Thursday, December 29, 2011


On a fine and warm afternoon at Chatswood Athletic Field, a 'massive' field enjoyed a great outing along the banks of the Lane Cove River and points adjacent, courtesy course setter emeritus Carol Jacobson and her Garingal students. Included in a big field still working off the Christamas pudding, were international stars (and prior SSS regulars) Andrew 'Matisse' Lumsden and Debbie 'The Customers Friend' Byers, over from Wellington and making a rare guest appearance. The lure of Sydney sandstone, bush tracks and a bit of car dodgem material while in full puff-o-meter flog, had no doubt become just too much to bear over in the shakey's - hence the sudden surrender to old habits. Welcome back A/D, however briefly.

Also reported at this well set event, was Veteran stallion, Michael 'The Moon & The Stars' Burton, enjoying a bit of off-course action and blood letting to show for his troubles. Michael's reported 550 points looks like it was well earned, with the (again reported) obscure bush tracks in some parts of the map meaning a bit of lower leg and vegetation canoodling had taken place. The shins in question are now resting in the capable arms of nurse Connie.

Without any results to speak of, I'm not sure of numbers or placings, although Mark Schaefer and 'The Banana' are both reported to have fully swept the carpet sub 45. 'The Pencil Sharpener' in 40 minutes apparently. Things will become apparent soon enough.

On the course setting front, all looked interesting, very interesting - with a good and regular scatter across this area of West Chatswood. I'm not suprised to see the toppies go under. The triangle apex start area meant very definite out and home routes needed to be grasped early (the dash or the puff) - with good pickings along the river (21/22), some looping needed for the higher babies (13/14/15) and a decent group along the southern creek that needed attention (18/29/28/17). Linking all this was the Mowbray glue, and the way you joined the dots here in the up and over, was the clue to a good score. One would usually try for just two crossings of this normally busy road, so it is interesting to note the meandering intentions of one of the Series' favourite sons - in making six crossings!! A good 400 odd score is noted for this competitor, despite his attraction to things tarmac.

Without being there it is hard to get a feel of the lonely pots, although #2 might fit the bill. 25 was well to the east, but probably worked in the grand circle routes of the Flash Harry's, and would have seen a bit of 2B scratching. Number 6 or 5 might have also sat out the dancing as they seem out of loop to some extent.

As with last weeks fun at Chowder, this looks another quality event that I'm ruing I missed. All is not lost on the Porkster however, with the O wagon from The Parkville Piggery heading back to Sydney in time for event 14 and the start of our second half. This sees the action returning to Carlingford and the Hunts Creek map. Chief Big Foot in charge is Michael Roylance who will no doubt have given this nice creek with suburbs attached a good going over. Plenty of grassy running, and nice bush track material with the waterfall an undoubted feature. Competitor numbers have been building nicely, so lets give 'The Queen Mother' a good roll up (and a friendly gin & tonic) as we head into 2012 all guns blazing. Don't miss it.

I should also mention the beginning of The Sydney Sprint Series next Monday at Manly Dam. This series is also on the build and is great fun in the fast and furious cunning running stakes. Sprint Series on Monday's, Summer Series on Wednesday's - what a way to ease into the new year. And that's not too forget the new Western Sydney Summer Series, also beginning soon on Sunday mornings. Lots on folks, yes sireee.

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