Monday, February 2, 2009

Pounding the pedals (instead of the pavement)

For those devoted summer series runners that also have mountain bikes with the little 'thingy's' on the handlebars - Mike 'The Bike' Roylance asked if I'd post a reminder of the Mountain Devils picnic and AGM on the SSS web site. So, here it is! Well, sort of. The date is Sunday 15 February, 11am to 4pm (ie after church), and the venue is Sydney Olympic Park - Wentworth Common. Food and drink provided, although you will be expected to contribute a few readies upon arrival. Check out the details from their web site and make sure you register by Thursday 12 Feb. There... job done!

A warm one for the foot Oers tonight at the sprint event out west. Bring a little Sydney Water and even a hat. Wednesday at Lindfield also looming. Time for Michael 'The Executioner' Free to put on some bright clothing and take the hundred points! Also time to see Selwyn 'Mt Egmont' Roper pull the stallion out wide and overtake Ernest 'Pass' Windschuttel on the run to the photo. Hey, what's all this race gossip! - the Pork must have had too many at the Nags Head and is feeling the heat.

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