Thursday, November 29, 2012


Helen 'Of Troy' created an anatomy lesson at last nights Majors Bay major - where the areas curvy nip and tuck required route choice selection based on the body. Do we go 'the nose', do we do 'the nipple', do we tackle the 'chins'. Can we go the full beer gut straddling the map and do a Russ Hinze? Such were the questions posed by 'Her Majesty' and the Uringa crew at last night's postcode 2137 classic.

History lessons were also a feature, with the whiff of gas, the sniff of mangrove helping to calm the patients as Dr Murphy donned her scrubs - and took up the laser pointer.

Running history is an occasional feature of the Summer Series, with several of our venues rich in historical appeal. Last night's punt at The Punt is one-such, with much of the map's central core once the site of Sydney's largest gas works. The home of the Australian Gaslight Company (AGL). Astute runners on the 19-26 leg, not transfixed by the harbour waterway splendors, passing river cats and strolling puppy handlers, may have noticed one of the few remaining works buildings to their right - now preserved, and built, remarkably, in 1926!

The Sydney Summer Series - for runners who see, where others only look.

And so, under dim and overcast skies, let's see about this little number - number nine on the songsheet, and our first time back at 'Rooted Ron' since December 2008. Many probably had anticipated a little clinic time at Concord Hospital - presenting with sore quads or the side strain so favoured by our cricketers - and maybe a touch of New Guinea mud on the Kokoda Track, only to discover Helen had gone east on us. It turns out that any northern inclinations were thwarted by construction works at the hospital, and so over to a curvy breakfast with gas anaesthesia it was to be.

Arriving at the Uringa encampment, surgeon Ian took the tenner, while theatre nurse Ron warmed up the download paddles (just in case). Doctor Dave hovered in white coat, as Her Maj attended to reception duties. The Zonta tent was also noted accepting large donations from those with XXXX wallets and a penchant for cake.

The patient admittance sheet was of landscape inclination, of bold colouring, and at the strange scale of 1:8,000. Majors Bay had become The Punt, with a full scatter across the distinctive body part like protrusions and intestinal wiggles. The western claim at Yaralla House gave you 70 points and a sense of the 1840's - when men wore hats and large noses came with companion handkerchiefs. The pointy middle offered more rewards and a chance to marvel at the car punt itself. A tweek here for sure was the thinking. Further east, the generous curves of Breakfast Point offered many beeps and a sense of Sprint O material, before drawing in the tum as you flogged off to the eastern lumpus dilecticus. The bottom of the map saw a belt line of points, that runners notched up or down to depending on girth and timing - the curvaceous top being nicely bookended by this lower band.

Upon further study, Doctor Helen's digestive offering looked one in three parts; with the older patients taking one lump with their tea, the vets being bolder and considering two lumps - while the open striplings and fily's in fascinators liking the look of all three.

Yaralla's 70 got fingered by the stringmen, and then generally got the finger. Unless you were of Kingly proportions this didn't match points with time, and with the fleetest taking eight minutes odd to bag them, most turned their bodies to the east side for closer examination (by Dr Warwick wearing newly powdered Ansell surgical grade). Here a sort of circle formed, taking in breakfast and the nipple, and offered a chance for the better fancies to extend to the Cabarita double chin - or at least punt to the temptations of thirty points at #23 (beautifully placed Helen, one of the classic stretch points last night). Clockwise or anti-clockwise was the main decision, with the latter belting off via 9,24,4,30 and 15 before more weighty decisions were needed. Those that like to follow old father time enjoyed a first beep at #14 before a more regular collect via 6,16,29, the punt, 19, the knoll and a bowl of meusli - ending up at 22,3 again before decision time. Checkpoints 15 and 12 got looped in various ways, with the 30,15,12,3,22 circuit signaling less than Betty Cuthbert pace, whereas 30,15,12,7 let the outpatients department know you were after bigger rewards - and might need time on the drip later.

Most runners seemed to have opted for the central and eastern organs, with a steady stream in action both ways across the lower belt. 23,17,28 had fans - including Bobby 'Kennedy' Morgan who so liked #23, he ran 23,17,28 and then back to 23! The Attorney was meant to be heading for #8 in his Cabarita loop, but something in the compass went awry and he had to recalculate - much like Tom Tom does in a Canberra cul de sac.

Several of those adding the western 'Yaralla' points began there (Steve Ryan, Glenn, Andy Hill, Kar-Soon), and as I said, notched eight minutes or so for their troubles - before their generally uniform clockwise circuits to finish via #9. The King (Richard Green) did the opposite, ending via Yaralla, and one of the few who ventured west at the end of their run. Of interest was the temptation, or lack of it, to earlier eastern route finishers, who arriving at #14 with 2/3 minutes to go, pondered the ruin at #5 in an angst ridden 'will I, won't I'. Those that took Helen's bait generally rued the decision, with several reports of discombobulation thereabouts (a second ruin?), and the time taken mostly exceeding the reward. 'The Trouser' was one with a couple up the sleeve at #14, took off to #5 and at the beginning of the track in the green, regretted the decision, and about turned to be cruelly plus three seconds at the red flag. It might have been different if number five was a twenty pointer.

Another small route worth noting was the 22-3 link around the club house. Those that travelled to the west of the buildings stayed level, and enjoyed a 10/15 second advantage to those that joined the two around the eastern side - where Contour Kate forced runners down and back up a few of her dastardly brown lines. The Porkster, running 3-22, was one of those cursing not reversing engines at 3, as he puffed around and up the hill to 22.

Some great checkpoints on the circuit, many with fantastic views. How about the sublime #26 and 18. Twenty eight also was a possie with a mossie, and number 8 held in thrall those that like to gaze towards the Antarctic and ponder global warming. On the nob, #27 was also a winner - one where you could look outwards at the view, or into the grotto, and dream of a long ago kiss and a cuddle. Hard to pick a location that didn't get a visitor. Maybe #13, maybe #7/8? This is probably the least lonely pot bit of setting I have seen. Nothing was off the radar it seems.

So, let's have a look at some scoring and a few other items on the discharge sheet.

187 entries, and probably only just over 190 all up - with the sharp reduction in group entries as a complete contrast to last week. Still, with the earlier rain and rather lowering skies possibly keeping a few patients indoors, it was a great result, and possibly close to, if not, a record attendance for the venue.

Our age class winners were again much as recent form suggests, although a few differences are worth a mention. Georgia 'On My Mind' Jones sang into first place in JW with 310 points, and I think her first post in this modest class of filly's. Mother Margaret, also in debut colours, ran twenty clear of Caroline 'A On My Mind' Davies on the turn and claimed with 410/390 in VW - while Janet Morris also managed a twenty gap (to Sue Thomson) in the Immortal mares, and took home a clean bill of health with 260 points (to 240 for 'Penguin Classics').

