Thursday, October 11, 2007

11 October 2007

Our first event went off with a bang last night at Kirribilli. The crowds were very impressive, with over two hundred runners enjoying Ron's tough course. This is our biggest opening event roll up yet and augers well for a fantastic and well contested series. With the checkpoint placement being well scattered, scores were generally lower than normal, with anything in the 400's being a real stretch. Andy Hill showed he is in good form with a very creditable 480 points. The lonely 'pot' awards go to #28, and probably to #27, both a long way from home. Equal numbers tackled the 'John Howard' route and the Luna boardwalk, finding excellent water views from both options. Controls 24 and 30 also hit the scenery buttons for those that ventured to the north. The location is worth a special mention, especially as night fell and the city lights provided the most spectacular backdrop to a SSS event we have yet experienced. A great start to the season.

Next week sees us moving west to another favourite venue - Meadowbank beside the Parramatta River. Expect great riverside running and some excellent work across the many parks and (hopefully) the mangroves! Steve Dunlop is in charge and should create another fab challenge. This is a good venue to come by train or rivercat to, although parking is reasonable. Note that we are again starting from Bank Street near the station, not the more traditional spot in Constitution Avenue/Federal Road. Be there!

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