conversion rate he has ever run and may be celebrated in years to come as 'doing a wazza'! These nags are all Super Vets of course and we know they are just filling in time before the real Wednesday purpose - going for a pie, peas and a Resches!

I also note Legend Barry Cole, burning up the map shouting 'Ole, Ole' for 200 nice ones, Angela Murray putting on twenty more (220) to shade Sue Thompson's 170 in the SVW's, and Karin and Robin trading blows in the Veteran Women's stakes (with 'Special K' holding ten over the 'Bin Liner' - 270 to 260). In the juniors, the Dawson brigade were out in force with Aidan impressing with 310 and Michele on fire with 330. Fantastic scoring from both the junior Doors. Others noted before my rain sodden departure, was a nice 340 by Paula Shingler, Mel Cox working the eastern sector for a neat 400, Dad Dawson bringing in the Airbus for 380 points (mystical) and Simon 'Build it and they will come' Barr upsetting the old man at last with 310 to his feeble 290.

James 'The Ghost' Lithgow made a rare appearance and ran up 390 plus five for a 340 score - and wondering (like many I suspect) why it took so long to get home from 19. Good to see the Mack Truck back, although he is off again next week, so the VM rivals can 'rest easy'. I also have a note of MW Rachel Merton posting an even 300, and MM Shane Henry emptying the Treasury coffers for a well run 380. Oh, and I also saw Kathy Cox had plonked down 170 in the walkers comp.

Not many scores I'm afraid, and not sure who 'won'. I noted Glenn Horrocks was there but didn't see his score. It will be interesting to see his all points route and time when the results are posted - maybe not that pretty! All will be revealed soon.

So a great outing at Beecroft/Epping, and a different take to the usual Cheltenham Oval assembly area (both with crappy parking which I must note). With event 15 now behind us, we now turn to #16 at Breakfast Point where Dr Matt Peters will have the large hypodermic out as he works the outing on this fantastic harbourside area. This used to be the old AGL gasworks site, and it's subsequent transformation into residential building and parkland gives lots of opportunities to plan a cunning course. Matt is an old Summer Seres hand and is sure to make this a cracker. Mostly level (a nice change!), this should be a crowd pleaser. Get the runners oiled up and make it a date!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The steep Cremorne hills proved no problem for OM star Steve Ryan - posting an impressive 590 points in a big field at Folly Point last night. Steve has burst onto the Summer Series scene this season and records his second win here in emphatic form - 30 points clear of Richard Green. The 'Gee' was on the bolt with a late flog, penciling 580, although caught by a minute plus. Despite not holding the nights 100, it was still another excellent run by Richard, with these two stars starting to deliver a very interesting contest amongst our prize stallions.

And so, lets set the scene. The weather held up with no sign of the promised thunderstorm or rain - in fact early starters like stalwart Barry 'The Steam Train Graveyard' Cole, had to contend with hot and steamy conditions. Junior orienteering star Michele 'JWOC Here I Come' Dawson was our course setter, and offered an eastern take on the area - rather in the manner of Ron 'Son Lighter' Junghans remap a couple of years ago. Those that remember Ron's course, and it's highest scores in the 400's, were relieved that Michele had not taken on board too much Willoughby Bay juice, and confined herself to a more gettable spread. And so it transpired of course, with 'The Private' going close to a perfect result.

Looking at the map, one was struck with a sudden recollection of the contour line nightmare, and the dread thought of the upsey to come. No way of avoiding the issue of course, the question then became which way to go aerial. Many couldn't resist the 100 points to the south as a way to get their shopping started, others liked to add #17 on the way out, while others were seen gently walking the track to/from 16. I suspect most liked the thought of a fast run home downhill from 24/3, and the finish desk definitely had an ear in that direction.

The big pots were well spread, with a couple of testing outliers to reward or bring the overly ambitious undone. 15 and 28 looked the killers, especially when you had to go down and up twice to pencil the buggers, before the puff back. Hard yakka and only for the brave or very fit. The other nasty was #21 (lonely pot?), sitting upon the impossible cliff and requiring a circuitous route to pin. Ronny had one here of course, and I remember the view being rather good - there was even a bench to rest there! The only awkward bits (apart from the turn back decision), was working the #19 to 23 connection to maximum effect and figuring out how to incorporate #13. The rest surrendered to a nice circle. Anthony 'The Bear' Petterson ran a typical loop, working south to start (ignoring #9), oddly missing #2 in running 1-11-22-23, picking up speed in the middle, before a touch of contour kissing in 29-27-15-28-25 and the flog home in 47 minutes for 500.