Of the other ladies under sash, Ellen ate 270 pappadums in SJ, Gill 'Was Obviously Not' in running the race of the season to hold ten from Catherine 'The Panadol Packet' and Wendy 'On The Waterfront' Stevenson in OW (540/530's), Alison 'Direct Current' Curtin had a similar sparky tenner over Rachael and Carolyn in MW (480/470's), Bryony went well clear in the legends, and the SVW's saw a three way tie - with 'Off Patent', 'Use By Date' and 'Chuck Berry' all recovering from their procedures on 380 points. Michelle Povah rounds out our leader board walking to victory with a tidy 290.

In the gentlemen, we salute Michael 'All' Brannigan taking the JM tonne with 330 - maybe a debut run for the cereal packet. Others include 'The Door' (Aidan Dawson) piling on 490 in SJM, well clear of the Dunk (who has grown at least a foot since last week!). I also note Aidan's 490 was his dads score (Graeme in VM). Steve's 600 in OM was run off in 44.16, Andy's in 46.50, and our two master 600 lads doing it in 42.35 ('The King'), and 44.21 (Glenn 'Gould' at the piano). 'Holst' kept the two other planets (Mal Bradley and David Bray) amidships with his 570 to their 530's in VM, Neil continued with 510 in the supers, Steve is off the planet in the legends (490) and 'The Cucumber Kid' again unstoppable in the immortals with 420. Wazza and Chris 'mas' Brown shared presents in the walkers with 310 apiece - to round off our winners.

Now to some other items of interest. Most popular score? 410 points with twelve runners working their pulsating prodders into Ron's heart attack machine. 380 was next with nine holding hands here. Longest time on course award? Ian 'Europhile' McKenzie, again claiming here with his all points walk in 93.37. Ian's slow reading of German medical history meant his 600 point manuscript was reduced to a mere 110 page essay. We know Ian is capable of a fast finish, and hope to see him doing better in the Christmas lederhosen.

Other notes. Nobody scored 200 points, Garingal put 75 patients into theatre - well clear of the next claimant group, Bennelong with 25 in need of attention, and Emily sat for Lucian 'Freud' at the tail of the field - with minus 70 points after sixty one minutes on the dias. She was fully draped if your wondering.

Some other runners that have begged to be mentioned, and have slipped Pork Pie a lazy tenner to facilitate this, are the 100 point brigade. From the top we have mentioned our 600 club, but there were two with a 500 waistline, David 'Africa' Stanley in pith helmut, and Darren 'Jolly' Slattery (working down from the Swans to the Summer Series). Our 400's include Matty 'The Evidence' Hackett, Steve 'The Retread' Dunlop and Ian 'Nose & Throat' Miller (all WHO stalwarts and favourite sons of the series), The Trouser was there, Peter 'The Butcher' Day also, and Louise 'Sir Ron' Brierty - re-entering the market and creating nervousness amongst company's with lazy balance sheets. In the 300's, Julia 'Sign Here' Prudhoe and Kerry 'The Ruler' Emslie, are joining with Kenny J and Johnny 'O'Keefe' Pettersen in a little gentle rock and roll - while in the 200's, we find no one at all! Tearaway Ted was twenty clear in WaM, with 'The Governor General ten shy in VW. Nobody like the two it seems. All that is left now is the two member 100 club, and here we find Connie speaking Gaelic for 62.56 minutes in Baccus Marsh (don't ask), and Louise Brooks, wearing her Nike's but being somewhat troubled by the branding dilemma - rounding out this tight circle with an enjoyable 37.22 outing.

Lesley and Gail managed 220 point penalties, Ulf 'Rod' Stigen disembarked from a Norwegian tramp steamer and accepted a minor movie part after his debut SSS 280 point showing, and Annette 'Dragon Tattoo' Larsson found her brothers fourth book under a 320 point pile up - and has gone looking for a publisher. Good to see another Queensland orienteer down having a Summer Series run - this time Mathieu 'Toby' McGuire from Ugly Gully club in Brisbane, putting on 530 points - just before the director called 'cut'.

There were plenty of patients who wanted more, but found the standard appointment cut them short. 'The Sauce Bottle' punted 470, but dropped twenty, as the niggling knee (or was it the hip?) slowed the Manly star. John Brayan went ten further than Ian, but was shown the door before he could fully explain his nervousness around elderly beer drinkers - and dropped thirty to equal Ian's 450. Bryon 'Bay' Merzeo was in holiday mode in OM, when pulled up by the medical staff for singing in the wrong key. His 350 might have been a 450 if he had hit that high C.

Let's find a 250 and then retire to the back bar. How about a couple of them? Why not three! Waiting in post op we find Barbara 'Thirty Thousand Feet and Holding' Dawson, Melissa 'Legoland' Legovic, and Sonia 'Lady McMahon' Clark - all 250 point postees and women wonders one and all. Actually, quite a few punted 250's, so I'm being a bit selective. Digby, Rosie and Adrienne are also noted, with Bennelong's 'Telephone Before You Dig' the only male patient. Digs, we're headed your way!

Many more on deck of course, including more first timers. It was a great evening for a dance, and Pork Pie presumes everyone enjoyed themselves. The old gent certainly did, especially after dinner at the great local pub. Thank you Uringa, we love the mini flags! And thanks Helen (& Dave?) for the course. Next week sees Western & Hills O Club make their SSS debut, with Dmitry 'The Dive Bomber' Stukov giving us a different perspective on Janet's 'Sanctuary' map in Epping. The Boronia Park start area is at the opposite end to last years initial outing, and should provide an interesting challenge. The Sanctuary itself is a must see, and the old brick pit stuff adds to the fun. Plenty of puzzled workers walking home will be on hand as we run Epping into a frenzy of ...'what the'.

Join us as we race towards Christmas, and loosen the belt another notch.  


Thursday, November 22, 2012


So, on a perfect Sydney evening, a large crowd of 226 invited and formally dressed guests gathered under the marquee to witness the joining of hands (and checkpoints), and the beeping of dibbers. Master of Ceremonies, Duncan Currie (aka 'The Watering Can'), had been in a thrall all week, swooning almost, over the 19 year old Miss (Sylvia) 'Path', and wanted to bring her poetry to all of us, to sprinkle us with poetry, to shower us with poetry - and poetry is what we got. Poetry of the 'puff' at last night's biggie at Hunters Hill.

And what a biggie it was. With 226 entries, and at least another 20 strappers and handlers noted in the mounting yard, this has been our biggest outing to date in season twenty two. And for good reason. The word had been put about that 'The Dunk' would put up something arty-farty, and last night's 'culture-O' was the result. Art and sport! What a combination.

