Thursday, March 4, 2010


Summer Series history in the making as 'The Hoist', 'The Lending Library', 'Frankenstein', The Akubra' and 'The Noose' all posted 600 big ones at Bedlam Point last night. Well that's actually only five, but the 'six pack' in the title sounds better than a missing bottle - and 'The King of England' was only a whisker back on 590 anyway. Editorial licence at work, and a bit of terrible Pork Pie horse naming (I'm sure you can guess them all anyway).

Yes, it isn't often we get such a slew of podium punchers, and many others so close (Kar-Soon had 580, Dave 'With Two G's' 560 and 'The Viking' 540. Not forgetting Michael 'The Pineapple' Free, crushed by Glenn for 540, Malcolm, Wendy and Gill losing a tenner each to Golden Circle for 530, and Eoin ramming the WA numberplate into contention with a well compiled 500. Super scoring all, at one of our favourite locations - and on a nice evening to boot.

Looks like around 220 took the opportunity to sample the classic hospital buildings and the inevitable 'add-ons' to east and west that always make up the course at Bedlam Point. John Anderson was in charge of the pots and had an evenly balanced distribution on offer from the Banjo. Most of the leaders needed to add something from both sides, with 27 and 28 finding themselves the likely candidates for the drop zone (#9 being a side salad accompaniment to #28). If doing the east, then the western twenty point loop of 14, 16 and 17 were worth the addition, with faster runners adding all the west except #27. The visa-versa eastern story was more complicated because of the two 30 point tempters in #29 and 30. The 8,19,20 and 4 return circle appealed if you didn't fancy the hill south to those two, or the aforementioned 9/28 dash.

In working a loop, the only real puzzle was how to incorporate 11 and 12. Some ran from below (21,1,11,12), while others added them from the top (22,11,12,2). Everything else flowed fairly smoothly, although the odd runner missed the hard to spot #22 - including 'Out Of Africa'. This would have been so much clearer with Sprint O mapping standards and it's medium grey building colour (next seasons Sprint Series perhaps). Lots of good running, and not too much empty distance. Good fun through the door at #3, and under the old bowling club down (or up) to #20. And how many stayed on the old sewer track stairways (1-21) when the shore route was faster? Aaaah!

Hard to pick a lonely pot as most seemed to be well visited - maybe the outpost at #27. Seemed a long way off to me, although Heiko enjoyed the ride there (going west 18-27), as did Michael Free, running it clockwise and uphill (26-27).

As I said, some good scoring. Amongst the mob, the Porkster noted Malcolm and Ted posting 390's in the Legends, ahead of Ron 'The Zulu' Junghans 350, Barry Cole 'Man Hawkins' with 220 and Peter 'Even' Stevens with 210. Ronny is just back from Africa and re engaging the legs once more - but missed 220, so may need to readjust the Christine Craigies! Janet Morris put on 290 in the LW's to keep clear of Anne Stewart (210), while in the SVW's, Sue Thomson's 340 kept 'The Angina' and Mary Jane at bay (320/260), but was no match for Dale 'The Cordial Bottle' Thompson running well into form with 420. Robbie Cameron also carded 420 (in the VW's).

Rachel Noble 'Rot' didn't leave the grapes on the vine too long, with a quick 340 in the juniors - Michele well down this time (290 - an injury? PP saw MD walking at one stage). Duncan 'Doughnut' Currie held 320 in the JM's, and may have headlined here with few other juniors noted before Reschs time tapped the old fella on the shoulder.

