Thursday, February 24, 2011


A great evening at Olympic Park with 'King' Richard 'The Lionheart' Green taking all 600 points, and the gold, in a magnificent run. Richard's 43.52 was the only sub forty five, claiming from the other two 'all stations' ponies Glenn 'The Thermos Flask' Horrocks and Andy Hill - both a minute over for 590's. There was a bit more five work on the night with the runners to the fore at Gill's 'four-corners' flog. More of these beasts of the track in a minute. Firstly, let's get a grip on the event.

Sadly, and despite lots of lead up liason from Andrew Lumsden, Gill's course had to be reworked at the very last minute - with the large central showground area being excised from the map because of (apparently) Easter prep. The best laid plans etc, etc. Anyway, the five controls effected were redeployed, possibly giving the central 'tummy' region more interest, and adding a bit of pull factor in the east with #14 tempting runners to walk the ring. Probably the biggest influence of route choice however, was the relocation of #25 to the south of the map, making the southern circle of 28,10,25,29 mandatory. In fact it was a bit of a circular story, once you worked out how to plan through the central tummy tickler, because most of the biggies were on the perimeter.

The north looked the most foreboding, with the north east well beyond most abilities. These impressions seemed to be emphasised by the A3 map size and 1:5,000 scale, with many punters somewhat transfixed in the mounting yard and reluctant to begin. Once underway, things seemed to get better, although, as an almost contourless outing (in complete contrast to last week!), you had nowhere to hide, or hills to coast down. It was a flog from the starting pistol.

The south seemed to figure in most plans, with the many going 18,19 before a bit of trainspotting - others beginning to 19 or 9 and then following on. The mid east also had fans, with starts to 9,4,16,7,27,5 being noted, before bagging #30 and either going the Wagner route on the ring or doubling back to sweep the south in clockwise fashion. Michael Burton '& Ernie' made a strange start before his clockwise circuit - going in/out to 18, before collecting 8,4,16,3,15,26 and around the north and east (11 and 22 were taken as in/out's from the eastern road). So, despite the concentration of biggies towards the edge, the puzzle was working towards as many of them as possible via the central grouping. It proved to be an all direction night which is how it should be. Fun huh!

Some good locations. The trees at 16 and 6 were fun, and I always like the pass under control points - the alcove at #19 being one of the nicer ones. Also good stuff were 7 and 27 where concentration was needed to pick your way through the impassable features. Oh how we remember these sites from the World Masters a couple of years ago. And how about #21. Magnificent possie to hear your finger go beep. Probably #11 would have had similar views although correspondent P Pie didn't make it to this northern outpost. One tale of woe in the north, was from Terry 'Mr Sprint' Bluett, who ran towards 22 on the lower track, only to realise that the only way out was complete retreat - and no points! Not sure if any others were trapped by this one, but a sobering lesson from Tezza.

Given the scoring, the scatter which looked daunting at first glance, proved almost picture perfect. Going to the four corners is generally too big an ask for most areas, but the flat nature of SOP means it worked here. Thanks Gill and the Feet for another night of exhausting fun on the flog as the Summer Series surges towards its nail biting conclusion.

With the sportident system once more deployed, results are already up on the website! Rosscoe's scribbled scoring with its incorrect categories, missing winners and poorly spelt nags names, is all a thing of the past. Hardly fair, but I'll try to give the fancies a touch of trouser in checking on their runs. Listen up punters!

How about we begin with the Power Walkers. Yep, sounds like a plan.

In the WW's, Miranda 'Fair' Coulson pushed the shopping trolly to good effect, picking up 290 packets of OMO to take the onions from Jo and baby and Kath Cox, both on 270. Alison Pearce and Nerise '& Shine' McQuillan bagged 250's to point from 'Aunty' Gail on 230 and Barb Junghans back a bit on 130 in the Garingal colours. The blokes had more furious intent, with the mad route analyst Chris 'One Day It Will Be Back In Fashion' Brown holding three from Jimmy Merchant (330/300) and another length back to Mel Cox on 280. The 'Cheese' and 'The Termite Mound' are going all out here, with Jimbo knocking off his younger rival in this most interesting contest. Ian 'Cafe Con Leche' McKenzie was back from Spain (arriving yesterday morning!) and worked the legs and groin back into the Sydney air for the lot and 30 points. Welcome back Mr Mack.

Continuing with the older classes, we see Dave Lotty and Ken Jacobson enjoying the flat track, both posting winning 390's in the Legends. Ted was ten short on 380, but ahead of rivals Chippy and Ron 'The Forest Fire' Junghans with 370's. Ronny forgot to download, that's why he is currently missing from the tables (poor old bloke, too much pumpkin). The Gledhill boys were at it, with Mal taking a tenner from Lloyd (350/340), but holding out Dave Dash on 330. A brace of old stallions then followed, with Tim Cox and Graham '& Eggs' Horrocks (300's) a head clear of Brian 'The Surgeon' Cleland and The Stittster.

In the LW's, Bryony had a close call with Angela 'Berlin' Murray fading at the post to be only ten back (330/320). Also, close here was Sue Thomson, running strongly on the pavers for 310 and a 94 aggregate. An excellent run from Sue. Janet Morris held 250 to June Stanley's 220, with Bev (bless her) going for glory with another zero! Good stuff,and close racing for a change from the legends. Things might get interesting if 'The Right Angle' gets to all the remaining races.