Entry tickets were rewarded with a landscape programme in 1:7,500 scale that featured thirty short works. There was a sense of good scoring available too all patrons, with a chance to see areas not previously visited. It looked 600. But then, as the lights dimmed and Contour Kate made her way to the stage, doubts formed. A big claim might need four wheel drive. Look at effort needed to bag #21/20, #30, 23, 28 etc. Number 19, mmmmm, maybe 'The Can' had created a classic flog that just looked easy!

And so, after canapes and champers on the lawn, the guests finished pouring over their song sheets, and decided a bold recital was in order. Time to put young Dunk to the test. Many liked the Patriotic beginning to #27, and were regularly applauded by those in the front stalls. Others, flew gamely passed the wasp nest gate, and tackled the hill to #7 and points beyond - feeling their lungs heave much like Lisa Gasteen would singing Wagner. Still others, seeking a more modest beginning and a chance to improve their education, slipped quietly away south into the school buildings to #1 and 15. These were, perhaps, the counter tenors - and those in the early stages of their singing careers. All good options of course, and all routes that led from harbourside to harbourside in swooping fashion, down and up, down and up again, rather like the baton of Richard Bonynge conducting Donizetti.

Most liked the look of the westerly grouping of 18,22,19,9 and factored this into plans - with most of the Flash Harry's doing this on the outward journey. Number 18, yes, bus seat, number 22, yep, path junction... now just nip down to #19...and down, and further down, and still further down. This was a classic, and a great viewpoint, but what a slog back up. Such was the sobriety of the ascent, that many plans were rehatched - and thoughts of Chris Brown's flattest route wafted the cortex. Those that subsequently went shy of the dropsey, avoiding #28 for instance, made a mistake however, as the climbs to other road ends were mostly less less severe. For those that began in the west, and had their brains discombobulated, Duncan had played his master card.

The wasp gate start looked like a beginning in two parts. Those that worked up and then stayed up - maybe linking 7,12,11,8,25 and a clockwise claim - and those that flogged hard up to #7 and #12, and then let all the height go on the fifty point slippery dip to #21 and #20. They then reversed engines and reclaimed height, feeling calves and quads, amid new levels of deep breathing - and hoping Wazza or Kate Blanchett would have a lemonade stand available to restore hydration. All these easterly bound starters had yet to experience Miss 19, but those that claimed at #20 would have registered the effort needed, and might have thought "I'll just enjoy the old houses and points along the top streets thank-you very much".

Given the biggies down low, many looked to avoid the distractions that often came in pairs. As with the 21/20 collect, numbers 4 and 17 needed commitment, as did the duo on the other side - #2 and #13 (Burton's 'Ale' left off the latter in his nicely timed 570pt 44.56 run). Number 26 added a nice thirty to the fun around #29,14,5 and had many fans - as did the nice swoop to 23/16. The central spine offered nice lollies, with #24/25 adding to the quality of the reading for those in the cheap seats. All in all, some nice thinking, and some nice scoring combo's. Of interest is all stations guru, Glenny 'The Home Movie' Horrocks, beginning with the education offer (#1,15) and continuing over to 18,22,19 before a anti clockwise circuit and a big screen in/out finish to #27. PP would have thought going Larry to #1 might have been a better ending - and one that might have saved him the fifteen second 'drubbing' he received at the hands of the King!

So in summary, a great course, a classical concert for Oboe, Runners and T shirt, and one that enabled Pork Pie to meander into a fantasy world of art, poetry and the choices one must make when the James Squire runs out. (Perhaps he needs to see a doctor).

Well, how did the audience perform? And did we see any upsets in the dress circle?

Using the opera glasses to scan the results board, we see our stars once again are 'on fire'! Nina 'The Mayor' Sartoretti with 290 in SJW speaking for all the juniors (no JW again), Wendy and Mary (540/530) looking good in OW/MW, Paula's 450 and Karin's 390 taking ribbon in the vets, 'Brian's Knee' and Margaret 'It's My Melancholy Duty' Waugh sharing the Legends with 300 apiece - and Sue Thomson claiming again in the Immortals with the same score. 'The Paving Stone' rounds out our W stars by going ten better in WaW. All great wins, and generally well clear of the next best - 'The Bus' twenty up on Gill in OW for instance.

In the blokes, Toby Wilson takes a tenner from Aidan (480/470) to take the photo in the subs, while Matty Hill wins with 470 in the regular Juniors. Steve Ryan once again outpaced his rivals, but will regret stopping for coffee in his 600 all stops flog that went three seconds over! The Masters are as mentioned above, and exceptional work from the Garingal stars. 'Bert & Ernie' just held on in the vets, with Greg Barbour only ten behind the Coogee king (570/560). Neil seems out on his own in the supers, as does The Flickster in the legends - their 510/500 flogs invoking awe amongst peers (that hope they might see the need for long Christmas holidays). Heiko's 430 (IM) and Mel's 360 (WaM) round off the table - much as expected.

Looking as we do for other interesting tit bits, you will enjoy - Larry 'The Wet Suit' Weiss visiting #6 twice (...29,6,30,10,6,25...!!), our most popular score being 350 (20 poetry students all in a line), and 'St' Christophe 'Medal' Capel timing his 430 point OM run to perfection - kissing the coin on the finish line as the beepometer registered exactly 45 minutes! No one-second under close calls this time, but Neil Hawthorne managed to drop a tenner in his SVM 45.01 post (cruel, cruel), and Carolyn 'Chocolates' Haupt 'enjoyed the soft centre' of a two second penalty in MW.

In the 600 club, we have the MM/OM stars mentioned, but note also Andy Hill dropping ten and Mark Schaefer twenty after their all stations outings. We also have another trio of music lovers that like to stay through the whole Ring Cycle, so lets hear it for Mike 'Stock Feed' Ridley-Smith (-160 for 440pts), Lee 'Wild Bill' Coady (-170 for 430pts) and 'The Reverend' Andy Goddard with his minus 260 penance and 340 result. Excellent work from these three commuters - riding the Tangara to the end of the line.

No actual minus scores this week, with Angus '& Robertson' & Heidi's 90 holding off from Ben, Celine, 'Titanic', Jos and Carys enjoying an hour in their stretch for a 40 point post and honourable last place. A good bunch of group bookings for the reading this week, with everything from a top post by Mike & Annalisa (470pts) to the generally more modest scorings often a feature of our groupies - the 'Holly Bushes' 210 being a good example.

