Thursday, January 6, 2011


With a record 256 entries, and around 286 ponies on the paddock (after including all within the Group category), Davy Gatwood and the Big Foot crew put up a monster last night to claim the SSS attendance crown. With the Aussie bowlers toiling at the Gee, it was welcome relief to flick them, get out the joggers and play a little contour tango at this favourite location - this time with the Kooyong start. This was the second outing with the e-stick scoring, with results being almost instantly available. So quick has this rendered event reporting, that Porkus Delectacus cannot now forget who won - it's all up on the website before he has fired up the 2B!

Anyway, let's have a looksee at what young David gave us. First up, no Linley Point. This was the focus two years ago, so nice to be different here. The Tannery looked valuable, as did an intriguing collection of pots south of Iggies. There was a wide run for the guns to the east and a tempting one and a half K flog to the north west (11,22,1) - and also the puzzle of 21 or 15. This latter pearler was just annoying enough for the loopsters to pause and scratch, with 21,12,5 perhaps working harder than 15,5 alone.

Most runners seemed to obey the clock taking off to the north and the dim search for the dunny pipes. The bush would have been getting very dark here for the later starters, so nice to have controls on distinct features here. The other exit point seemed straight up to 15, with the 'puff-o-meter' engaged very early in the piece. Generally, there were fairly simple loops on offer that didn't require too much agonising - 19,14,10,30 20 was a nice connector to a bit of Iggies and a bit of Tannery. If you had the steam, the eastern loop vis 25,26,16 was rewarding, although the track running would have been slower. A start to 21,12 and then sweeping Iggies (nice rotunda!) before the haul uphill to 10,14 worked for correspondent 'X' - who rather amazingly ran straight past #28 !! - a classic parallel error with #7 and 28 both being beside small buildings - easy then to make the transposition. There was always the Longueville to make up for it afterwards.

So overall, a very nice evening out on the dance floor - nothing too controversial, very little in-out work, good control sites, and with only a couple of tenners chasing the lonely pot. My nod would be for #6 over #9 in the LP stakes. Yep, I think the six pack would have been it, and in for a very lonely night.

Looks like David got the spread almost perfect, with 580 being the top scores, and 500 scoring in many categories - including the amazing 550 and 540 from juniors Marcus and Erik (both Vikings from Sweden no doubt, and enjoying a bit of Sydney fun as a warm down from the Five Days). At the other end of the scale Gavin 'Lefty' Wright and the Thomas's graced the board with perfect zero's to shade John & Jeremy Rotenstein's ten points in the group category. Most competitors seemed to get amongst the runs this week, with very few modest scores - even the walkers were well into the two's and three's, with WM's Jimmy Merchant and Chris 'The Rainbow' Brown working the seniors card hard for 330 apiece.

In the Open Men, it was good to see Andy Hill 'Not Ill' back on the track and doing battle with Steve Ryan. 580 each by a nose to Adrian 'The Ball' White (570), Dave 'The Hedge' (560), 'The Inkbottle' (550), Mark Schaefer (540) and 'The Hatstand (530). It was only then that a few other nags bunched on the rails, with several 520's and 510's. All in all, fifteen Open's kicked the bucket with a five - not bad eh! Gill and Lisa (540/530) did likewise in the OW's to lead the field of 34 fillies. Carolyn Haupt just missed with 490, but still pipped great runs from Sue Davis and Tracy (480's) and rising star Claire 'The Chocolates' Winnick (460). Deb Noble, back from a year overseas, put up 410, and will need to try new tyres to return to prior form. Catherine Murphy also had a quiet night, going down to sister Claire by a ten (370/380). Often it's the other way round.

The Masters had a ball with eight holding five's. Greenbottle led the charge with 580 (equal top score with our two OM's), to just pip Tim 'Tam' Rogers nibbling the biscuit for 560. In turn we see Peter Annetts working a loose rein with 550, Richard Morris going the whip for 540 to shade David Bray's well composed and executed 530. Graeme, Timbo and 'The Fallowfield' all were five's, with 'The Stanley Steamer' holding ten over 'Dicko' and 'The Pepperpot' (470/460). Mary Fien just missed a five, with her winning run of 490 enough to post a hundred over Alison 'The Peeping Tom' Curtin's 470. Rachel ran a 420, Margaret 'The Grocer' Jones put on 380, with the balance of the field doing mostly low three's. In the Vets, Mal Bradley had 20 points over another Swedish visitor, Per Magnusson, to win this one (530,510), with Chris Cunningham '& Bacon' the best of the rest with 470. Pete Hibberd was quiet with 300, whereas Red Danfern looked good with a strong 430. Webmaster David 'Yes' Noble had a late run, but a strong one, with 450 going up on the board - shading our man from the Hair Curler by ten.