Many runners did something similar, turning for home at 6-25, or 6-29-25, and hoping to bag 16 as an out-and-back 20 that might only take ten. Michael Burton had this in mind, but figured on a more direct route home from 16 - down through the green to the creek and the horrible realisation that the creek bank/wall was too high to climb. Michael (580 minus 40) did his time here running back along the watercourse towards #30 before he could escape! Simon Barr also got caught here, where, with five minutes to spare at #16, he decided to pull on a little puff work and bag #9! Those of us that know the area are not suprised that his time elapsed just as he got to the pot - with arrears building on the drop home. SB is out to beat the old man, but will have to wait another week it seems.

Looking at some more of the scoring reveals a group carding 540 (Veteran Burton plus Open stars Grant, Mason and Dowle), a half head from Masters, Pete Annetts and Mike Free, Vet Malcolm Bradley and OW star Jo Sinclair - all with 530. Jo and Lisa are going great guns in the OW's and making this a real contest. The members are getting excited folks!

Mary Fein continued to pile on the points with an impressive 520, ten from Wendy and Graeme McLeod 'Noise', with Glenn Meyer, Eoin Rothery and Tracy going a fifer each. There were plenty of ponies just under the magic five - including Kar Soon and suspiciously well tanned Super Vet, Warwick 'Please Turn Over' Selby with 490, Paula Shingler (great to see Pope Paul flying again), Davy Bray, Larry and Tim Rogers with 480, and Richard 'Daddy' Morris, Steve Flick and the Hawthorn football club with 470. In the Legends department, Ron had ten bob over Heiko (430/420) in the mens waiting room (didn't see Malcolm on the paddock), with Bev Johnson working the water bottle for 230 in the WL's. Janet was there, but I didn't check her score - probably another biggie.

Some good running to report amongst our juniors, with Rachel Noble doing something around the 400 mark (exceptional stuff), while Garingal tiger, Aidan Dawson, scorched the course with 360 in the JM's. Also nice to see Siobhan 'D Stand' Wilde posting 210 and keeping grandpa Dave in touch, and Tim's twosome having fun (Amy Rogers with 140 giving up ten red Smarties to Sam's 150). Without seeing his score, it was great to note 5 year old Kyle McGregor enjoying a run and coming home in 44 minutes 50 seconds. Dad Gary was most envious at the timing.

A couple of other random scores noted by the Pie Face were: Mike Hooppell carding 330 in the Super Vets, Selwyn 'I Dream of a Lion Brown' Roper adding a hundred more for 430 to put a bit of hair across President Paul (380) in the same class, who, none the less, had ten in hand from Terry Murphy's 370. Best not to upset the judge Paul! Robin Cameron ran strongly for 420 in the Veteran Women, Vicki Stitt turned to page 440 in the Opens and Sooze Login carded 460 in the Masters. Good to see The Log pull out wide and take the points away from The Old Mother. Clare Murphy had dad's measure with 390, the same score as Uringa stablemate Lisa Lampe posted (Lisa, I think there is something there with this 'Lampe' and 'Posted' - maybe I'll save it for the next Guide!). Kerry 'Time to Change the' Napper was ten in arrears with 380, and I seem to recall Mr YHA, Julian 'The T Shirt as Robe' Ledger, also having pencilled this little pearler.

In the SVW's, Sue Thomson and Angela Murray held hands for 290, but didn't have the route to trouble leading SV, Carol Jacobson, and her tidy 340. No doubt Carol's sporting of the elusive Summer Series T Shirt was the difference. Cheryl Bluett runs in this class of course, and is often seen out early enjoying herself. Last night's 30 points perhaps being more modest than usual though. Also posting the same score were the M&M's, Mel Cox and Melissa Selby. They both considered 510, and then, upon greeting the first contour, thought better of it and rested the hamstrings for a tidy 410 instead.

All good stuff, and just a snapshot of a great night. Numbers looked to be above 200 with lots of new faces and groups enjoying the fun. Next week Michael Burton offers someone else the hundred as he sets us up for a bit of a bash at Epping/Beecroft. This area has a number of bush tracks, including the interesting stuff below(!) the tollway. Always a goodie, but could be a cracker with the speedster in charge. Make it a date.

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