Lets flip back to our junior runners, where we see once again a splendid see-sawing in the JW's with Rachael 'The Saxaphone' Noble giving the tenor full blast to reverse last weeks outing and hold Michele by twenty (430/410). Gee, this is great racing here. Georgia and Sophie Jones had fun as did the 'Shunter' - with a tidy 270 - to complete a small field. In the colts, the Garingal stars once again were to the fore, with Aidan and 'The Mattress' running magnificent races, both clocking 500's to be forty clear of Huon Wilson, in turn thirty ahead of Luke Petterson. Kerry Xu posted 410 different lions and tigers to also get amongst the leadership action here.

Andrew Hill led the open field with 590, twenty clear of Steve Ryan. The 500 club must have known drinks were on the house, because lots of them were there. Mark Schaefer did a 560, Simon Williams 'Street' 540, 'The Ink Bottle' put on 520, as did Tom Joss, with Dan Dohle's 510 shading 'The Put Put' and 'The Sausage' - both on 500. Exceptional running from these young blades. The 'Cossie' was next across the line with 470, a short half head from Andrew 'On The Blackboard' Graham, Peter 'The Coal' Hopper and Neil 'I'm Not Well' Lefevre, all running in with 460 glasses of Reschs. The scoring then descended in tens, although nobody seemed to like 410. Nathan and Paul 'The Boot', you should have tried harder!

In the Open Women, Lisa Grant was well clear with 530 points, to claim from a great run from Catherine 'Make Mine A' Murphy (490). Cath is in good form, giving sister Clare (410) a touch up here, and earning 92 points for her troubles. The mid fours saw some good running, with Carolyn Haupt posting 450 and 'Lake St' Claire Winnick nicking ten from CW and Emily (440/430's). Shazza 'The Lamb' slaughtered 400 to be 'mid field', with the next four runners posting quality 350's (Amy, Emmanuelle, Marisol 'The Parisol' and Rochelle). Good running girls.

The Masters were more fours than fives, although we include our overall winner here of course. So, after Rich and Glenn, Kar-Soon looked the best of them with 540 to be well clear of Pete Annetts (500) and the 490 twins, Anthony 'The Beach Boys' Petterson and Graeme McLeod. The 'Sweet Re' Frain, Fallows and Fergus were all mid four golfers, as were Richard 'Yards' lauder and the brace of 440's - Dmitry, Martin and Pope Paul. The MW's was a race in two, with Barb Hill and Cath Chalmers both carding 500 points to be well clear of the field here. Angela 'Hospital' Malpass worked well for 430 to take the silver, ahead of Margy Jones on 400 and Julia Clements's 390. Linda Sesta was back with 360 to be out of the lollies on the night.

The Vets only had four fives, with Wendy posting 510, Eoin 550, Malcolm 530, and Mike's 560. Still, pretty amazing running here from these stars, and well clear of the next ranks in each respective class. The LW's silver goes to Robin Cameron with 430, from Karin's 400 and Hilary Wood's 360. Great to see Hill & Nick down from Terrigal for a bit of SSS action. Other vet men to note, were Michael Halmy with a strong 480 pointer, claiming from Graeme Dawson's 460 and Colin 'T Bone' Burnett smokin' 450 (same as Robinson 'Crusoe'). The 'Ketchup' ran a 410, Dan timetabled 400, as did quieter runs from Larry Weiss and 'The Cupboard'. Dave Noble was also quieter last night, putting up 370. Dave must like the hilly stuff more.

The last lot, and boy, what a smelly lot! The Super Vets are fluid machines, but boy can they go! Wazza Selby can't have been drinking old milk with his 490, a great score from the surgeon. Gordy roared back to form with a sensational 460, to hold the point from Nick Dent's 450. James and 'Moscow' both put on 420's with the senior man rather pleased with himself in this company. The 'Flash' must have had his mind on the Amber Ale that followed. Rosscoe Emslie ran a great 410 to point from Ian Cameron and Teddy Woodley (400's), in turn shading Ian Miller, 'The Prude' and 'The Tyre' on 390, and, suprisingly, Steve 'The Farmer' Flick, with a very modest 380. Good to see Selwyn Roper once again on the Cluedo board with 340 points, and hoping the earthquake doesn't upset The Crusaders. Also good to see last Sunday's Rogaine setter and SSS legend Graeme Hill on the ponies again - although his 310 is a modest result for this great runner. Maybe warming to the task after a long spell.

I also note Michael 'The Bikeal' helping the start crew but also finding time to return a 320 pointer. Great to see 'His Majesty' on the SSS tracks again - and powering up the leader board. The SVW's could only put seven mares on the paddock, with Dale taking the points from Jai and Pauline Evans (350/330's). Excellent to see 'Hill &' putting in to claim here, and reminding us all what a great mare she is. Helen Murphy was only ten back from the 330 girls with 320 (an excellent run Hels), but a tenner clear of Carol Jacobson's 310. Not one of 'Oh's' best evenings. Robyn Dunlop and Connie complete the picture with 260/240 points in the handbag.

