Thursday, March 5, 2009

Burning Uphill at Burns Bay

Yep, plenty of 'legs burning' for those runners tackling the southern exit from Summer Series event 22 at Riverview. But there was also the more gentle exit to the Linley Point pots that offered a slower climb north to complete a loop. And all this fun on a beautifully cool evening with things well handled by the Big Foot crew.

Numbers looked good, maybe around the double ton, with plenty of pause for thought when studying the course. Linley Point was almost a 'must do' with its 130 points quite closely packed - in contrast to the east where pots were more widespread and required a bit of ducking in and out various roads to secure them. Still, for most Linley was not enough on its own and a return loop needed to be figured. Most took in 14,5,21 and 11 before the delicious bush controls (20 & 26), and then roared home via 13,25 and 18. The stronger runners chewed on the fat Havanna, and went further east. Many wisely avoided the Tambourine pair of 6 and 24, and the (very) vague track mentioned in the cs notes.

There were reports of lost time at 29, and although the 'steps' were not quite as mapped, runners were probably lost in waterside reverie at this great spot - and making plans to move in! There were some great views on the course that's for sure. Everything else seemed right, although a couple of pots went astray (#4 was one as I recall). One highlight from Dale 'Sford' Thompson was encountering the 'camper' as she crashed uphill from #26 through the green. Dale was not to be deterred by his private property claim.

Looking at the course, and the results, we probably were too spread with the winning score of only 500, but, it is often hard to plan when steep hills are involved. The 'lonely pot' would have to be #1, all on it's own, and no temptation to returning competitors when 25,18 and 29 offered a homeward run for 80 points as against 10!

Glenn collected all in 55 minutes for his 500, and Michael Burton 'your shirt' made the five leaving out the Tambo's and a couple of 'non flow' pots to the east (12, 8 and of course #1). One out and one back was Richard 'Pea' Green on a very respectable 480 closely followed home by Kar Soon's 470 - another excellent run by the Doc. Continuing to amaze the Members Stand, is Wendy 'Plumb Bob' Stevenson with a sprightly 470, and with Malcolm 'X' in tow in full bikers kit! Amazing running from these Masters.

Sue 'The Queen Mother' Login looked next female home with a great 440, and in the open class, and Sue Davis not running, Carolyn 'Headbutt' Haupt looks the goods with 400, a nose bag of feed clear of Rachael 'The Rocket' Best on 390. Other notable scoring was the three way tie in SVM with Steve 'Door' Flick, Warwick 'Ice Pack' Selby and Ian 'The World Game' Cameron all pencilling 430. Graeme Hill thought he had pipped them with 440, but might have forgotten to write one down! Dave 'The Mustache' McKenna will have the final say of course.

Robin Cameron 'Ramp' kept the veteran women at bay with 410, and the two Pettersons (Anthony and Tim) had the family vibe going, each scoring 410. Michael Free was seen muttering, and it looked like another one got away. Other scoring to catch the bloodshot eye of 'Pork Pie' was an excellent 370 from SV David 'Shopping Centre' Gatwood, and another 370 from 'Amigo' number two, Jim 'Lee Enfield' Merchant. Ron appears to have nudged Ted by ten points again in the Legends, and Melvyn (post corporate cup) walked for a tidy 240. At the other end of the board, Super Vet Cheryl 'Number 10' Bluett booked a modest 30 points, just behind Junior Aidan Dawson's 40. Great to see them enjoying the fun.

Also last night saw the presentation of the winners badge to Sue 'Blahnik' Davis in Open Women. As many know Sue is leaving for a year in Europe but has already comprehensively won the OW class - hence the early pressie. Good luck overseas Sue, we will miss you.

Next week sees the caravan rolling north to Belrose and a new map from the Amigo's. Interesting street and park running with a bush edge, including the pipeline track and rock features. The cemetery is also a central feature which should add to the fun. Plenty of parking and plenty of points up for grabs - and where no one has prior form. Don't miss it.

Finally, note that we do have an Autumn Evening programme coming up - at least three events before the night champs in western Sydney, and including a fast run at Meadowbank and some dark fun at Waverton. There should be a flyer ready next week and details posted to this site. Time to get out the LED!

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Fergus said...

Nice news write-up. Great course setting - some controls were hard to find. It would be nice to have a link to the map since it is hard to remember which numbers were where.

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