Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flat out at Flat Rock

A great evening and event last night at Killarney Heights, with around 170/80 runners on the puff in the penultimate event of the season. And how about the spectacular lightening display that hurried along the late starters! Fantastic stuff.

Peter Thomason gave us a horizontal take of this enjoyable area with slightly tighter setting than last years 'portrait' course. It was nice to see the housing in hatch this time rather than the inky green of yore - much easier to read on the run. There is always the tantalising moment when you pay up and get the map - and the first glimpse of the course. Last night did not disappoint, with a lot of loops within loops and a bit of bush track running for Dave Lotty - very yummy. It looked good, just outside the 600 on time, and so it proved.

Immediate temptations were to the north and north-west, where #23-29-15 gave access to a nice top crossing and plenty of eastern options on the run home (or if coming up from #12, more of a stagger home!). The south east looked less tempting at first, with #11 the most difficult to loop in (may have been the lonely pot). As scores were posted however, the flatter south east rewarded the runners who did the north and kept out of the #27-19 track and its need of the rack railway home journey. The guns needed both sectors, with Glenn's clean sweep getting underway with a dipsey to the east (17-12-26) before crossing to 8-11-24 and an outer loop via 14-6 etc and the low arc to the top. Interesting planning indeed - and note the weird order of 11 then 24. All to do with the unmapped uncrossable high fence that modified the intended 8-24-11-14 route. There were many others caught by this fence on the flog home - including 'Pork Chop' Barr himself.

So the Glenster did the lot in 46.5 for 580 points, and seemed to have the lollies as far as I could see. Other good scores noted were Adrian 'The Plumber' White with 560 (shared with 'The Republic of' Chad Armstrong), Mark Schaefer and the 'Bendy' with 550 (Jeez Wendy, this is lightening on the move!) and a brace of 540's - including 'The Freemason, and Ryan 'The Hangman' Armstrong. I'm told Michael was in early, no doubt to his frustration.

Lisa Grant pencilled a clean 500, with Jo 'Salvador' Sinclair back from Chile and into it again with 460. Great to see one of our great stars back on the track and enjoying a light work out. There was also some good scoring amongst the blokes, with James Lithgow finally running to potential with a well judged 500 - in sync with Peter 'Paul & Mary' Annetts, although both were shaded on the turn by an absolute bolter in Ian 'I Do' Cameron's 510 (the leading super vet). Ron ran late in the Legends, but probably parked an honest 390 from Ken Jacobson. Ted not sighted here. Dale 'The Bread Loaf' muttered in the car, and then took off for 400, ahead of a trio stars in SVW (Helen, Ange and Sue) who posted 320 each before retiring to the Tuza.

The young guys also flew, with Dave 'Service Fee' Bullbrook carding 430 (no sign of Huon), and Michele working the pins for 370. Brother Aidan decided to have a go, and wrapped a nice 330 for the family dinner. Good to see the Dawson's on the fly. Others of note were Lisa 'The Bayonet Fitting' Lampe and Karin 'Rin Tin Tin' - did you get it! Hefftner marking 420, Gil Fowler chewing on 440, and Gordy and John 'Bus Lane' Anderson leaving their mates for dead with 450's.

Scoring was high in general, with many suprised at their speed in what is notionally a hilly area. The SSS crew are obviously getting fitter!

So, on to the final.

Lloyd has the event under control, and is promising a spectacular finish to the series. The start returns to the harbour edge at Clarkes Point Reserve, where landscaping works are now complete and make this quite a place. Woolwich is always an interesting run with checkpoints on both sides of the peninsular adding a bit of upsey/downsey to the long out and back nature of the area. The bush addicts get a fix in the reserve and there are views galore. What a spectacular part of Sydney!

We will be open for early runners at 4pm, and hope to have most back before the gloom of 7/7.30. The presentations will commence as soon as we have most home and all places are won. This seems to include the SSS cup award which may not be decided until the night!! Great stuff. Please stay around to honour our champs and join us for a post event (and series) dinner in the pub - rather conveniently located!

In every respect, a great way to end another classic series of navigation on the run. Thanks Sydney!

PS. The recently published, and long overdue, Pork Pie Form Guide has become a nick naming puzzle. A clue to help all those that thought a day at the races was simple (turn up, loose money and go home). Most names are straightforward enough, often reflecting an interest (for example: Sue Thomson goes to the theatre often, so she was Sue Thomson 'C' - her initials and the C forming STC, Sydney Theatre Company!) One more that might have alluded most. Sue Login was called 'A Moving' Sue Login. Drop the S and the 'in' of Login and you have 'eulog'. Pronounce the g as gee and you have 'a moving eulogy'!

I know, I know - I need help!! But hope you enjoy it anyway. See you all Wednesday at Clarkes Point.

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