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A big night at Mosman Bay, with several runners going the bucket full - and one of our favourite mares putting up a zero! A classic result from the nags on the nibble at this scenic venue. Whilst not sure of exact numbers, exhausting the 250 maps printed by 6.20pm tells the story of another big one in this years Sydney Summer Series stakes. It looks like another twenty or so maps were recycled, giving a good indication of a record roll up or a 'close to'. A beautiful evening, a great location, a challenging course, and plenty of doggies chasing tennis balls, as owners felt a tinge of tummy guilt as competitors roared off in all directions in their midst. Amazing and vigorous scenes.

First glimpse at Michele 'Jim Morrison' Dawson's course revealed a Cremorne Point bias, and looked a doer - especially given the 1:7500 map scale. Included were two circles actually overlapping - probably a first for the SSS - and a good puzzle along the Point. Despite the course having 600 written all over first impressions, this proved not to be the case - with just four bag men on the night. The in-outs and differences in elevation (28/17), combined with the Point fun, denied us in the end - although for many (including the elderly Pork Pieface) this was their highest ever SSS scores. Five hundreds lined up like toy soldiers.

The Cremorne Point street grids are an area that is very difficult to navigate in tidy circular fashion, and Michele had exploited this perfectly. Checkpoint 21 spoilt the edge run, as did 11 and 12. Numero uno was thrown in for good measure to further complicate the plans of the ferris wheel runners. All good stuff that resulted in many takes on the best route. That is, the peninsular route after working out how to begin! It all looked so easy at first glance, until you looked closer at the pots close to the start. How to add #20? 16 and 23 looked a given, then the bridge, and maybe 9 in/out. Try for 10 and 20 later perhaps? A whirlpool start best exampled by Glenn's 16-23-10(!)-20-9-19. Many shook their heads at all this (I'll worry about all this later was the cry) and chuffed off south, and for many straight into trouble at the beguiling small building (#17). Ahhh!

The north west had lots on offer, with most running 13-29-15-18 on the way to 21. The casualty here was #14, although James 'Broad Guage' Lithgow made up for this common omission but clunking his bonce on a low tree here and revealing the claret well before dinner. I liked 21-22-12 (cunning, up on the elevated path)-24-4 and return on the eastern side, with #25 and it's magnificent outlook, only for the speedy. Scooting back via 26-5-6-27 etc was a blast - a bit like the Bakerloo Line with views.

So, a top night on the flog with big scores and runners (and walkers) everywhere. Lonely pot? I'd guess #1, although Grandad Ron popped by to give it some hope of an eventual bridal waltz. Thanks Ronald. And how did everyone else see the evening? Let's light the pipe and have a browse.

In the Juniors, the Pieman has to ask - are these kids really juniors? The scoring was sensational here. How about Matthew 'The Spokeshave' Hill with 580! And Aidan with 520. Jeeze, this is seriously good running, well backed up by Adam Halmy 'Friend The Witch Doctor' pulling 470 and young Dunk with 450. Just so you don't think this was an all bloke night, how about JW star Rachel Noble whacking down a cool 510 to be up there with the Open birdies. Sister Deb popped 470 and Em 'Tracy' Prudhoe 480, although the flash money were all fivers (Gill 'Sans' with 570, Lisa Grant flying in with 560 and Sue leaving one blank - again! - for 510). I noted Clare Murphy downing a classic Riesling for 400 and Rose 'To Her Feet' Todd enjoying 340 in the OW's, and similar funsters in the OM's. Andy 'The Ankle' was 600 in 43.20 to head Mark Schaefer's 570, Tommy Joss 'Stick' - smoking for 550, and Pete 'Dennis' Hopper interring 500. The 'Put Put' was seen with 490, Laurent Billot invoiced a mean 400 and Brendan 'Dry Red' Flanagon drained a cool 360 - possibly a bit much of it before the start!

In other age classes, the Masters powered on with great style. In addition to Glenn's winning 600 in 42, Richard did the same in 44.30 to claim from Tim 'Tam' (580), Pete Annetts and Richard Morris (570) and Kar-Soon a half head back with 530. Dmitry 'The Divebomber' Stukov put on 470 to shade Mac (460) and many others in this competitive class. Jussi 'The Pearlfishers' Vero sang beautifully for 230, and promises more. Annette 'The Trilogy' Larsson was of similar mind with 280. Other MW's noted were 'The Bedroom Curtin' with 490 - a tenner annoyingly behind 'The Log Cabin' and 'The Apartment Development' (both 500's). Linda Sesta and 'I'm' Sellin 'You Buyin?' both held hands with 400 to complete the tidyness we see her.