So, a good 200 plus turn out - I think around 220 people all up, and a top evening wearing the racing silks. A pity about not being able to run the ring (park management to Andrew as a condition of use), although there were reports last night of non orienteers running there! Anyone that did walk there would have enjoyed the experience, it's quite spectacular. Also, I should note because it is a vital part of our permission to run SOP, that several competitors were seen to run across out of bounds features and get over uncrossable features. The route 3-16 had a gap in the fence, but was marked OOB on the master maps, and should not have been directly run. Also, even though this was not a 'sprint' event, the map is to sprint standards, and the gardens, walls and gates shown as 'not to be crossed' must not be crossed. Sadly, several were seen doing this. Hmmmm!

Anyway folks, a top night. Exhausting to Pork Pie, who like a bit of downhill - and a bit of walking! There was nowhere to hide last night, with the lungs needing to be on full blast right from the start. Thanks Gill for another biggie.

Next week sees the SSS caravan retreat to the north side, and Rob Spry's Clontarf Beach setting 'Sandy Bay'. This is a very beautiful harbourside reserve and beach, and a great place to run. There is a touch of the upsey involved in getting up the hill, but good fun on the run home. Great harbour scenery, great views and sure to be another cracker. See you there.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


A 200 plus crowd turned up to probably the smallest assembly venue yet seen in the Summer Series, to be confronted with nice gardens, great views, and an area now known as the 'Tilley Terror'. Alan 'The Executioner' Tilley was our mapper and course setter in this brand new venue - a venue where the brown contour lines gave competitors a certain sinking feeling as the A4 was exchanged for the usual tenner. 'Blimey' was the word, looks like a touch of heavy breathing coming up.

And heavy breathing proved to be the order of the day with virtually no level running on offer. The map took in a fantastic and steep area previously unknown to most runners. From the starts high point on Mona Vale Road, the area fell away south and east to the two major creek lines and the bat colony, and even included (for the train buffs) Gordon Station. There was some respite in the north where the area south of the St Ives shops was included, although this still saw the hand of the brown line scribbler at work. It looked awesome stuff, fun on the downhill, but a killer on the return.

So what had big Al in store for us?

First impressions were a two pack course. Good groupings and loops available in the north for a high two collection, with more points but more petrol needed in the south. For many you needed to figure the overlap to score, although few believed we were looking at 600 points here. There was a distinct hole heading south, with the 14 to 7 leg possibly one of the longest flogs in SSS history - especially telling if doing this uphill! The north looked a better bet for most, with a stream of runners beginning with the 1,21,19 script (something nice about beginning with number one). This gave access to some of the St Ives points, and a couple of return options - 9,6,17,12,8,25 before the 18,20,10 final worked, as did the wider 17,6,4,29,16,8 run. Those doing the wider loop lost time around #29, where the green seemed to confuse the side paths and the high point seemed further south. The points made any hesitation worthwhile none the less.

For those working north with a little more in the kitbag, the 23,2,24 group in the middle of the map appealed, with a nice finish up to 14 and home. Adding 27 also had fans, although the run home from the transformer box here was more demanding (Pork Pie took eight and a half from here (via 14) with the last stretch up MV Road seemingly a million miles long. Heavy breathing indeed!).

The south fans generally began down via long drop lodge and paused for a bit of steam train spotting at #30. The return saw some nice track work in collecting 26,22,3 and 13 before the middle stuff and points, or should we say contours, north and home. Many runners refused to look at their watches at this point, stumbling on in a sort of blurred genuflection as they plugged uphill - singing quietly 'cool, clear water', and hoping to 'keep-a moving Sam...'.

One thing on show to the southern runners was the flying fox bridge downstream from #26. Apparently this is a great spot to watch the evening exodus of the bats from this famous colony.

So, a steep one, but from all reports, a good one. Thanks Alan and the WHO team for a great night on the lungs. The spread of scores tells a tale here, with, I suspect, a high proportion of 'late backs'. Could be a record in this department methinks. And how about Dave 'The Machine' Hegarty putting on 570 points! Unbelievable stuff from one of our ace series athletes, and one of a number of runners that ran the lot (a la Glenn) but were late home. Mark Schaefer and Mike Burton are in this grouping, with 'Close' home plus six and 'The Pint' plus seven. It was interesting to be alongside the results board and observing the hushed tones as returning 300 and 400 runners were transfixed by the 570 from 'The Hedge'.

Well, we are not all that good, but did we have fun. You betcha! And none more so than our legends. Hard to play favourites here, but how about Bev 'Baby Powder' Johnson upholding traditions with a perfect zero, and enjoying the accolades of more mortal rivals Bryony (250), Sue 'I'll never park on a hill again' Thommo (230) and Janet Morris - in the garage with 180. But wait, coming through with best Cessnock coal, seems to be June 'The Steam Engine' Stanley with 270 points. June, and her good mate Bruce, both had their safety valves screaming at 270psi in recording this fine result, although young Bruce couldn't match June's gold - pipped in the LM's by 'The Chip Heater' with 330, and maybe Ron 'The Lumberjack' Junghans (a late returnee). Other LM's to note were Dave 'Feet Up On The' Dash 'Board' with 310 to head Teddy (300) and Tim Cox with 290. Eric 'The Viking' Smith enjoyed the hills for 260, as did Barry 'Hands On' Hanlon - working a loop for 220. Heiko was there, and may have scored here - but not posted as the Squire was being poured I'm afraid.

