Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last night's outing at Blackman Park had over 200 horses on the nose bag, wrestling with course setter extraordinaire Ian 'The Diagnosis Is Not Good' Cameron's excellent event. Actually this is all supposition, because your correspondent (to his eternal shame) failed at the starting gate. No, he failed to even get to the gate! After a week in NZ, preparing the natives for the imminent invasion of last weeks SSS hero's Debbie and Andrew, the friggin plane was late. Aaaaah, a rare miss that has Porkus Pieface out of the running for the addicts prize (what, not heard of the addicts prize?? It's called the Summer Series Cup. A gold plated addition to any mantlepiece and much sort after).

Anyway, I gather it was a great night - as it normally is in this nice neck of the woods. I asked James 'I Love Art' Lithgow if Ian had located a pot on the road roller (top NE corner of the map - and a terrible time consuming flog when it's on), but apparently no, there was no cruel conning in the north east. Good stuff above and below I gather, with lots of runners putting up scores in the 400's. I'm not sure who did what, although I gather Warwick 'Tolstoy' Selby had the wood (and maybe Helen Mirren) on the other SVM's with a high four. We will just have to wait and see the results as they are posted.

So, sorry about the lack of commentary folks, the jet-setting Pork Pie will make amends with a Christmas rant after next weeks first half closer at Chowder Bay. Actually its starting at Mosman on top of the hill, before (and I'm guessing again here), Joel and Terry have us in an almighty plunge to the Bay and a nice little dinner at Ripples. There could also be the bungy effect, with having got to Chowder and downed a nice bit of 'chow', then having to bounce up hill again to the big points on the coast track to the Zoo. Mmmmmm, sounds like the brown lines might be a factor.

As with all our pre Christmas events, this is a great time to stay behind for a SSS celebration. Maybe shark and taty on Balmoral Beach with a cheeky chardy, maybe a nice roast at the Harlequin Pub - with a Coopers (I think the JS is off tap), maybe a picnic at the Oval with the Bennelong gang. Whatever it is, our last event before Santa is not to be missed. Pack you runners and pack your pressies, as we go for gold at this fantastic Summer Series location. With some of the best Sydney park, bush and harbour views on offer this year, it should be a cracker. It WILL be a cracker. Don't miss it!

Another small point before I slip into the dressing gown, the 20th Anniversary Quiz. Entries have flooded in, requiring the large judging team to block off the weekend to effect the analysis and final awarding of the prize. Expect an announcement next Wednesday as to who the lucky runner will be. It could be a surprise, it could be a power walker! Watch this space for a full list of answers following the enthronement of our SSS archival hero next week.


Fly on the Wall said...

Now that was one heck of a well-set course. What to make of it all? There were pots north of the creek, and all the way down south, and some in the middle of the map on the high ground, and plenty of others. It all looked way too hard, but the 1:7,500 scale soon tempted and allowed a bit of chest-puffing at the planning stage. But how to loop them to best advantage? After about an hour's planning I settled on a figure 8 loop of 8-24-26-7-18-28-11-20-16-4-15-9-19-3-13-14-23-30-25-21-5-2 for 440 points in exactly 45 minutes, arriving back right on the last beep. That measured 6.75km and 93m of climb, according to, and might just bag a 90% score. And as you can see that meant a run of 10 pots in a row without a 30-pointer - meagre returns for the hard work and possibly some kind of record.
#21 was tricky, down some stone steps that simply could not be marked on the map, and hanging off a tree to the right at eye level rather than sitting on top of the 3m cliff as described. Dave Noble dropped 40 points as a result of this (echoes of #21 at Artarmon) and it caused anxious moments for a few others as well. Apart from that all the pots were easy to spot, making for enjoyable running. This was indeed a cleverly set course and while for most people some pots were easily discounted in the initial reckoning, trying to maximise waht was left proved a great challenge. Be interested to hear which way others went and what they scored. I do know that OM champ Steve Ryan bagged 570 - I saw him out there and he was flying, though not as late as poor old Rosscoe.

Also Ran said...

My route was as follows: 19-9-24-26-7-18-28-11-17-6-20-16-4. At this point I had a brain fade - the plan had been to do an in and out to 15, but I forgot all about it and carried on 23-22-14-30-25-5 (not there) -21-13-3-F in around 45m40s for 450 points.

I thought it was an interesting course with a few choices to think about, although I must admit I didn't have to think too hard before deciding to leave out 12-29-10.

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