Tuesday, July 28, 2009


To keep faith with the many millions of summer series fans - desperate for the '09/10 programme to commence - I thought a sneak preview might help.

Firstly, many will understand that the World Masters Games are on in Sydney just after our opener on October 7. This has led the Summer Series commissars to bring event two forward (to Monday 12/10, to avoid the WMG orienteering event at Lithgow on Wednesday 14) and offer a double whammy of Sydney Harbour delights to open the programme. With over 1,000 orienteers from overseas in town, we hope these two showcase events (at Balls Head/McMahons Point, and Luna Park Kirribill)i will not only get us underway in spectacular style, but offer our guests a fantastic introduction to Sydney and its sensational harbour. Cunning running in sight of the Opera House! Sounds good to me.

Top quality setters are on board - and already planning their courses. Should be a top start to our season.

Secondly, the restive SSS throng is always on the sniff for a touch of the old and the new.

In the 'bringing out of retirement stakes', runners will enjoy a revival of Pembroke Park at Eastwood (event 3), with Michael Halmy 'NRMA' preparing suprises for the unwary in Terrys Creek. Pulling on the scout uniform at Beecroft also is something to look forward to (event 15), and Larry 'The Possum' Weiss promises February fun in the mangroves at Boronia.

In the 'new' department, we have several augmentations (Georges Heights gun emplacements, Manly Dam bush and sandstone cliffs) as well as new map of Drummoyne and Manly. We are also hopeful of a return to Macquarie and better digs for the finals. Many other old favourites are back for more action, with start point and setter variation adding to the fun. For instance, Ian and Ted's North Parramatta is kicking off up at the lake - giving a completely different 'take' on the area.

So, as you can see, things are coming together nicely, and we should have a programme up on the site by mid August. It's going to be another cracker with top quality course setters sharpening their pencils in a drool of planning excitement. Emails from 'first timers' have already been hitting Pork Pie's inbox. Whoo Hoo.

Meanwhile, 45 minute addicts will have enjoyed the Moonlight Madness event at Epping, and be looking forward to next weeks newie at Manly. Don't miss the chance to go potty by torchlight at this one , and at Dan 'Platform Three' Redfern's outing at Glebe in September. And of course, the bush O. Plenty going on, so check out the OANSW site for event details.

Two months to go. And it's getting lighter.


The Insider said...

Q: What is going to be definitively the most competitive division this year?
A: Masters Men

Both Richard Green and Kar-Soon lim are taking the step up to challenge Glen.

The rumour is that Andrew Hill has followed his heart to the other side of the world. Suggesting that overall winners will tend to come from the Masters not from the boys in opens.

David Bray is back. Although some mysterious late mail suggests that he has considered the form and may scupper off to another country - again!

Don't believe rumours that Kar-Soon lim is considering the soft option and staying in opens to get easier competition. He wont do it, how would he face the mirror each morning?

So the list of talent includes:

Glen Horrocks
Richard Green
Tim Rogers
Kar-Soon lim
David Bray
Michael Free and
Peter Annetts

all potential winners on their day, and plenty of depth after those listed (Malcolm, Shane, Graeme, Anthony and Tim, Pete are all expected to return).

The insider will give you a form update closer to the kick-off. I have been watching, waiting and taking notes during the off season and this years competition will carry more interest than last years Glen Horrocks show, followed by a defined heirarchy for the top 4 places.

Fly on the Wall said...

Can't wait for the next summer series to start. Can the Barr-tender, as boss cocky, please ask all setters to make sure their courses have been properly vetted? A few howlers slipped through last summer, costing the more aerobically challenged runners time and points - commodities in precious short supply!

Dave said...

I can confirm that I am back and here to stay and already beginning preparations on tackling the Masters Men this year. In a straight line I have no chance against some of these speedsters so am hoping for a lot of sticky wickets to puzzle those fast of foot!

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