Once again, Wendy Stevenson ran the VW's off their feet, with a staggering 550 points, well clear of Paula's impressive 510, and a world away from Karin Hefftner's 410. With Julia 'King' Prudhoe on the board at 280 in this same category, the field here is stretched indeed. Airdrie put on 340 to go mid field, and ten over 'The lampost' - back from Perth and raring to run! The Super's had a tie, with Gordy and Wazza posting 480's. Chris Wilson 'Parking' carded 440, Neil posted 420 and Terry Bluett, fresh from the Five, put up a nice 420. Methinks the Tezza is coming good! Michael 'The Royal Family' managed a tidy 400 on the bike, and Steve Flick put on 260 with the pram - Liam giving the orders! Most of the other SV's got away from Judge Murphy, who was uncharacteristically quiet with 230. Might have been an injury. Also good to see Selwyn Roper back after injury (bushwalking!) and posting a quiet 260. Slowly, slowly Selwyn - it will heal.

The SVW's worked hard, with Jai claiming the ton with her 400. Carol J gets 93 points for her 370, with Helen 'Ruler' Murphy a 73 with her 290. Cheryl, bless her, enjoyed the grandchildren - and the event, for a tidy ten. In the elderly horses, Ron once again won the money with 430 over Chippy and Heiko's tidy 400 apiece. Ken's 380 was too good for Mal's 360, in turn claiming from Tim Cox with a 350. Tim is saving something for Sunday's bash at Norah Head no doubt, where he will once again be up against Bryony (last night winning with 330) and the mad aries will to win. Twenty points Timbo, I've a feeling BC is not going to let you forget this one.

In the war to end all wars, Michele held a tenner over Rachael Noble in the JW's - 450 to 440. Both fantastic runs from these two stars. Young Bethany Halmy suprised with 420 to be the best of the rest. In the Walking stakes, we have already mentioned the blokes out front, but note Ted 'The Tearaway' Mulherin walked last night (for 260), presumably still something not right with the fetlock. The Members are all hoping Teddy will be back amongst the LM action soon - and giving 'The Christmas Tree' something to think about. Jo Sinclair and very small baby walked to fame and fortune in the WW class to share 230 points with Alison Pearce, and deny Kathryn Cox (210) another hundred. Also good to see Barb 'The Eyes Have It' Junghans amongst us and walking for 150 tidy points. Twenty six groups complete the picture, but none with funny names. You know what you have to do to get on the Porkie blog folks - be weird, very weird!

So, that's just about a wrap. A top night and a record attendance. This is our first time over 250 actual entries, something to celebrate. Come to think of it, we did! Yes, the apres O dinner was notable for the clinking of Resch's glasses in salute of another chapter in the race of the century.

Next week we go to the eastern suburbs, and Parsley Bay Reserve. This should be a fantastic event, bringing back early summer series memories when we ran her on the old 'Gap' map. This is a complete redo, and I'm sure it will be a ripper. Janet 'Phone Home' Morris is our course setter extraordinaire and the WHO crew will be there to collect the coin. What a combination! Please note previous advice about parking being very limited, and to use adjacent streets.

Finally, please rest assured that the entry price for this season's Sydney Summer Series will remain at $10/8 for the full series that ends on March 30. We are encouraging competitors to join orienteering clubs to support our sport, and will have a two tier fee system for the 2011/2012 series, and for minor orienteering events in Sydney in 2011. We will try to get a membership form onto the SSS website to facilitate things soon.


Fly on the Wall said...

Pretty much as Ross said for me: do the internal loop and leave out the E and W fringes. Wasn't sure I had time to finish via 5-12-21-15 so did 5-15-21 and back home which was a long way for the bare extra 30. Finished in 43m 12s for 440 points so had enough time to get 12 as well which would have been 460 and 87%, and only 150m further. Bummer. Also had a minor parallax error tremor after visiting 23, as I thought for a brief moment I might have been at 18 (both sewer vents). Also took the wrong track out of 18 (went NW instead of NE) so lost 20 seconds there. And what a climb it was going 13-24-4 ! Overall a very generous course but with enough climb to make it a tough workout.

The Outsider said...

Here is the Run tracker view Should have missed out 9 and done 2 after 27. Finished in 44:23, just forgot to stop the stopwatch.

undy said...

RouteGadget is available for this event here. Everyone's course is in there, you can draw on your route or just see which way other people went.

You can also pick out a few runners and "animate" them to see them run head-to-head.

To draw on your route
Check the "Draw your route" box.
Choose the course - "Score".
Pick out your name from the next drop-down box.
Using the mouse, click your way around the course and your route is drawn on.
When you have finished, click on the "Save Route" button.

To show animation
Click on the "View Animation" button. After a few seconds you will see a list of all the competitors. Click on those you want to animate - 4 or 5 is a good maximum number.
Check the "names on" box
Clear the Routes on/off box
Clear the Courses on/off box
Click the start button (if you can't see the start button, click on "View Animation" again)

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