Others to take the critics eye include Lorenzo 'The Oil' Calabro, down from the Toohey Forest club in Brisbane and posting a respectable 520 in OM, and Sue Clark (sadly without Ceasar) also down from Queensland on a rare visit, and working back into SSS fun with 340 in the Supers - great to see one of our earliest competitors and series supporters back with us again. Jimmy and 'The Glove' both walked for 330 posts, a category in which we also find Kenny 'The Thunderbox' Jacobson (280). Not sure why IM star KJ is on the heel and toe, maybe an injury. In the 'ten past the hour' department, lets seek the autographs from Dennis 'The Kauri Mast' Sparling (210 trees down for Captain Cook's Endeavor), Fawne 'The Bookshop' Berkutow (a 310 page thriller with water stains and lower corner creases), Helen 'Not The Coal Leases' McDonald (410 hectares of prime grazing country), and Graeme 'Play It' McLeod (said Bob Dylan at the famous Manchester concert in 1965) with a net 510 after taking too long to leave the stage. Again, excellent scoring from these beasts from the bush - and stars of the greatest show on earth.

We have seen the above workers slipping into their desks ten minutes late - and hoping the boss wouldn't notice, so let's look at the other end of the day, the ones dashing off early - possibly to attend to a circumcision or the funeral of Aunty Dolcie. Hands together for Michael 'Darling Harbour' Brereton  (290 food outlets in SVM), Lisa 'The Chandelier' Lampe (390 standing on the VW ladder), Anthony 'Armstrong Jones' Petterson (490 shots with the Hassleblad in MM), and Steve 'O' with 590 in OM. Hey, we've already mentioned 'The Hangman'. What's going on!

As I often say, there are many more tales to be told, but Pork Pie is a bit short of breath - and hopes to sneak home during the interval for a little brandy.

Great event Duncan, great fun and our biggest to date. What a blast - and I haven't even mentioned the unique history lesson! I didn't realise the 'Patriots Walk' was actually the 'Three Patriots Walk' in honour of Sir George (obviously the inventor of the SSS scoring 'dibber'), Charles 'The Frenchman' and Angelo Tornaghi (or Torn Hamstring to his mates). Also, fascinating to read about the school and the aluminium buildings, and the recreation ground on the spot in earlier times. Great stuff, and nice to read it survived the threat of demolition. What a spot, and what a place to gather for our poetry reading - and to learn of Miss Path, where, from her large estate, she learned the refinements of course setting and an interest in the arts.

The Sydney Summer Series - brain food for the thinking runner!

Now, next week sees the SSS debut of the Uringa club with a nice flog out west at Concord. Rooted Ron Oval is well remembered, with plenty of parking and nice grassy stuff to help legs and feet ease into their work. The mapped area takes in some upper harbour running where views and the sniff of mangrove add to the experience. Helen 'Ding Library' Murphy will have books for, cakes for sale! as they raise money for the Zonta Club (birthing kit for developing countries project). There will also be raffle tickets and other goodies for sale as our UR cousins support this worthwhile project. Make sure you bring a few spare coppers for the yummies - or consider a very large donation! All this and a great SSS run to boot. Make it a date with a difference as we move smoothly, and with minimal arm movements, from event eight to event nine.

Hard to believe we are having this much fun!    


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Displaying excellent dipper deployment skills, Sue Davis created a challenging contest in cool conditions at Cheltenham last night. As arriving runners soon discovered, her course was essentially one in three parts - with interesting connective tissue issues a feature, much like in a knee reconstruction by Merv Cross.

Cheltenham Oval was the venue for SSS flog number seven, and one of the better Feet maps despite the parking difficulties. Pork Pie had alluded to one of the areas charms (running under the M2), but this was not possible last night because of road widening works. Instead, the Sue 'T Pudding' had worked her ingredients with deft hand and spatula, to exploit the available bush and creek lines, the bridge crossings and the streets, that soon had the stringmen on the scratch.

Despite the threat of rain, 185 or so ponies and their handlers (179 actual entries), manouvered their Tuza's  to Castle Howard Road - possible a record for the venue. Sue opted for the bank instead of the Pav, and a curious start/finish position not aligning with the map - which turned out to be a landscape presentation with full easterly notes and a hint of cassis. Many eschewed the spittoon and swallowed hard as they cast about for an optimal route that could exploit the three distinct scoring clusters.

Firstly, a tight 130 point offer in the north, essentially on bush tracks, and a chance to give the ankles a bit of rock and roll. The second dollop was a wider loop to the south west, and again featured some nice creek line work - yielding 160 or so points on the beepOmeter. The third cluster was south east, beginning along the 'car park' and involving two crossings of the M2 - the main Beecroft Road one not previously being used as far as PP can remember, and proving a temptation for just this reason. A touch of green in this one, but more a pavement pad in this 190 point collect.

Most flogsters liked what they saw, quickly realised this wasn't an easy 600, and decided two out of the three groups might suit - but which ones, and how to join them? This is when the dreaded 'dead zone' across the bottom of the map became apparent - the long run joining #24 to #27/23 for those opting for the southern zones. Sue offered twenty point tempters for the petrol heads at 16 and 15, a pittance at #4, and nothing at all for those of more modest ambition intent on joining the 6pm smokers special going 24-11 or visa versa. This was the section of the map to doodle over, and where most of the pre race indecision came from. A brilliant and frustrating piece of setting, and classic Sydney Summer Series.

Many that eventually opted for the southern loops noticed how the map scale seemed to change across this section, as they ran the ever lengthening roads that seemed more like 1:20 scale than 1:10. It's all a mind game apparently!

My reading was more worked the south east and south west than the north, with a common link up being 12,11,27,14 before reverse engines and a dash west to bag as many as could be afforded on middle management wages. Danny 'Under The Bed' Redfern was onesuch, pencilling a top drawer 340 in VM with exactly this start (ignoring #1 - a classic 'sucked in' control), going across via the ten point crumbs (3,4) to 24, and then working 17,19,8,5,25,6,18 and the bendy road to #7 and #26 before the bridge and a moment of madness in the bush - as #20 fell to the determined Garingal star, but thoughts of #30 bought on the hesitations (a common SSS condition, and quite hard to treat) before order was restored, the bike reversed, and a homeward flog via #28 resulted in a tidy 45.46 post.

Others worked fully east, going 12,2,22,13 before the main bridge and a change to a lower gear uphill to #23. Mal Gledhill was noted enjoying this section - one of the more senior runners to go wide here in his excellent 300 point pile up.

Of the northerners, Terry 'Towling Hat' Bluett was all 70's at the SCG (clutching a Reschs as Doug Walters worked another boundary), beginning 28,9,29 before descending to 10 and 30 like Marcel Duchamp, and on to 20 where discombobulation overtook the Bennelong master and strange fences and thick bush impeded progress. The Hat eventually freed himself and went south scooping in 370, but having to surrender thirty of them to the timing stewards.

