Monday, October 10, 2011


Getting the Sydney Summer Series off to a flying start, Dan 'Platform One' Redfern played the 'Balls' card in, what I gather to be, a great opening event. Although the 'Porkster' was AWOL (unforgivable, I know), there have been many reports, and some very interesting initial scoring. The 220 odd punters on the paddock (196 entries - a great start Sydney) seem to have been confronted with a Balls Head extravaganza - where the only post Balls decision seemed to be, have I got the legs to become a 'Timbergetter' or a tenant in Harry's Blues Point Tower. Many obviously had the form, including Open rivals Andy Hill's Hoist' and Richard 'The Preacher' Mountstephens, both carding an impressive 570 points, and a ton each, to open their accounts.

The cuddles brigade at the top of their fields (and in the pike position with a double tuck) also extended to a couple of other classes - with Masters Richard Green 'With Envy' and Tim Rogers 'Over & Out' both posting 550's (super scoring boys), Eoin 'Royal Mail' Rothery and Michael 'He's No' Burton eased into their work in the Vets with 500's, and Alison 'Bex Powder' Pearce sharing the Walking Women honours with Lesley 'The Olympic Eight' Cox - and 220 points apiece. In the caring and sharing stakes (a feature of the family friendly SSS), there were lots of other equal scores high up the ladder, including four SVM's taking a liking to 360 points and equal second placings ( Ian 'The Baker' Miller, Ross 'The Pope' Catterall, Steve Dunlop 'Illow' and Ted 'Don Juan' Woodley take a bow), and the brace of SVW's holding hands for equal third with 240's. Connie, Helen, Kerry and MJ - the race is on and the punters are fiddling for a folding stuff flutter.

Other interesting scoring to note: 'The Chip Heater' off to a flyer in the Mens Legends with a tidy 410, Gill 'Not Richard' Fowler conducting things with aplomb to sneak a tenner from Lisa 'White Goods' Grant (450/440), and Michael Free 'At Last' back with us in 3rd with 530 in MM - and shading 'The Lending Library' by twenty. Warwick 'The Glove' Selby didn't disappoint in the Mens Super Vets (with 440), but gives his rivals a chance this season by dint of lots of travel - including some heavy breathing to Everest Base Camp coming up shortly. SVM's, now is your chance! I also note Sue Thomson taking the first 100 in LW and a great bit of tennis from Sue Davis 'Cup' to open her account in Masters Women with 490 points and claim from Big Foot star, and Owen Gun fancier, Cath Chalmers (420). The Juniors have engaged drive, and with their L plates on show, are out to win the chocs. Huon Wilson and Rachael Noble taking the initial races in modest fields that should grow as we approach the end of year holidays.

Many of our previous stars are obviously out on the turf again and itching for Summer Series action. It looks like there will be ding dong battles aplenty, especially when some of the orienteering 'hotties' return from burning up the bush in the Oceania Carnival just concluded. Which is a nice segue to event two.

And, indeed, there is an event two - a classic level flog at Cumberland Hospital in North Parramatta, and another pot and pencil event. James 'The Halfback' McQuillan is packing down for the WHO team in bringing us another toppie in this great area. Expect fast and furious as James works us around the buildings and over the river (or should that be creek?). Lots of grassy running to ease the knee soreness, and a close by jail if you are found to have bribed the scorers. I have heard a whisper that parking might be confined to the streets (Fleet), rather than in the grounds as per previous outings, so be prepared. It will no doubt be another SSS cracker that your correspondent is looking forward to. Out comes the yellow banner, out comes the binoculars and that chewed stub of a 2B - and of course the race reports and that make the Summer Series the envy of the racing world. OK, OK, it seems old Porky has gone all red in the face - flushed with excitement as it were - and may have exceeded his brief. Probably time for a quiet Reschs.

Note that we are hoping to run most of the rest of the programme as Sportident electronic punch score events, and that you will need to buy (much more preferable) or hire an 'e-stick' to compete. These will be available at all events, as will membership forms for joining one of Sydney's six orienteering clubs (and helping defray the extra 'casual member' fee that comes into effect this season). Hook up, saddle up and join up as we launch off into the cunning running stratosphere - and SSS season 21. Cake anyone?


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