Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There is a feeling of excitement in the air with the 10/11 season almost upon us. With just two weeks to go before Dan 'The Stationmaster' Redfern whistles the all clear at Woolwich, Pork Pie is adjusting the dressing gown and searching for the 2B. All the stars are aligning for another great season of park and street orienteering in Sydney town, with the tote already humming as wallets are opened for the biggest punts in the country. Can 'Sir' Waza Selby win again in the Super Vets? Will Andrew Hill 'Song' sweep all before him in Open Men now he is back for a full season? Can Sue 'The Kirribilli Queen' Thomson claim the elusive SVW title, or will she go for gold in the Legends? Will 'Steady' Teddy overhaul Ronald 'The Great Train Robber' Junghans now he is injury free? Can Michael Free be truly 'Free'?

You can see why all Sydney is talking!

In my last post I alluded to four new maps with a childish sense of wonder and incredulity. I think I should make that five! When you add in the expanded Watsons Bay map to our other four (Balmain, East Killara, SOP and the Cooks Canals) I have a feeling I need a maths lesson. Although a few Sprint Series competitors enjoyed the 1:5,000 version of 'Watsons' earlier this year, the expanded SSS version is, in effect, another newie. Bonza stuff indeed.

Something else to start drumming up a song and dance about is our walkers category - now renamed Power Walkers! Again we are offering only men and women power walking competitions (no age classes) but we are hoping to see greater numbers participating. Power Walking is a big part of the Melbourne Summer Series, and we would like to think we can attract similar numbers. So spread the word. Tell granny, tell your neighbours. Enjoy the fun of the Sydney Summer Series without that damp patch developing on your T shirt! And let's not give Mel 'Ted Cheese' Cox another reason to take home TWO badges. Power Walkers, this is your time for glory.

Many SSS competitors will be heading off to Adelaide on Friday for the Aussie Orienteering Champs Carnival week - honing their skills for what really counts - the Summer Series! The Porkster is amongst them so will rest the blog pencil until we gather at Woolwich. Note that results posting this season will be undertaken by the setters (not Dave McKenna, sadly) and we may have longer to wait to check 'if I've beaten Larry'. Dave Noble will continue to alert registered competitors when results are posted so that aspect remains as before.

A great season awaits. Time to dust off the shorts and get excited. See you at Woolwich on the 6th.

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