I note there was only one 'all stations' run, with Glenn Horrocks showing us what a magnificent runner he is with the lot in 54.24 - his 500 points still giving him equal third place! Glenn also began to the north, but looped 21 in after 28, then running on to #9 and the northern cluster, the south west, the south east and home via, 2,12 and #1. Can't quite remember his curvy work in the 24,4,15 area, but presume it had something of a Blue Poles appearance.

We can see by the results, that 'The Sooze' had opted for a toughie, with a wide scatter of the cards. A flat fastie in downtown Amsterdam this was not. Still, a great course generates options, indecision, and hesitation - all here in spades. It was an excellent evening, where 400 was the new 500 and those that managed a three retired to the back bar with a spring in their step. And despite this being a suburban area, Sue's clustering in the bush zones effectively gave us a mostly non suburban experience - the 'dead zone' notwithstanding!

Hard to find a lonely pot, although #15 and 21 needed commitment. Number nine looked a loner, but worked into northern loops. #2 might have been flicked if on a 21-22 dash - mmmm, maybe #7? I left this out working south via 26,17,19. Porkie is lost in thought, as the blanket slips to the floor and a small dribble issues from the lips.

Now, lets have a look at how the large crew prospered.

Despite an absence of juniors, the place getters in all other age classes were much as expected - with perhaps Ted's win in IM (350 points to claim from 'The Hitchhiker' by 10), Caroline 'Dancing' Davies nicely styled lead in VW (300 and twenty on from 'The Lamp Post') and Lucy 'The Tram Depot' Hawthorne's 230 point win in the walking women, worth a touch of the highlighter pen.

I should also mention Bryony 'Odd Sox' Cox taking the lollies in LW despite, again (!), only allowing the mare 36 minutes on the paddock for her 250. As the Killers star works up to full timing, we can expect to see a tighter grip on this badge. Tim 'Bertop' was also noted in his debut IM run, taking 290 home to bed in the dorm, and well clear of Prince Charles - running in Zegna double breasted and somewhat handicapped as a result.

Wendy took OW with 460, Andy Hill OM with 540 (and last night's top score), Le Dunk a very clean 370 in SJM, while sister Ellen made it a family affair with her 150 win in the SJW's. The two 'Bees' claimed in the Vets (480's apiece), Neil booted 420 in the Supers, with 'The Trouser's' 360 holding The Pie by ten in LM. Rachael Povah scored in MW with 410, Karin gets it this time with 330 in SV's and Janet Morris worked the woody wagon to a win in the Immortals with 220. Oh, and Mel Cox walked home with 260. Mustn't forget 'The Cheese' now.

A few interesting items to relate. Our longest on course award goes this week to Connie 'Tennis Lessons' McNamee with her 77.43 excursion, and a minus sixty post. Great work with the Maxply Connie. Cheryl 'The Pearly King' Bluett with her 75.07 outing for minus 90 also deserves a mention. Dedication, commitment,'s all there with these two Summer Series stars.

In the just over/under department, we have a singular tragedy in Ted 'The Movie Star' Woodley's 45.01 final beep (for 350 in SVM). The cruelty of it all Teddy. A couple of close shaves also catch the eye, with Malcolm 'The Paddle Pop' Bradley and Keith 'The Glasses' Povah both making it in 44.58. Phew!
The 'Mayor of Manly' copped two seconds over after being obscured from the finish stand by certain Feet. A protest is currently before umpire Eagan, and could result in the LBW decision being reversed. The Garingal team is right behind 'The Bottle' as he stews this one, but the point needs to be reinforced, that finish stands, flags etc need to be clearly positioned and preferably clear of other traffic.

Perhaps some other scores to note.

'Ryans Daughter', second in OM with 530, Kar-Soon retaining all Limbs with 460 in MM, 'Guiseppi De' Stefan 'O' Kuehn hitting high C 440 times in MM, and Jamie Kennedy - on fire with 430 in the Vets. Iain 'Clean Up Australia' McKernan used the poly bag collecting 400 in MM, 'HMAS' Davy Bray ten down with 390 'incoming torpedoes' in the Vets, Ian Cameron ten adrift with 380 in the Supers - and 'Nissan' Cedric Wiart in the field for 44.47 and a well compiled 360 in the family sedan. Stars one and all!

Louise 'Ville Kentucky' Brierty ran a top derby to claim 360 in MW, thirty on from Sarah 'The Waiter' Walter in the same class. Marina and Antoniya, playing for Russia in the doubles, both carded 310's in their respective classes - and enjoyed a cleansing vodka at the afterparty, while Stacey 'The Governor General' Bryce entertained 210 visiting dignitaries - mostly veterans from the Congo. Christine Walsh 'Bay' enjoyed 200 points, and the arts precinct nature of the venue, and while seated, noted Madi Kobler and Sara Lake one row back in the group section.

Also, catching the eye in the even handed department, Don 'Juan' Burnett plonking 100 points into the Immortal toaster, Ross 'Animal Farm' fingering chapter 200 and liking what he read in SVM, Jo Whittaker taking home 300 in OW, and John 'Gordon' Brayan calling the Wallabies to a win on Channel 7 - with 400 tries in the Vets. Great work in the legs and feet department, and not forgetting the upper body (as Ron would say... come to think of it, where was the vegie??) I could go on (and generally do....but).

So, lower scoring than recent events, but a competitive evening, and a classic cunning running none the less. Big thanks to Sue and her fellow Feet and the wonders of the live feed. Results for all to see were being posted as you finished! The Pork Chop is feeling redundant, but consoles himself with a sweet sherry and a finger bun. Warwick, why am I thinking of you??!!

Next week sees the SSS carnival returning to the harbour with Duncan's much anticipated flog at Hunters Hill. 'The Watering Can' has secured the High School for our assembly area, that will offer a very different take on the traditional Woolwich map and its east to west and back again focus. There could be a bit of Villa maria snitching into young Dunks new work, as I'm not sure how far east he intends to go. Could be Kelly's Bush is just a distant memory. Make it a date here, and note the $12 chicken and chips at the Hunters Hill Hotel adjacent for your post race warm down. This Wednesday special is attracting legions of SSS fans that like to add back what they have just lost. Refresh and refill at the Hunters Hill! Got a certain ring... Don't miss it.    



Saturday, November 10, 2012


In the excitement of reporting from the trenches, His Royal Highness Sir Porkus Delecticus, misreported a couple of our winners from the Junghans Jugular Squeeze at North Ryde last Wednesday. Correcting the record (with a little amontilado at the ready), let's hear it for Nina in SJW (sharing the winning score with Maddy), Paula very much winning the VW's from Linda, and Carol 'Model' Jacobson, showing how it's done in SVW. In the latter category, I had 'Slow Down Larry' in front in my initial post, but have to report Karin actually took bronze - after not only Carol snuck through, but Debbie 'The' Byers 'Friend' had also gone the whip, and worked the supermarket trolley into second placing! The things that happen when you've popped out for a Reschs!

