Thursday, February 26, 2009

Running Rozelle

A cool evening last night saw a big roll up for a run on the extended Glebe map. Numbers were over the two hundred mark, not counting the dogs or the City of Sydney Rangers. All seemed to go well, with lots of good comments on the course (including relief at the relatively level terrain after Terry's mountain climb last week), although as the organiser/setter stuck fast under the sagging finish banner, the event passed in a blur. Still, good to set something that added a bit of new running along with the excellent views and great old streets hereabouts.

With the extension west to Whites Creek, I had thought that the course would be a bit tougher than last year, but Glenn 'The Tractor' Horrocks, suprised with a brilliant all-point run in just over 47 minutes (for 570 points). Glenn is well and truly holding the crown as our ace runner now Open Champ Andrew 'Hiccup' Hill has gone to London (and Glenn's a Master to boot!). There were other excellent scores, probably including Michael 'The Banjo' Burton, but I didn't get to see them and record my usual scorers notes (sorry everyone). My usual penchant for a good spread of 30's reasonably close seemed popular with all five doing a 'roaring trade' on the control cards.

One score I did note was Ron 'Incontinance Bag' Junghans pipping Ted Mulherin in the Legends. This continues the see-saw battle here that makes the series so fascinating across many divisions. With fellow Legend Heiko off running a marathon up an African volcano and Malcolm lighting the afterburner (same score as Ted last night), all placings are up for grabs. Go the Legends! Also great to see the 'Super Legend', Barry 'The Ointment' Cole, back from injury and giving the legs a whirl. Great to see this Bennelong star on the nibble once again.

Despite my description of 'least attractive' control, #9 the 'Stink Pipe' found favour with plenty and can't be awarded the lonely pot. Maybe the annoyingly placed #3 or the equally remote #14 and 10 might take the lozenge here. It's also worth noting that all pots have been recovered, somewhat amazing when you think how urban the area is. Even #22 was found (stringless) after it's little excursion.

So, all in all, I think it was a goody - and we will be back (things with the Council now sorted).

Next week sees the crowd back on the lower north shore at Burns Bay. The 'Feet' normally give this great area a rattle and we should expect some nice stuff in the bush reserves and around the beautiful grounds and spectacular foreshore of St Ignatius College. BE THERE - and bring granny!

Also note that there is an introduction to bush orienteering proper being offered after your run here (at 7pm) to be followed by free coaching on 28 March. Anyone interested in getting into the 'real cunning running stuff' post SSS, should ring Lyn (9635 0563) or Andrew (9412 3545) to book a place. If you think the Summer Series is fun, wait till you get the adrenalin flowing out on some of the major bush O events. Fantastic stuff, so please join us.

Finally, sorry to have missed reporting on the great event last week at Seaforth (away in NZ). In summary, if you adhered to the 'one third of the time downhill and two thirds uphill' rule you would have done well. That sinking feeling when noting checkpoint #28 with 10 minutes to go was not good. And then we had the fun of finding the dreaded pit (#24) - or in my case, not finding it. My only consolation was not getting stung here, as several competitors apparently did. A really nice area though and well mapped. Next time ... I was heard to mutter!

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