Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Series Looming

As you can now see, the programme has been published and we have reset the visit counter for the year. Yellow flyers are at the printer and will be in orienteering mail packs shortly. Spares will be bought to events, although you can download a pdf from the site. All looking good, but note especially, the earlier day and start times for event two at Kirribilli. Hopefully we can welcome many orienteering visitors to our great city and to this event, and the opener at Balls Head.

Also note the intention this season to introduce a walkers category. Same 45 minute time limit, same map and scoring system, but open to those who would prefer to walk rather than run. At this stage, we are just going to offer 'walkers women' and 'walkers men' and will run the progressive individual scoring as per the runners - just no age categories. Obviously this category will rely on personal competitor honesty and we hope not to be reporting the walkers breaking into an out of sight run! Note also that groups (either runners or walkers) are noted in the event scoring, but not on any progressive tallies.

The final moonlight madness run is on this Wednesday at Glebe, and will be lots of fun. Dan 'standard gauge' Redfern is in charge of the pots, and promises lots of quality harbourside running. I'll do the usual post-race wrap up, and then begin to sharpen the Pork Pie pencil for the summer series. Lots of good running (and walking) looming.

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