Anyway, hope this corrects the ledger at what was a top night.

Beecroft and the Big Foot corn flakes packet up next. Whooohoooo!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Not quite the 11th of the 11th, but close enough, and with the Howitzer amid the RSL roses, the perfect venue to anticipate Armistice day, and our first outing in wet trenches.

Early runners at Ron's Magdala to Macquarie mind game got back with dryish tees (as did the very late brigade), but most of the 'time gentlemen please' crowd copped a right old soaking last night, and went temporarily deaf during one particularly loud thunderclap, that also had patrons at the Ryde club leaping to attention - and casting around for their 303's. I guess after five fine evenings we were due for a wet nappy, but this had no dampening effect on proceedings - with over 230 flogsters (220 entries plus groupies) working the wet weather tyres as they chased the widely spread enemy in a toughie from the senior Amigo.

This was our first event back at 'The Road' for some time, and early portents looked good - great parking, shelter, plenty of signage, and a purposeful Garingal crew at the ready to relieve you of the Banjo. Ron had done a bit of council genuflecting, but got us in there nicely, with the early O crowd snaffling all the adjacent car spots - much to the chagrin of the later arriving baseball juniors. The expansive grassy fields adjacent to the cliff lines and bush make this a great SSS assembly spot - a 'picture' as Aunty Eunice would say.

So, after struggling with the loose change, a smiling Barbara 'The Grand Canyon' Junghans, handed over an A4 sheet of a landscape persuasion. The clue sheet, in a Garingal reposte at recent Bennelong excellence, displayed a side colour to the three scoring groups - ominously featuring a pinky red for the big points. Perhaps anticipating the result on tame city bodies of the Puff-O-meter, and Ron's cruel intentions.

These intentions were soon revealed, with a wide spread east/west that included a generous dollop in the grounds of Macquarie Hospital. Whoa! This looks way big, and nothing like last week. I guessed we were well into 12K territory and probably looking at the low to (maybe) mid fives. Early string twirling seemed to only get these gadget evangelicals half way across the map - especially if they liked the green pea soup offerings north and south of the start. And after Glebe, who wouldn't want the light wafting of eucalypt on lower leg to be part of the experience.

Looking closely at the course, we see a tidy ton south, and almost the same numbers standing to attention in the north. A lovely distraction was #11 almost under the bridge, and #1 on the thicket down by the river. Get 'em later seemed the go, as most runners took off up the slope to #20 on the rock face, and then south on the bush tracks, or mounted the APC and made uphill bitumen their early choice. You can see this start in two distinctive loopings, although 'The Trouser' began by doing both at once (!) and even embracing miss distraction pants - working 20,11,23 (I think he ignored #2 of which more later).

The southern bush beginning meant a hundred in the bag before lights out, and also allowed the old soldiers an evening to remember, by going 19,18. This opened up 29 and a nice duck and weave to 17,8,16 and the interior. Larry, not being a military historian like Pork Pie, went 19,17 - causing great consternation in the VC bar. General Merchant will be having words.

The northern beginning felt much like the Awaba Burn, with no relief from the uphill flog until the elusive bush track opposite the RSL appeared, and the chance to add 23,24,12 and escape to the trench like street grids. On the way, Ronny had deployed #2 behind a small group of houses that, on the west side, had spread their gardens into the crown land. This confused many, probably including the residents, as cunning running types descended and ascended unsure of their running rights, but desparate to add a tenner to meagre totals.

There were well defined loops if you had the petrol, with 30,25,13,26 (ignore #3) bringing on the northern hospital appointment, and 18,29,5,15 doing the same in the south. For most, the middle course of 17,8,16 to 6,14 etc was more within means, and provided a nice clockwise route to a finish via 30/23, or if that had been the beginning, then an anti clock one home via the bush. In the hospital, 27,9,14,6 worked for those on a tight timetable, with the 4,28,7 loop further south seemingly in the too hard basket - unless you were one of those that ignored the green stuff and flew west in a sort of rubber band constriction. 'The Pantalooney' was onesuch, thoroughly working the daks there as though remembering the Sprint event from last March and wanting to see that open door one more time! He takes home a tidy 360 for thinking like this. Not bad Johnny, not bad at all.

David Noble felt the pull of the RSL in his kidney shaped route, working a southern start, then 18,29,17 north across the small creek ($10 on the pokies while passing) and up to 30, then 25,13,10,12,24,23,2 (the garden route),11 and home for a tidy 370 in 44 odd. Nice one also.

I think the 15,5 duo looked lonely types (the 'Stargazer' left them out), and also maybe #10. It's hard to settle on a single lonely pot - #4 in the hospital maybe, #1?? A good spread as I have mentioned, rather like the vegies in Ron's baking dish. All in all, a top night. And for a few, a night to remember. Snuggle up as Pork Pie fingers the ration card and lets off a bit of adulatory steam.

I'll firstly dispose of the winners, happily reporting a couple of Junior scores and a sensation in the OW's. Off the HSC leash, we find JM's 'The Mattrass' in fine fettle and with no sign of the Tassie foot prob - carding 430 in forty two minutes. In JW, we note a new fillie in Charlotte 'The Culvert' Culver working the branch line brick work for 300 in 44.51 - tidy timing from this often wondrous piece of railway infrastructure. In the Subs, Aidan has kicked ass with 420, a good fifty on from 'The Doughnut', while Maddy Chan's 200 is good enough to secure her the hundred in SJW.

The top score on the night was 540 - shared by Steve Ryan and Richard Green, who both worked home with only seconds to spare. Stevie 'Wonder' is singing for the OM choir, while 'The King' is of course, MM. 'Westpac' and 'The Hills Hoist' were ten back, with all stations Glenny, adrift another ten (after going nine over in one of his greatest runs). The ladies posted differing scores, with 'Fletcher, Forbes &' Gill Fowler designing 500 sensational points in OW to go twenty clear of Catherine and Wendy. Mary Fein had six seconds in hand with her 430 MW win. Dropping, much like the tummy and chin line, we still see superb running from our vets, supers and legends. In the V's, it's welcome back to Michael Burton with a clear 510 point win, and 5th place on the night. The long nights under the Chilean sky have not diminished our Coogee star it seems. In VW, Linda 'The Spaniad' Sesta took time off after lunch with her winning 360 being run with over two minutes to spare! Also, how about a round of applause for the SV's and L's - Hawthorne and Flick (430/390) and and Heftner and Waugh (300/230). All four going hard in their whites, and holding their ends without the need for the drive shot.