At the other end of the age scale, our juniors must have found the hills tougher than recent form suggests - with Aidan Dawson running the lot for 440 (a time of 60.20), a shade in front of Huon Wilson 'Parking' and Matty Hill with 430/420 - both well back from their open peers. I didn't record the 'Balmain Bug', but got Chris Yuan up on the board with 280 and Luke Petterson with 260. Chris must have run late, because the early northern pots were taken at fast pace (he flew past me on the 19-9 leg), and he should have been up for a 400 score. In the JW's, Michele wrapped a tidy 380 and looked to be 'on', although PP didn't see Rachael Noble's score. Presume another close encounter.

The opens were more spread than usual, with, apart from Dave and Mark, good top ten runners dropping to the threes and fours on the night. Tommy 'The Rock Opera' Joss maybe the best of them with 450, well clear of Stephen 'Pecked' Cossell on 410, Steve 'The Whale' Shepherd with 380 and Matty Bell one out, one back on 360. Matt 'South' Shields ran 340 after a hard day at the mill, but will improve with a pint of Newcastle Brown. In the fillies, Lisa Grant looked the goods with 440, and clear air to Claire Winnick on 400. Again we see an enormous spread of scoring here, with many fancies well back. For instance, Sharon Lambert's 350, Malin 'The Model Train' Andersson with 340, Anne-Marie Hegarty's 320 and Clare Murphy with 300 would all normally be much closer. The hills I guess. I also note Annalisa Meryment ten bob back with 290 in the same open grouping.

Maybe the masters were closer. Richard Green was back from NZ, although his score was not noted at 'press time'. Probably a good one knowing the King. Pete Annetts scored 430, but was headed by Pete 'The Farmer' Fallows (470) and Anto Petterson (440). Shane Henry had a bob each way on 400, with other masters runners cascading lower into the threes. Gary Farebrother was in form with 370 to pip Martin 'Plate' Conway and Gregor Riese with 330 apiece, and a 340 from Tom Landon-Smith. Good to see Tommy and Allena up from Canberra and AROC duties, and joining in the summer series fun. Cath 'Port' Chalmers worked the scottish heritage for a strong 440 in the masters women group - a shade in front of Mary Fein on 430. Both stronger scores than their open peers. Also noted was Linda 'The Vauxhall' Sesta working the column shift for 380 to place in front of Barbara Hill's 360. Barbara knows the area, being a local, but must have gone over time on her return run - no doubt cursing the brown lines as she ascended to heaven, and the finish banner (yes, there was one!).

So, the masters were widely spread. How about the vets? Closer perhaps, especially if we discount Michael 'The Bee' Burton. Jimmy 'Vincent' McLean looked good with 460, to hold the cards from Tony Hill's 420 and Pete Hibberd's 410. Mal Bradley would be up there, as should have been Eoin 'The Slot Machine' Rothery - pocketing loose change and only a 360 return (same as 'The Battery') on the night. ER must have gone wide as he is usually a four - or a five. Graeme 'Come in Flight 1203' Dawson and Larry 'Walk Right Back' Weiss were stronger with 390's, but finishing like all Everly Brothers songs, with a tear in their eyes. Four hundreds next week boys!

The girls missed the reporting biro. Well almost. I've got Karin in the hybrid with 350, Lisa emitting 300 kelvins and Ruth Jacka 'Holyoake' working the Wairarapa electorate for 110. Wendy was seen taking off towards #1, but..... While I'm on this side of the ledger, Dale T was noted with 210 and Cheryl with 70. Not sure who else fronted in the SV's here, the SVW's I mean. In the old goats category we again see quite a spread of scoring. Wazza for instance pulled away at the turn to card 450 (!!), with rival Gordy well back with 330. Probably as bigger a gap as we have seen between these two stallions. Ian Cameron ran a strong 410 to probably be the best of the rest, although Meester Leethgow had a late run and may have pointed. Rosscoe was a 370, Paul 'Lights Out' Prudhoe ran on for a modest 330, and Steve Dunlop worked the tyre lever for 320. I also have a note here saying Jimmy 'The' Forbes 'Hotel' was shouting the bar after pencilling 310, and taking a ton away from Ross 'The Editor' Duker (210).

In the power walkers category, I note that demon of the track, Gail 'The Nostrils' Barr, back on the grass with a strong 210 points to shade Baby Sinclair and handler Jo (200). Not sure if Kath Cox went one better, but husband Mel certainly did - putting on an incredible 300 walking points, to place ahead of Jim Merchant's 280. Come to think of it, this was a bit of a walking map, so maybe the walkers were suited this distance - and on this track. There were plenty of runners in temporary category indecision as they did the returning contour crawl.

As usual, I've left plenty out. Nathan 'Otto' Dix for instance, working the etching plate for 280. And Paul Every 'Brothers' crooning in harmony with 350 hit singles. Jacqui & Emily ran together, as did their parents. Viv & Robyn had the Normanhurst flag flying as they once again elbowed their way round. And Lynda 'Dinner Ale' Calder with a tidy 270 glasses. Tales aplenty from the Summer Series family on a great night of map sport enjoyment. Thanks again AT.

