Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Looks like over a thousand summer running nutters are - and are itching to reveal the whiteness of the lower leg as they put the volley to the bitumen, and once again flog the parsnip at the fabulous, the fantastic, the sensational, the iconic...Sydney Summer Series!

As Pork Pie settles into the sofa with the 'yellow' at hand, the buzz of excitement is almost palpable - even down here in Melbourne, where a few disloyal O types are cowering amongst extravagant coffee machines and Pies supporters before heading to Tassie for the Aussie O Carnival. As we count down to Dan's opening salvo at 'The Shrimp', we can once again reflect on the delights to come, especially in the early offerings.

Firstly, remember the opener on Wednesday 3rd is before daylight saving begins, so if your pulling the 'Clark Kent' well after work, you might need a light. Dan is throwing open proceedings early (from 3pm) for those that prefer to go beep in the daylight. Should be a great opener and I'm sure will feature a bit of nice creek, bike track, underpass and over-bridge work. The 'Station Master' has been studying previous outings here in devising his 11 klm stretcher.

My previous blog did a sort of 'call of the card' for season 22, but many delicious offerings bear repeating. For instance, event 2 at North Harbour will feature a map extension into Manly itself so we can really enjoy this fantastic harbourside run - and it's presumed maddening decisions, left to catch the South Steyne, or right to tangle with bush and baskets. The steep streets up to Balgowlah could also add a howler to the equation, with Pierre offering a slim bagette before the knife. I also like the thinking of our third service on the north shore line - with driver Dan's 'picnic gathering' at Kirribilli (classic Dan, well done), offering the bold and brave a chance to test their timing skills with some nice biggies at Kurraba Point - previously well out of reach of our normal 'Luna's". Think of the view, think of the hamstrings!

Looking even further forward, we see 'The Slatts' at work at Forestville. Again a different start location that gets us into new territory, and makes the pre race map mulling so much more fun. Dazza should find some nice spots for pots up here, with the whiff of eucalypt and Victa in the nostrils as we calmly pass along, map in hand and the eye on the prize. It should attract quite a few running and thinking types methinks. Let's hope our post Bate Creek 'shower' has no connection to Norman Bates!

Wazza will have the rubber glove handy for event 5, as he gives Glebe the finger in this classic inner west location. Expect great locations, fab views, grassy parks, old houses - and Sydney's tramline adding to the mix. Warwick will probably go wide in this one, so be prepared to work the trusty puffOmeter if your after 600. Many post race restaurants and pubs add to this one, so make it a date as we close out October in style.

Five down, twenty two still still to come! Sydney your soaking in it!

So, all looking good for the series. Race reports and goss are on offer from the Porkster, although he might be filing by remote carrier pigeon first up. Note again the changed age groups this series, with the introduction of Sub Junior, changed ages for Junior and Open, and the addition of the grandees of O, our Immortals. The competition all round should be a cracker with these changes, and I suspect 'The Gumboot' already has his eyes on the SJM lollies. And Lloyd, I think you might similarly be dusting off the graduation suit in the Im's. Sydney Summer Series - take weekly with water.

Two weeks and counting folks.


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