Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another great Summer Series event last night on the 'Devlins Creek' map - with webmaster David Noble in charge of proceedings, and the corn flakes start box (an irreverant and wonderful Big Foot invention, much appreciated by all starters).

Around 180 punters pulled on the T shirts and enjoyed one of the best runs of the season so far. The control spread tempted runners to head off almost equally to the north or south and work through a loop across the M2. David had added a new area to the south-east of the old map and included an excellent and frustrating loop of controls there. The stiff pull up to 28 or the dash to 19 on the way to a bushy 29 and the time sapping loop to 27. Much time was lost here although the smart money worked 20,28,29 and then back via 19 and the footbridge - ignoring the southerly 30 pointer.

There was also interesting action to the north, with #12 pulling runners west into various loops via 3 and 24. The track run south of 30 to the road bridge proved a smarter option for some, bringing into play the tempting loop of 25,26,16 and 17. All good stuff, with the bush tracks slowing K rates for the unwary.

Veteran Mike Burton managed to grab the silver with 500 points, ahead of Ben 'the beanpole' Rattray (490), both suprisingly shading the late starting Andrew Hill 's Ford' (480). Andrew may have found the gathering gloom in the bush sections to his disadvantage, or he might have just have missed the optimum flow. Such was the quality of the setting that it was hard to work an economical loop - Glenn Horrocks 'movie' swept the 10plus K's in an awkward kidney shape but was very late back for all controls but only 410 points. A good work out none the less.

Other results of note were Edwina Hatch with a blistering run in Masters class for 440 points - her best result to date. Joanna 'lake' Sinclair was also up there with a respectable 390, one out, one back from the flying locomotive and Super Veteran champion, Gordon 'the blue engine' Wilson, on an even 400. The mid to high 400's proved to be a tough ask, although lots of the old blokes got cuddly in the mid three's.

A great start location and a beautiful evening. We will return!

Next week we move back closer to the city to another old favourite - Smoothey Park at Wollstonecraft. Rob Spry is chief pot hanger and promises plenty of action in this spectacular location. Look to ooh and aah at the views from Berry Island as we mix running the roads and cool creek tracks. Expect a big roll up, and come by train if at all possible - parking is very limited at the assembly area, especially early on.

A final point - reporting to the finish. All competitors in the Summer Series MUST report in after their run - even if you have abandoned your course. A runner at Beecroft last night failed to finish leaving the organisers to wonder if he had been injured and was still out, possibly in the bush. Thankfully his entry card had a mobile number on it, the call revealing he had just given up and gone home. So to save organisers from any extra work and anxiety, please make a note of this requirement to ALWAYS report back.

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