Next week we are off to Olympic Park for round 21. This should be a real cracker, and a complete contrast to The Pymble Puffometer - being virtually flat. I'm presuming we get a larger map than the Sprint O one, although I think the scale might still be big. One of the classic features will be the' Brick-pit Ring', but it might be OOB. I did hear that there was to be no running on the ring - a shame as this would have been a hoot. Nevertheless, lots to look forward to here as the Big Feet tangle with ours. I guess also a Sportident outing, so bring your e-stick. It's going to be fantastic!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


After a week of temperature torture, it was sweet relief to get into some decent summer series action in beautiful cool conditions last night at Dundas. Course setter Dave Stitt was our choir master, administering torture of a different kind, as we returned to this delightful venue for the first time in eight years. And, despite its modest suburban street/housing setting, the D Valley actually provides a considerable amount of 'yellow' areas, creek paths and bush tracks to run on - a feature well exploited by 'The Stittfieldthunderbolt' last night.

The course was presented in landscape format, and included the heights of 'Carlo' at the expense of the lower Kissing Point material. Of interest is the historical note included when Baz 'Luhman' Hanlon produced the maps first edition back in the mid 90's. It is interesting to see how the creek disappears at #8, to re-emerge near checkpoint #22 - presumably piped under the old quarry site below #11.

So, what were we up for? the north corner (or puff corner as it is known) had a fair dollop, as did the middle creeks, with only the easterly watercourse failing to feel DLFD (deep love from Dave). The outlier was obviously #17, missing from almost all cards (except Glenn and Andy of course), although checkpoints #4 and #20 were also easily avoided, and may have spent a lonely afternoon. The puzzle was how to get amongst the top points in something approaching a circular loop. Thirty ruined an outer circle, but was a 'must have' when linked with the central funnel (26,7,8,11). Getting across to #20, say via a nice start (2,23,12,13) had initial appeal, although the legs 13-20-21 needed the flog meter to be fully engaged. I think few took this route, with most turning north after including #12, or 13.

There seemed to be equal numbers (maybe more) beginning clockwise (2,22,1,3,25) - and hoping to be able to exit near #5 to get to the juicy #24. Easy as it turned out, with no green bush problems as alluded to in the days instructions. Also curiously, the tracks along the western creek were highways, and very runnable, not 'less distinct' at all. The track to #29 however, did fit the description, although no one reported problems here to my knowledge.

The westerners had good bail out options, with the modest scores taking the 14,30 route to the middle slide for home, whereas those with a bit more petrol added the next circle (29,27,9,26) before turning south. The pants men of course, had to push the contours, and do battle with the 110 points in the northern bush sector. There are tales of missing track junctions, and temporary discombobulation (the open area between #18 and #28 for instance) here, although there is nothing like bagging a twenty or thirty to make it all worthwhile. Not sure how many pushed higher for #4, but I suspect most let it go after (for the anti clockwise runners) getting into very low gear after the 19-15 climb, and settling for 28 and 18 and a bit of downhill.

The vibe seemed to be very positive, with most nags enjoying the off street running sections. Nice for a change, and much appreciated by Dave Lotty's knees and achilles. I suspect Dave Stitt thought 600 would be a shade too hard, given the generally slower progress in the bush, but no! Series stars Andy Hill and Glenn Horrocks (there may have been others), both beat the clock, with 'The Man in Yellow' creaming it in 41.34 to claim from the WHO stallion (43.20). Of interest is Glenn's route, that saw him go the inverted 'U' before a sweeping outer circle. His route began 2,22,11,8,7,26,30,3 and then continuing 1,25 (not sure how the 'Gee Spot' bagged the next few), the northern pots and finishing 21,20,13,12,23 and home. Amazing running. Another high scorer was Steve Ryan 'S Daughter', who worked the blue runners for 560 points, being one over after leaving out #20 (completely understandable) and #5 (a very odd leave). I suspect there were many differing routes and takes on this great night of Summer Series fun. Big thanks to Dave and the Garingal helpers.

Now, lets look at some more scoring to get a feel for the night.

Our juniors are singing again, with Matthew Hill posting 520 to claim from Aidan (510). Young Chris 'Mas' Annetts had 330 presents to unwrap, seemed the next best, although The Porkster didn't see young Dunk 'Island' Currie on the magnetic. He may well have gone higher (and Duncan turns out to be 10 not 12! - 'well strike me handsome' says PP). In the young fillies, the ding dong battle between Rachael and Michele continues, with 'The Spanner' reversing last weeks result and taking 'The Helicopter' 460 to 440. This is great racing from these two stars, and well worth a spare copper at the tote. Next time your passing of course.

At the other end of proceedings, how about Tina, Sarah and Anna posting 190 in the group category, and Michelle Lindsay keeping up our tradition of scoring purity with a perfect zero! The walkers, or should we say 'power walkers', also had fun, with Kathryn Cox's 290 shading Jo (and presumably baby) on 260. Julie 'The Beach Inspector' Cossell got 200 for a spray tan to round out PP's notes in this sector. Mel Cox strode purposefully for 320, but may have been beaten by Jim 'Not More Beans Ron' Merchant. Not sure if Jim was walking or running, as he lights the fuse that will lead to glory in Perth at Easter. Maybe still walking, although I think he is easing the joints into action at the Monday sprints.

The legends always make for entertaining reading, especially when Ronny is caught napping (I almost said 'with his nappy on' - just as well I didn't). And so it was last night, with Chippy, brush firmly in the turps, taking the 100 points with a blistering 460 to cover Ron's 440. The 'Kettle' chased your correspondent all the way home from #15 and looked in top form, failing to yield on the bush tracks, and taking the ribbon on the final leg. Go Chippy!