Some other good scoring included Dan Dohle with 520 (partner Kelly chompted 440), Mel and Kathy Cox both walking (340/290), Graeme Hill a length back from Warwick (510/490) in the SVM's, and Kenny Jacobson holding hands with John The Bowler Hat' Giles for 360. Rosscoe Duker was way off pace for 160, but this might have been an add error. Seems out of character for the 'Man in the Van'. Larry blasted out 510, but the watch said 49 (Why am I singing about 'The Miner...') and he copped four down. Still good stuff from the Lassoo, and a bragging score to Karin's 410. Lisa 'Starlight' Lampe claimed 370, Jim Merchant had the slide ruler to blame for 400, whereas Lumo finally got into highway mode for 420. Good to see Andrew back into top half scoring after the bloody Carlingford creek encounter some time ago. I've also got President Paul with 440, Terry Murphy with 340, Viv and Jos teaming up for 240, but nobody noted at 140! Emily and Edward (obvious royalty) popped a neat 100, Jane Beamish 'Mash' posted 290 whereas Angela, Mandy and Sue 'T Pudding' got together for their second outing - coming home after drinks with 210. Excellent stuff girls.

A brace of impressive 440's in Wayne Pepper 'Steak', Nathan 'At' Lowe and Clare Murphy. Ian McKenzie managed ten better to outpoint Dave Noble (410) and Steve 'The Swamp' Dunlop (420), and an impressive run from Dan Redfern (400). Meg Croft had the knitting needles flying for 330, but lost a stitch to Julia Prudhoe - taking no prisoners for 380, the same as Stuart 'Bike Lane' McWilliam. I have also got Adolfo 'The G Man' doing a 310 degree tango with Connie (the injured Michael pushing 'The Con' to greater heights) and Dave Stitt. It was a popular score, but the pencil failed just at that moment, and off we raced for the pie and peas.

So, next week, our fourth to last race, has David Gatwood and the Big Feet in charge at UTS Lindfield. The campus precinct adds 'sprint o' flavour to this one, and helps balance the nice bush tracks and the tree lined streets. Good north shore tucker and I'm sure Dave will set us a perler.

Finally some stats. For those that are looking, you will see we are well up on the past two seasons with about 200 more entries in total, and a big increase in individual runners. So far we haven't hit a new record (260+), but are doing consistently high numbers week in, week out. Take a bow SSS addicts, your a great group to be sharing Wednesdays with. Speaking of Wednesdays, we have the three Autumn Evening events finally scheduled (7,14,21 April) and leading up to the night champs. Flyers at next weeks event. Make it a date!


HondaPants said...

Great - Another challenging course. Lots of head scratching (may have been pulling hair out if there was any there !) With the big question being whether or not I could clear it, or attempt to clear it - tough I've not managed to clear one yet :-)
Got off to a shocker when after picking up 25 with the intent on getting 14 I ended up back at the start, then it was a lovely trip across the waste dump to 14. After that it was all plain sailing. 15,6,7,26,27,18,17,16,5,22,11,12,
Decided en-route that 28 and 9 were probably too far out, then from 30 also decided to drop 29 ... wrongly as I finished 3 minutes early. Though was very happy with 530.

The Insider said...

Glenn lays down the law, eh?

In the masters division, while there is still a mathematical possibility of Tim Rogers winning, the fact is neither a dodgy knee nor a broken foot could stop Glenn from repeating last years win. It will be harder for him next year, with Richard Green owning up to his age.

The minor placings on the other hand are still in the balance with 4 rounds to go. With 5 contenders, all permutations for 2nd-6th are still alive.

Tim Rogers is the wild card, with attendance being the main obstacle to a 2nd placing, He has to front up a least a couple of times (and perform) if he wants it.

Peter Annetts is finishing fast, now that he has his endurance bike riding event out of the way. As is Kar-Soon Lim, who's 2nd half of the season navigation has been much more effective, but much less amusing for the spectators.

Michael Free after being consistent all year, seems to have lost some fitness making him vulnerable to the late finishing aforementioned duo. Similarly Anthony Petterson isn't scoring as well in the second half and would need a big form reversal to place.

So will Peter and Kar-Soon finish fast over the top to grab 2nd and 3rd? Will Tim turn up to grab 2nd? Will the courses be short, allowing Glenn to wallop the field and freeze the current place-getters where they are? Will the places be determined by a wrong turn at Morrisons bay park by a Selby course setting puzzler? Cant wait to find out!

I'm Backing Horrocks-Free-Annetts but not with much confidence.

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