The Immortals are once again on show, and on fire, with Sue and Heiko taking the lollies - again. 'The Hitchhiker' returning with a claret knee - but not from the bush, he fell over the low fence at #30!! Such are the perils of running SSS with Seniors Card issue glasses. The walkers went well in rounding off our winners, Jim Merchant 'Of Jimmy Blacksmith' thirty points over for 290, and Michelle 'On Wheels' Povah twenty back, but also after going over. Might be the brakes need servicing Michelle.

I think I should also highlight the tail end Charlies - and can report a superb outing from our youngest entrant - possibly ever, with Kari 'The Swamp-hen' Marsh ( three years old!) working the damp sedges for 60 points under the guiding hand of granddad Terry Bluett. I think the route was 20,2,11,1 and home in 24 minutes! A star in the making. Also, let's here it for equal 221 place, with Gail Barr and Ian McKenzie sharing minus twenty - Ian after enjoying 620 minutes on the battlefield for the lot, and taking our prize for the longest on course (something I earlier thought might have gone to 'The Life Of' Brian Brannigan with his 67.17 flog and 260 reward). There were a few others over the ten mark, possibly rendered motionless for a period by the thunderclap.

Great to see Connie at her first SSS outing, and also Andrew Graham arriving and stripping for action as the rego desk was closing. AG dumped the bike, stripped and bipped into action in very short order - the Garingal till reluctant to forgoe any last coppers. Running the finger down the list, we also note some of our early setters in action - with Pierre 'The Tumbrill' Francois waving the tri-colour for 450 in OM, 'The Venetian Blind' and Dan 'The Ensemble' Dohle sharing 410's, and Wazza Selby - still walking the knee, but managing to probe the checkpoints with gloved finger and put 260 runs on the board.

Our biggest sub group were the sixteen nags that pulled 290 points, the most ambitious stallion amongst them being 'Tearaway' Teddy Mulherin working home in 50.03, and sadly seeing his hard earned 350 dwindle as a result. Great to see Ted with us again, one of our greatest supporters. Others that worked the 300 less 10 score, were a quartet of OW's - Peter de Lissa, 'Medium' Clare Murphy, Celine 'In Waltz Time' Samba, and Trudy 'On The' Krajenbrink. I also note Rob '007' Spry, Lloyd 'Lobby & The Coloured Balls' Gledhill and Nick 'Sushi' Eales amongst this gang of sixteen, and enjoying the early Beatles tune as they rode home on sweaty ponies. All other scores were multiple sharings, with the first solo post being Viv and Robyn in 199th place on 190 points (just above Bryony 'Double Shot' Cox's 200 in 35 and her first flat white this season).

In the 300 club we find John 'The Horse Whisperer' Murby (45.06) and Subbie Sam Rogers (45.54). In the 200's Robyn Dunlop 'Illow' rested comfortably after a short 39.32 outing, whereas Malcolm 'TV' Ramsay went wider and copped 140 off for his channel changing. Angus & Heidi went hand in hand for 100 points, Fergus 'The Fungus' Dixon had the oxygen mask on for 400, and Jeremy 'The Hen House' Fowler had plenty of shell grit in hand with 500. All stars of the Sydney Summer Series, and Pork Pie fancies with a bullet!

Splitting the difference we find Eric 'The Eel' Charpentier swimming hard for 450 in OM, Chris Cunningham 'S Gap' a long way from home with 350 in VM, Megan 'The Vegan' Brown holding 250 cans of Nutoline in VW, and Lesley Cox walking in a tidy 150 in the hotly contested walking women's land army. Ahhh, there are many more great stories and scores from yesterday's race - just like these ones! I could go on....

To conclude then, a top evening, a huge evening, and our first damp track. Who handled the wet, who went bush, who went to hospital! Check out all the scores as they get posted to the well thumbed Results page sometime soon. They could be there already.

So thanks to 'The Christmas Tree' and crew for a great evening. Next week sees the Big Feet display their wares for the first time this season - at Beecroft/Cheltenham, another old favourite, and one that offers a good mix of bush track running and street /park work. The added bonus is running under and over the M2 motorway, weird and fun. Sue Davis is our setter, and has been known to extract the truth with her rack work. Be there to experience the torture and the glory as the feet work pink and black into the top pocket (Rosscoe in a mystical reference to Whispering Ted Lowe - sadly missed, but not much to do with Big Foot). Mmmmm, must be getting late!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


What a night! Five competitors went 'all the way', a whopping 49 runners topped 500 points, and 90% of the nags nibbling the Glebe Point couch went 300 or above. The tote was in free fall as Wazza the bookie paid out big time to ponies that had only previously dreamed of Group One glory - but here they were, Carlton in hand, recounting tales of an inside rails run where only a light application of the whip had been needed to see them into the three hundreds, into the four hundreds, into the fives - unheard of pointing. And the mood? Flemington - here we come!

But, topping the sensation table, was young Duncan Currie - taking the photo in the Sub Junior Men in 45.33 for 530 points and equal 32 place. 'The Watering Can' would have expected to do well here, being last years Whites Creek maestro, but probably would have not thought that 'The Door' would have run in six minutes early, go ten shy, and give the 'Can' the hundred points. A very selfless outing from Aidan, but great running all the same from the Balmain bandit.

As you can see by the Pork's early gushing, we have had another great night. A generous night. A night to remember - in one of our favourite harbourside spots. And no rain! Something that the 206 flogsters enjoyed for the fifth week in a row, as they desplayed themselves in club finery, hoops and checks, upon the trainers enclosure and under the watchful eye of Chief Steward Selby.

A great roll up, with Wazza moving the assembly to the row of palms path - presumably in case it was wet. The bunting bunted as the Banjo bought a 1:7,500 landscape offering in full colour. Council activity had closed the old tram bridge at #19, but opened the one closer to #26, to require WS to put up an amendment sheet. Otherwise, a reasonable spread was evident, but one that looked 600 to Porkie - especially given there were no sneaks west of Johnson Street. Upon closer study, the conundrum of Glebe demanded attention, with no clear circle route offering itself. There was a nice water edge run that began a clockwise sweep to the east and south, and a run home via Johnsons Creek - but how to add in the Glebe toppies?? Much working of the string, and a nod to the in/out upsey/downsey brigade, led to the most common answer. This was linking 27,11,3,21 to the water route, and then, as a reprise, going 13,28,5,18,23,1 in the south. Swooping and diving but piling on the points as you went.