Other legend scores to note, were Teddy off the pace a touch with 410, but still having the wood over Ken "Porta-Loo' Jacobson and Dave Lotty - both holding 390's. Heiko failed to claim after pulling up seven minutes late. His mind is on colder things at the moment. Bryony sounded pleased with her LW outing (score not recorded unfortunately), as was Bev Johnson with a tidy 220. Sue Thommo had a quieter night (200) to be well back from Bryony, and also Janet Morris, who saw 250 points and duly noted them down.

The open nags were their usual selves - high scores, free running and no knee problems. Their time will come I hear you say! After Andrew, it looks like Mark Schaefer (560 - and three minutes early), and Steve who I have already mentioned. Nathan 'At' Lowe had a new suit with extra trousers in his tidy 430, to shade the only other 'open' noted, Matt 'The Church' Bell - peeling somberly for 390. The opens, being eager working types, often front quite late in the evening just as the Reschs caravan is leaving the station, hence the poor reporting of their scores. Apologies guys and girls. Speaking of girls, there were fives aplenty here, with Lisa Grant and Gil Fowler sharing 540's and looking to start a hairdressing partnership together, with customers 'I De' Claire Winnick and Catherine Murphy both pencilling 530. Sue Davis went wide on the turn for a 490, but was still good enough to take the carrot from Deb Noble - gaining speed with a 470, and reminding her sister who rules!

Glenn leads the masters of course, with Pete Annetts running second with 550 ahead of Kar-Soon and Fergus 'I Find The Defendant Guilty As Charged' Dixon on 520 apiece. Shane 'Liz' Henry had the curtains pulled for 470, claiming from Martin Conway and Stuart 'The Bean' Deane on 460's and Gregor Riese 'Ing To The Occasion' with 440. Tidy work from these family men. The MW's were in four mode, with Cath 'Your So Chalming Mr Fawlty' Chalmers taking ten from a great run by Linda Sesta (460/450). Nicole Sellin made $380 for the old LP on ebay, and may look to put up the cat next week.

Are we done? Oh, the vets. Can't forget them - especially when we note that Greg Barbour took the lollies last night, heading Mike Burton, and maybe spoiling the stargazers late run for the sun badge. Greg's 580 was a sensational score, and I think got Mike by twenty. Larry 'Wee Wee' Weiss discarded the nappy, and flew the course for an excellent 510 (initially posted as an awesome 540!) to be the next best I think (the 'Leathers' might have been higher, not sure). Mike 'The Spaniard' Halmy had the cape flying for a nifty 490 to head old rivals Pete 'The Battery' Marshall (470) and Jimbo 'The Dentist' McLean (460). Greg Nibbs ordered the underarm ball for a nice looking 390 and Rod 'Stewart' Eckles mixed humour and song for 340. Good to see these vets looking so good on the burst as the first tinge of grey invades the temples.

The ladies stand featured Wendy, alone for another stunner (550 I believe), and well clear of Karin Hefftner who put on a strong 440 to be next best. Robin Cameron was there with a four hundred, twenty up from 'The Reading Lamp', in turn ten up from Barb 'The Beach Boys' Dawson. These scores were goodies, and very much pointier than the supers - with Dale holding the cup with 330, ahead of Helen 'Field Marshaling Yard' Murphy (3120) and Mary Jane with 260. I keep thinking Dale is going to put on the afterburner and give this category a good rattle (as in prior seasons), but she seems to be preparing for something - not sure what.

The SVM's once again sat back and let 'The Singlet' take the onions. Waz held 520, by no means sensational, but enough to claim on the day. Steve Flick and Ian Cameron both had late runs, finishing almost together for 510's. They finished from different directions, so presume this was not a tandem outing. Gordy was around five, James Lithgow failed to front after being tempted away by the 'world of art', leaving Rosscoe maybe the next best with a nice 480 and in a minute early. Great to see Graeme 'The Bus Driver' Hill back with us, scoring somewhere in the fours after a five minute over outing. Nick Dent joined us for 480 - no doubt working up to a top run at Killcare on Sunday (the Central Coast's concluding summer event). John Anderson's pants were obviously not a drag on performance, with his 470 giving him a left board position. 'Hans Christian' is a fast man here, and not far off the top bunch. Others noted in SVM were, Ted 'The Face Side' Woodley, twirling the spokeshave for 450 (a score also taken home by President Paul), Ian Miller working well for 430 loaves, John Giles back a bit with 360 and Ross 'True Grit' Duker up to page 340 in the original western novel. Davy Dash and Davy Bowerman were a conspiracy of Davey's, showing their hands at the finish for 310. Modest work by these old stallions that have been higher on the beanpole. Better feed needed perhaps.

As I mentioned earlier, there are always late runners that no doubt deserve a bit of reporting, but hey, when the roast at the 'West Ryde' gets in the nostril - it's off we go! And indeed off we go from this weeks race report. A top night, cool conditions and a very enjoyable course. The eight year wait has indeed been too long here at Dundas and it's Quarry.

