Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Normal service resumes!

Fans of the Porkster will no doubt be relieved that the "shivering white legs" entry is now behind us and Summer Series race comments and goss are about to return.

Last week, Alan Tilley handled a large roll up in rainy and thundering conditions at East Killara. The tighter course gave a few of our top runners the incentive to 'do a Glenn' and go for the lot. Several 600's resulted, despite the bushy stuff bringing a few undone (mainly those that didn't read about the 'marked routes'!!). Despite the rain, most seem to enjoy the event, with several stars confirming their pedigree. One missing from the leader board was Warwick 'This won't hurt a bit' Selby, sidelined with another ankle (although Waz was noted last night giving the undercarriage a try out at a damp Callan Park).

If I had to pick a 'lonely pot' at Killara, it would have to be #1, although #29 needed commitment. Actually, nothing was too far away as the scoring proved. A beauty despite the weather.

Tomorrow sees us return after five years to North Harbour and Terry Bluett on the till. Terry will no doubt get us working uphill to Tania Park and stretching along the fabulous foreshores (to Fairlight and to Forty Baskets). Should fine up by tomorrow for a great event. Can't wait!!! Note there is also a special map for the small kids that Tracy has prepared. Should be fun.

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