In the Vets, the Burt ran six to take up the slack from Larry (520), Malcolm (550) and Tony Hill (510 in a rare but welcome appearance on the Bent). Dan caught the 4.60pm from Redfern, leaving Keith 'The Dunny' Povah (400) and Bob Morgan (370) waiting for the next service. In the veteran ladies, Karin impressed with 440, shading Robin Cameron's 400 and Airdrie's 390. Lisa was checked out wide with 350, whilst Karen Kool 'Mint' had the lolly jar handy for a modest but enjoyable 220. Sue Froude was also noted on the board with a tidy 250. Not sure about Wendy, probably another blinder, although I think she had a spot of bother with a couple. Score pending!

The Supers were up to their usual tricks, with the Flickster taking the points with a strong 530 - and the sash from Doctor Waz's 520. Gordy and Rosscoe shared 1,000 between them to shade Ian 'Of Cameroon' and Paul 'The Mauler' Prudhoe's 480's. Ian Miller had a good night with a strong run for 400, well clear of usual rivals Dave Bowerman (380), Davy Dash and Teddy Woodley in their drainpipes with 370, and The Duke (310). 'Gatwick Airport' was very quiet with 270 and must have been distracted - probably by Connie 'The Beacon' McNamee, back with us at last and flaming the course with an initial 180. Carol looks like she took this one, posting 380, to claim from Dale and Dr Judy (350's), and Jai 'I Do' with 340. Nice to see Thommo working up the board at last.

In the Legends, we have already mentioned Ronny was off after a dud oyster, surrendering, it appears, to a top run (at last!) from Teddy Mulherin. Ted's 460 had clear air from Heiko (440) and a strong finish from Malcolm (410?). Kenny Jacobson was also a 410 pony, and had plenty in hand from Tim Cox (370) and Dave Stitt (360). Bryony kept the family in the dough however, carding 350 to hold the ton over Sue Thomson's 320. Sue will probably be happy with this smaller than usual differential, her score being well clear of Janet 'Of Watsons Bay' (350) and the mysterious score from Angela alluded to in tonight's report title - a perfect zero!!??

The Power Walkers were out in force, including Gail 'The Banana Boat Song' Barr - out for her second event and putting up 210. Holding her hand against Julie 'Speedo' Cossell (100), but being well zapped by Kathryn Cox (280). Ruth jacked up the 120Y but hopes for a new car soon. Mel Cox was clean bowled by Jim Merchant - 370 to 400, with young Chris 'Py Bacon' Brown also doing it in four four time. Some very strong scoring from these walking dudes, beating many of the runners as you can see.

Looks like lots of groups out on the paddock last night, including Luke, Matt and Dave posting a friendly 190, and Bruce & Robyn Gold going for the same, but 'only' getting half way at 300. Oh well, there is always next week. Also noted are the Spath girls, Tania and Michelle, both holding 60 pages of poetry reading, and hoping for royal appointment.

A top night. Many other excellent scores, with the Garingal magnetic boards struggling to cope. Whooppeee dooopee do! Next week should be a cracker on a brand new map at Balmain/Birchgrove. Matt Peters is in charge and will put on a feast of the senses. Parking might be at a premium, so vote early and vote often - or something like that! Unfortunately, Pork will be away and will miss the event. A huge miss for the old goat, but grandad duty calls. I look forward to reports by other on the blog. Enjoy!!

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Fly on the Wall said...

So nice to find a course that looks tough but turns out to be rather generous, and an equal PB of 500 points ensued - but it could have been even better as I was back 4 and a half mins early! Went 16-23-9-19-30-8 (shd have gone 2-13)-29-15-18-21-22-12-24-4-11-26-5-6-27-28-17-7-20-10. If I had realised I was so far ahead of schedule I would have grabbed 25 as well on a flat in-out, so really 550 was up for grabs error-free. #5 was a bit mean, I was lucky there were a few people around it when I arrived, otherwise it was tough. I heard that Peter Hopper did the slide from 23 downhill and around to 20 then up again via 10-19. Might give Birchgrove a miss next week as the forecast is for 34 degrees in the city. That's too hot for me.

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