Others began via six or twenty and then working west before the southerly claiming. Many here ignored two and four, going straight from 20 to 14. Dunk had a great plan here, perhaps a better one, with his 6,20,2,4,14,29 beginning - and finishing from #27 via the new steps above the fluttering red. Despite the wide spread of pots, it seemed a start in two, either up to 27 or out to the whirlygig sculpture at #20. There was the odd 2,4 step beginning - probably for those in the looser dresses and looking to make an impression in waltz time.

Now, the big news of course, was the course length that gave us the high scoring. Warwick thought he had roughly 9.5 klms, but both Glenn and Andrew had gps tracking thing-o's, and recorded 9.3 and 9.0 klms respectively. Given this is not the Awaba Burn, we needed another good kilometre to get the stallions nearer the advertised. Still, no taking away from the setting or the location. Excellent work on both counts, with the high scoring rather well liked. Not often our lowest score is a healthy 160 points.. Plenty of puzzle then, with the middle of Glebe offering myriad opportunities for variation, and that nice spread around View and Trafalgar Streets in the western sector giving pause.

Looking at the least visited, I'd probably go for #10, but also think #7 may not have been included as punters took their partners in the Pride of Erin. I left off #16 (amongst others), thinking it was off line in the ice cream scoop of the south. Probably a mistake. And how about the Halloweeners! Millions of kids packing in the lolly bags as nervous parents hovered just out of sight and summer series types belted on by. Quite a mix.

Continuing my theme of recent blogs, I'll pull a few new victims from the running sheet to promote, but also do a quick round up of class winners. SJM's are mentioned above, with Nina 'Simone' Sartoretti singing 370 in 44.33 time to take SJW once again (and well clear of Tshinta 'Dennis' Hopper on a 340 street bike). Sadly, there were no Junior entries to report - probably all doing the HSC. The Open's saw top shelf performances from Steve 'The Sandal' Ryan (39.34), Andy (40.51), Andrew 'I Love The 70's' Brown (43.14) and Tommy 'The Musical' Joss (43.51) - these four fancies all pulling 600. Unbelievably good running. 'Patrick' White had only to write another ten words to have joined them, with his 590 a lone but sensational offering to the arts gods. His 44.58 final beep is the stuff of timing legend. The OW's were not much further back than their blokey mates, with 'The Vanity Basin' and 'The Bus' both on the board with 580 - Wendy almost three minutes in hand. They had ten on Catherine and Lisa, with 'The Winning Post' another thirty back, in what is becoming a fantastic and closely run series.

The Masters offered Glenn on a plate with his 40.26 600. 'The Hoar Frost' went 20,6,30,21,15,17 etc before adding the Glebe top streets in a nice twisted bowl pirouette (28,7,3,11,18,5,23), the south, in/out 19, the west and finishing via 27. Nice work if you can get it. Rachael 'The River' Povah takes MW with a neatly flowing 500. Pete Annetts worked the beard, Tim Rogers worked the microphone, as both shared VM tons with simply great 580's. Paula once again claimed VW with 470, Neil 'The' Hawthorne 'Tram Depot' wore brown and yellow stripes to take SVM (530), Karin 'For Service' knocked off SVW with 450, and the Legends managed vastly differing scores in their respective wins - Steve Flick on fire for 510, while Mary Jane was content with a more modest 250. A win is a win I hear you say.

Heiko and Sue took Immortal gold (430/320), and Mel and Michelle enjoyed their walking wins - in a chocolaty sort of way. Many runners (other than Aidan) came in early, Terry Bluett offering his mates four minutes by way of example. Others took a different view, with this weeks 'time on course' prize going to 'St' Andrew 's 'Cathedral' Goddard (MM) who ran the lot in 59.36 and copping 150 for his trouble. The 'Nest Of Vipers' was not much further back with a minus 120 for his troubles.

Our biggest score group was 470 points, with 13 runners all managing this rather nice combination. Score with only one take were rare by comparison - 'The Paint Tube' already mentioned (590), Kathryn  Cox (290) and Barry 'The Coal Fired Power Station' Cole going alone for 220. Anyway, enough of these stars, lets look deeper into the morass, the mists, the SSS shroud - and the back bar for more antics on the paddock at Glebe Point.

How about a tidy 570 from Uringa star Michael 'The Kranski' Weiner. And from the Masters ranks, Sandy 'The Hurricane' Smith a soaking and bedwetting 540, that might just keep the Chief in office. Mitchell 'The Governor General' Isaacs worked 510 knighthoods before dark in OM, Veteran Mark 'The' Savery 'Sausage Roll' had punters drooling, but hoping his 510 wasn't the price of one, and Alex Legge, using both apparently, but not quite quick enough and copping the dreaded one second ping to float from 500 to 490. Still, good running Alex, but bring Rolf Harris along next time.

Good to see Ian and Sue Froude up from Cronulla, and also Kevy in the Chevie (a tidy 370 in LM). Also noted are Dianne Bergen ' Dy Bottle' booking Cafe Sydney for a VW do and ordering an Otago Pinot import for $420; Janette Ellis 'Island' queuing up with cardboard suitcase and 390 points in MW; Terry 'All Rise' Murphy ordering a retrial in LM after his Sportident stick only recorded 370 - and everyone in court knew it should have been closer to 570. The list goes on: Visiting Pom, David 'The Lower Back' Lumby, went a bit over at 49.12, needed an X ray, but took home 340 none the less; 'Lord' Bruce Stanley emerged, immortal, from the Nepalese Kingdom and resumed trackwork with 330; Kit 'Bag' Wong was looking for that CD by Richard Thompson, and made an offer of 320 in OW; and Bennelong's Emily 'The RAF Saved The Nation' Fewster took out 260 MW enemy aircraft to land safely in 191st place.

Myall 'Lakes' Quint is noted quietly afloat with 200 in OM, Ross 'John Wayne' Duker had both guns ablaze for 300 in SVM, Dan 'The Finish Chute' Bunting (OM) ran in between the flags with 400, and James 'The Blast Furnace' Lithgow worked at a higher temperature for 500. There are many others of course - all a story within a story. Much like the works of the Reverend Audrey.

Big thanks to Warwick and the Garingal crew for a top night - that for many ended with another superb and disturbingly presented, bangers and mash map analysis at the North Annandale Hotel. Such is life for the committed summer series addict.

Next week sees the hard working Garingal crew backing up again, this time with Ron 'The Vegie Patch' Junghans in charge and a return to Magdala Road. This is a great starting park alongside the Lane Cove River, that will see Uncle Ron scattering pots upon the Sugarloaf and as far west as Macquarie Hospital. There is some nice stuff here, including nice bush track running, and a reverential cannon beside the RSL to appeal to military types. Thing gun as you run sort of thing.

Make it a date folks, and let's give the great artist we know Ron is, what's coming to him. Bring your tenner, bring the cat, even bring grandma - as we run event six in the series of the century!



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