Next week brings on another completely new area and map. We move up to St Ives/Pymble and the home of the Flying Fox. Alan Tilley 'Lamp' will be shining a light on things there and promises a night to remember. Could be nice parks, could be a bit of hill work. I'm told there are even 'extensive' views! Always a bonus, especially when puffing hard and beginning to think of mother. One slight conundrum to understand is the limited parking at the assembly venue in Peace Avenue. Big Al has posted lengthy instructions of how to get there on the OANSW weekly alert web page issued every Tuesday, and I'm sure will be still there next week.

Parking streets suggested are Hope Street and Telegraph Road (left after coming up Mona Vale Road from Pacific Hwy), Macquarie Steet (right from Mona Vale Road and then via Bromley, Kulgoa and Woodlands Streets). If coming from St Ives, try left into Vista Street. Peace Avenue apparently is narrow with very restricted parking. Consult your Sidway and bring your teddy for good luck. What sounds complicated in getting there, will be more than made up for in the quality and fun of a new area. All in the Pork Pie office of sports commentary can't wait to try it out. Be there!

Having chewed the correspondent pencil to the bone (a curious expression Mr Pie Chops), Porkie is going to have a little lie down. SSS event # 20 is just round the corner, as is the next Monday Sprint - Olympic Park this time. Should be a blast.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


With an arvo that began in hot mid thirty temperatures, over 200 punters - undeterred by such trifles - pulled on the air conditioned silks and proceeded to take Gordon Wilson's intriguing slimming course at west Lindfield last night. The 'Gin Bottle' pitched in as setter, with Dr Judi taking syringe money and the waiting room queue in her stride. Another Bennelong event in the same spot as we drowned several years ago (who remembers getting map ready in the dunny that year!?) - how the weather changes.

Upon arrival, and after a suitable genuflection to the yellow banner (once more deployed after going awol to Towoomba last week), runners saw map with a full board at the 1:10,000 scale, and an almost mid way divide between the bush (south) and the streets (north). The 'two pack' in my title. Mmmmm, this looks interesting was the buzz.

Those old media blokes (like Pork Pie) that got out the twine and abacus, would have also confirmed almost a perfect 300/300 point mix in both sections, clearly meaning for most that you had to add a bit of 'foreign' into your plans to make a good score. The southern bush pots worked well as a loop before ending in a nice bunching (29,28,10,24,30) around Fiddens Wharf oval. The northerns were not so circular, with a bit more of the old Larry about them, and a nice little tickler at 21-11 ('The Lampost' reports scratchy stuff on the uphill option, although MB seemed to crash through in fine style going clockwise). Many did these two as 'in-outs'.

A nice 400 point return was - southern loop to 24/30, flog along to 13 (many emerged up the creek bed from 24 - apparently a goer) and then work 14,15,2,16 and home. Wazza Selby, having breasted pot 30 in 28 (Porkie was 32 at the same place), added the western dress circle before the above and a great 510 for plus two (net 490). Not bad for a sixty year old! Using the same finishing sequence, Michael 'Burtons Ale' took a punt on the high fence at #5 and ran 16-5, with only an unmarked fence along the road slowing the blue bag. The northern mapped fence section was indeed crossable.

There was a bit of apres O talk about a way up from #29, when a runner with a good memory (Dan 'The Hand of God' Redfern) admitted to running 29 to 24 as a direct route!! It seems there was an old track here, missing from the current map edition, but Dan remembered it - and took the punt. Any non-track routes hereabouts looked decidedly thick.

As the scoring indicates, it was a perfect piece of SSS setting, with two stallions bagging 600 just under the allotted. It might have been three if Richy Green had been on hand, but he was a no show. Many 300 scores, a fair few fours, but not too many in the fives. One category was even won in the two's (SVW with Dale's 280 pipping Jai on 260 tomatoes) - probably some sort of record. The heat was a factor of course, especially with the early runners. It cooled as the evening wore on, making the pot collection a more pleasant task than anticipated earlier. While on the subject of the pots (nice yummy big ones), many competitors made complimentary remarks about their locations and visibility. Nothing hidden, all clearly sighted and a delight to run past. As we say, it's not meant to be hide and seek!

I usually try to ping the lonely pot, but am struggling a bit here. Dave 'The Bacon' McKenna used to provide the stats that noted visitation - making this easy-peasy - but Davy is no longer on the job, so its guess work. Maybe 5, as I think everywhere else had punters on the chew en-mass. I wasn't tempted, but subsequently note Michael's more bullish approach rather wistfully. Mmmmmm.

Lets see how the field handled the bump and grind.

At the top of the board (thanks BNO for a high board that enabled your correspondent to note scores without needing his kneeling cushion), Steve Ryan (OM) took the lollies by three seconds from Glenn (MM) (44.31 to 44.34), working the northern roads first and doing 21-11 as an in-out. Three others came close to the six o'clock swill; Andy Hill a ten down, Mounty twenty off, and Mike B 560 after four over. Mark Schaefer and Dave 'Day' Hegarty had the Spitfires in action for 550's, with big gaps then to a couple of low fives (Wendy a 510, Peter 'Pan' Hibberd 520 and Mal with 510 - and how about Matty 'The King Size Mattress' Hill with 520 in the juniors!). Adrian 'The Dentist' White carded a clean 500 with Mw's Barbara 'Raincoat' Hill and Mary Fein a half head back on spectacular 490's and Lisa Grant 'Me Any Wish' and Paula Shingler 480 apiece. Great running from these mares and fillies, and apart from 'Stevo', the best female scores by quite some distance (the next best women for instance, was OW star, Sue 'The Underwater Airport' Davis, on 450).

