Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Chief boatman Jimmy Merchant put up a cracker at Croydon Park tonight. Not only did we enjoy a new map and new area, the Garingal baritone composed an operatic aria in 1:10,000 time, at A4 scale, that had the guns surrendering to low/mid five hundred scores - defeated by the sheer cunning of the M65 champ. James always likes to tickle up a course in the 'over time' category, and tonight was no exception, with a couple of pots almost 'off stage' - and only to be bagged between scene changes when no-one was looking. A classic Merchant 'Marine' outing, with fast running, great grassy parks and canal tracks - and several elderly knees in need of a quick post race Reschs rub down to restore equilibrium.

On arrival at Flockhart Park, the GO forces were well deployed, with Sue Chippy and John Le Chippy ready to take the dosh and send you on your way. While Ronny whistled up the dunny man, Jim settled in at the finish table for the returnee tales. Much like a day in the trench's. First glimpse on the landscape offering revealed a wide spread, a very wide spread. With the start in the centre, and a good group of thirty's in the middle, thoughts turned to which direction to begin. Many hived off to #16 and then turned left for an easterly flog. 16,17,18 and then the twin 30's (26/28) proved very tempting to these runners. Going west also had fans with equal numbers doing 16-6 or 15-6. The outliers that Jim had carefully planned were 5, 1, 14 and 19 - sixty points that came with a big price tag. If working a westerly loop, #1 didn't compute, nor did the inner twenty pointer #14 when you linked 2,22,13,to 4 and 24. Five was probably not on anyones menu, and will be declared the Lonely Pot, as I think several runners did make it to #19 (young Selby for instance).

The area was a complete contrast to last weeks hill climb at Clontarf, and suited the track runners with its sheer speed. Major road crossings were busy (Greg 'The' Barbour could have had time for a crew cut while waiting at one set of lights), but not overly a problem, and of course, the grassy parks and bike tracks were a pleasure to float over (Pork Pie must have run too far, as he is still away with the fairies!). As predicted by your weekly correspondent, the course had a ripple on the pond effect, with just one more pot a bit further away, tempting many from their out and back plans. Get to 8, had to go to 28, get to 12, might as well extend to #11. Good stuff, where planning discipline was rewarded, and the area had good cut off crossings to use when Big Ben started chiming.

Of great interest tonight was Michael 'Dr Who' Burton going down by ten to Greg 'Waiting For The Green' Barbour (520/510), and spoiling Mike's hundred home runs. He will probably still take the candy, but at least we have a contest. Michael weaved an interesting course - here described for those showered and watered runners, easing back in the recliner with a pipe and a sweet sherry. The Doc left off Jimmy's four pack, going 16,17 then crossing to 27,9,20,30,10,29,28,8,18,26,15,23 the western loop minus 1 and 14, and home via 25 and 6. Lots of river crossings in a skein of wool type of run from our 'Man on the Ground in Coogee'.

Because 'The Man's Drink' is off early in the morning to the Shakies, PP has not done his usual call of the card, in recording the scoring. A few postings did engage the bloodshot none the less, with Steve 'Peron' Ryan leading early with a tasty 550 after being a couple over. A great run, although King Dicky and 'The Hillsong Church' were noted in the mounting yard - and may have outpointed 'The Stevedore'. Another few wont go astray. Eoin popped in a 460, 'Billy' Joel recorded 470, and Lisa was granted 450 acres. Great runs all. The 'Pluviometer' made 440 by going slowly, again leaving his mates behind him despite the 'tapering'. Aidan probably took home the JM with 410, and sister Michele might have done the same in JW with a well composed 380. Not sure if this was enough to beat Adolf Sax, but we will see. Ted Mulherin put up a nice 350 in the legends, although Ron and his left shoulder and Chippy had late runs and may have run 'Education with a T' to a placing.

Sorry to be so brief this post, but bags need to be packed, and a list of things that wont fit in compiled. The return flight gets into Mascot at 5pm (you guessed it) next Wednesday, so hopefully I'll be at the 'Lampost' Special just in time. Speaking of which - please note that this will be another sportident e-stick scoring event, so bring yours, or note the $2 hiring charge. Lisa has asked me to point out that the assembly area is in the park opposite the school gates in Gladesville Street, not in the school grounds itself.

And as I usually do, I'll give this one a big rave. The narrow streets in this part of Hunters Hill have a good sprinkling of yummy sandstone houses, giving way to the idyllic Tarban Creek tracks and bay park. Round 24 then, is one of our goodies, and always a great location for a bit of Summer Series action. Be there to experience something exciting, something different, and something to get the tongues wagging at the post race dinner at the Hunters Hill Hotel (on the map!). Don't miss it.

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