Sunday, September 25, 2011


When Pork Pie, in his usual lather of SSS excitement, and waxing lyrical about young Dunk's Annandale event, calls it as event three when it in actual fact it's event four! Sit me down with a Pimms and bamboo fan folks, I completely forgot to mention the real event three - Terry 'Towling Hat' Bluett's tempter at Manly Dam. This 19 October fixture promises a little more bush, sandstone, bush tracks and cliff line fun - as well as the usual streets, ovals and urban grassy stuff around this North Balgowlah location. Same assembly location as previous events, but with the promise of more Angophora Costata cuddling than our last outing there. As with all things Tezza, it will be a classic. Bring a hat, bring a friend, bring granny - as we go all funny with the coloured 1:10,000 once again.

No other early news, although the first few events are looking like pot and pencil. More news on Sportident scoring as it comes to hand.

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Fly on the Wall said...

How tricky can a flat, open (?) course get? The devil was in the detail of this ripper. Hard slog for not much reward - just lucky it wasn't a 40-degree stinker in the west. Probably chose a bad route (in fact, certain I did, and got sucked into visiting #27) and had to settle for 320 (340, but 90 secs late). Went 17 (and got shoes saturated immed on the causeway)-28-10-20-27-19-26-8. At this stage I realised I had way overestimated so had to leave out 18-16-6. Then went 25-15-7-23-14-29-30. Shd have added 12 for a nett gain of 10 but was too tired. Saw a fit bugger leap a high fence between 29 and 30 and tried the same but failed. Then I noticed the gate next to it was slightly ajar! 30 secs wasted! Was surprised to see that the fruit of my labour was 7.3km. Happy with distance covered but not time or points. First run in 3 months so not too bad. I did notice that Mr Free is looking fitter than Black Caviar.

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