Plenty of good action in the masters and vet men categories, with Pete Annetts and Greg 'The Razor' Barbour holding fives, and the only blokes with beards doing so. More jostling amongst the balding hordes in the four hundreds, with Roger 'Sir Will See You Now' Butler (still OM) on 490, as was Kar-Soon, Eoin Rothery and Warwick 'Mr Pebble Beach' Selby. Tony Hill (MM) climbed unaided for a nice 450, as did 'The Strangler' Mike Halmy in the vets. Jamie Lithgow was on fire in the supers for 440 to go the silver from Ian Cameron (420) and the bronze double on 400 (Rosscoe and Steve 'On Assignment in Cairo' Flick). Other super veterans than enjoyed a decent placing on the velcroe were Teddy Woodley with 360, President Paul, a touch shy with 340 and Ian Miller 'Pede' and Dave Lotty on the same score. Steve Dunlop had a tenner over his WHO mate, taking home 350 for his troubles - a good run from 'Bob Jayne'.

In the legends, we saw the return to running form last night of Lloyd Gledhill. Lloyd 'George' had been warming up in the WM group after a bit of ticker maintenance, but launched off after brother Mal last night and equalled the Legend star with his 310 points. Despite this showing of brotherly love (great to see Lloydee on the run again), they were both run down by Ted Mulherin with 330, and in turn all taken by the Chicago bluesman, Ron 'I Got My Mojo Workin' Junghans with a tidy 370. Looks like Uncle Ronny is back in town after a string of (Frank) lowies. The Tedsters turn to take up the challenge again. Not sure about Heiko's score. With his mind on the upcoming Antarctic marathon (the last continent to fall under the feet and knees of this great marathon runner and Summer Series star) Heiko would not have appreciated the acclimatisation technique being trialed at Lindfield!

Other Legends noted were Eric 'Doctor' Smith (260) and Dave Stitt with 310, and Bryony's 330 once again taking the biscuit. Sue Thomson was well back after an early hot run for 250, although, in turn, claiming from June Stanley (fogging up the glasses on 200) and Bev working the All Black colours for a neat 100.

At the Junior end, Michele Dawson held her nerve to take a twenty from rival Rachael Noble ((420 to 400). Ellen is noted with 160 curry puffs in the same age grouping, and, although brother Dunk 'Cyclone Yasa' put on a 280, he was well short of the older juniors (Matty noted with 520 (!!) and Huon Wilson 'Parking' with 450). We need to understand that young Duncan is only twelve (I think this is right Col?) to give this proper context. Imagine as he grows into his teen years - a great O talent will emerge.

I think I've missed quite a few good scores. The Murphy sisters were in form with Katherine's 430 taking home the chocolates from Clare's 350. Kelly Dohle packed a punch with 360, but copped one on the chin from Deb 'The Potatoe' Noble who ran a tidy 380. Deb is fast returning to form and chasing down junior sister Rach. I have just noticed Carolyn Haupt ran a top class 400 in the opens, so she was up there last night, and well clear of Hannah 'The Steam Engine' Watts (320) and Emily Prudhoe (340) in the same open category. A few more OM's are noteworthy. Joel took home 470, Tommy 'The Tee Shirt' Joss 460 and Andrew 'In Pen & Ink' Graham 450. The 'Hat' worked the sly grog store for 440 bottles.

Some other vets are also worth a little exposure to the glare of the press. How about Robin Cameron's 370, Airdrie's 320 going down by ten to Lisa 'Not The Chief Of Staff' Lampe (330) and Sue 'I'm Not A' Froude with a neat 240. Good to see Sue and Ian running the Summer Series. Dave 'Interest Rates' Noble posted 340 basis points, Jimmy 'Carter' McLean worked the peanuts for 410 and Wiz was there for you all on 390. Stu in the supers was seen enjoying the bush sector for 320, the same score as fellow SV Ross Emslie. Martin Conway 'Twitty' rocked for 400 in the masters, shading Wayne 'The Batmobile' Pepper's 390 in the same youthful grouping. Dmitry was off a further ten with 380.

Kathryn and Mel Cox both walked last night, with the 'K' earning with 220, but Mel 'Ody Maker' being upstaged by Jimmy 'The Cartographer' Merchant 320 to 280. Jim's 320 is an excellent running score, on the heal and toe, it's spectacular. Not many groups noted by the roving and bloodshot eye - except Sylvia & Eugene posting 'tooth hurtie' and the radio station call sign group (Jake, Jodie & Toby) on the air for 170. Good to see them enjoying another evening of map sport.

Before closing, it was bought to the attention of organisers that one runner had gone directly from 19 to 23 via private property. We all should note that out of bounds housing as shown on our maps should mean just that. No short cuts please, as we rely on lots of goodwill from councils and residents to respect property boundaries.

So, next week it's off west again as we revisit Dundas Valley. Note the small change in assembly venue previously alluded to (now starting at Curtis Oval / Dundas Park). This area rises to the north and east forming a bowl, so expect a bit of puff puff as Dave Stitt gets to pull a few clever ones up near Carlingford. The run home on the other hand can be at speed in this area of linear parks and bush tracks. The smell of the mown lawn and the sting of competition. Yes, yes, yes punters, this is what the Summer Series is all about! See you on the paddock next week.

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