Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Having, it seems, just gone off on a long Reschs induced winter slumber, The Pork Chop finds himself suddenly jolted awake with the cry 'Their Racing'. Believe it or not, the 21st Sydney Summer Series is about to explode across this fair city - there is only another six weeks to go! Where did the months go I hear the faithful mutter, and what happened to that end of season 'wrap' that PP promised. Ah well, we all knew he was all talk.

Anyway, now that I've dragged myself into an upright position before the microphone (much like Elvis after a slow version of 'Love Me Tender'), what can I report on for this exciting 21st birthday season? How about another cracker! (I know, I know, PP is easily excited), How about more new areas! How about bringing in the three hour MiniGaine into the series! How about the sheer pleasure of Wednesday arvo's once again blocking out the summer calendar.

Yes folks, it's on again - and what a treat we have in store. How does working the #7 iron at 'The Pymble Putter' sound, or getting to grips with fruit bats at 'The Flying Fox Hangout' feel. How about a little bushy stuff working the cliff lines at 'Lovers Jump', or mixing business with pleasure at the pre Christmas double whammy at Balmoral - or once again exploring Sydney history in Balmain as Matt 'The Barista' Peters reprises his Latte with a 'Double Shot Espresso'.

We pay homage to the Queen (event 5), finally find out where Terry's Creek comes from (event 9), take in the sensational views at Tania Park (event 21) and get to see Macquarie lighthouse without the climb (event 24). We even have a mystery venue on offer! All this and more as you once again run the Sydney Summer Seres - the summer running 'thingy' that just on keeps getting better and better.

So now the cat is sort of out of the bag, it's time to drag out the shorts and T shits (or in Wazza's case, that dangly yellow singlet he uses to mesmerise us all with) and give the joggers a bit of a polish. And that's not to forget about a bit of pre season tanning of those white and frightened legs (or 'ribbons of steel' in Pork Pie's case) about to come out of hibernation. We should have the full programme up on the SSS web site by this weekend, and we will also reset the visits counter. Enquiries are already rolling in, so time to get off the couch and get excited. It's party time!!!

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