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Ian 'The Sauce Bottle' Jessup looks to have crafted one of the best outings in the Summer Series so far with an excellent and even spread along the sands and suburban sunbake of Queenscliff, Freshie and Curl Curl last Wednesday - Boxing Day, and our first adventure out of doors when the rest of the country is on the bean bag watching Dennis Lillee (errr, no), Pup going at it with a straight drive.

Correspondent Pork Pie was absent in bleak city (yes, on the BB), so I'm working from feedback from the SSS spy network - BUT, I think a few small twirls of the 2B might be in order.

Firstly, a very good roll up considering the day, and the many fans that might have headed off to the Christmas 5 Days orienteering in Victoria. With 148 entries, and another 15 or so in Group Think mode, we get a very tidy 160-165 ponies nervously eyeing their trainers to see if it's a full submersion in the salty stuff, or just a sniff. Apparently there also was a wind factor, although one can't imagine this would be anything like what might happen to the World Cup O crowd in Wellington shortly - battling the Southerly as they run 'Mr Speaker'!

We seem to have had depth in most fields, although no JM's, and only Bryony being Legendary. Nevertheless, some good contests/results are apparent, with Glenn a full bladder in 43.30 looking like our only stallion on 600 points. Steve Ryan fell ten short in OM, 'Green King Ale' a further ten in MM, with Vets 'Handy' Andy Simpson and Tim 'Bob' Rogers sharing 540's to pip 'The Paddlepop Stick' by 10. Malcolm might have been on dry tyres and got too close to the wet at #29. Lisa Grant was our only woman 500 pointer, working up her pace for another attack on the winning jersey at Sprint The Bays.

Good to see Mike Halmy's children on the burst, with Adam flying in the Subs with a sensational 540, and Bethany only missing the gold coin by ten in JW (390/400 to Sweden's Annie Forsberg - on her way to the World Cup no doubt). Paula pulled on the right stockings for a 420 kill in VW, Karin well clear in SVW, Martin 'The' Slade 'School Of Art' worked the pigments a tough too roughly in SVM, just missing a spot in the corner of the canvass to go 440 to 'The Hawk's' 450 in SVM. Heiko looks to have returned to winning form in the Immortals (Sue also), with Jimmy holding ten over 'The Cheese' in the WaM - and winning like his grand daughter Blyss did in the SJW's. Michelle and Wendy called a truce in WaW, both carding 300's and then retiring for a Pimms at Harboard Diggers.

According to 'Mr Statts'. 90% of runners began via #6 or #7. Not suprising really, but how about the competitor who began with control #5! You can almost hear Will Anderson saying...."The Sydney Summer Series, the perfect way to stand out from the crowd". A cracker.

Runners have reported on the 'sucked in' nature of the setting, with 'The Bottle' egging you on (mmm, something about ketchup on the eggs here - if only I can find it), especially to the north, with points seemingly within reach. Just another one, just another bagger. The rich pickings across the northern arc are just perfect in this regard - with an outer loop almost on the level working, but the nice higher earners (16,28,8,30,14) needing a touch of the puff-o-meter, and demanding a sort of sea gull like swooping and diving approach. Perfect for this beach setting!

The south looks a cruel claim, with Ian putting 100 points over at the Queen - and another 30 on top. A very tough ask here I would have thought - especially if it was hot (PP not sure of the weather). Still, a nice loop (24,12,1,21,11,2,22,3,23) that popped 190 chips into yesterdays Herald. Add the salt at #25 along Freshwater Beach, and you were on a winner. I see lots of good looping, a feature of Ian's setting, with hardly a lonely beep station. Maybe #8??

Anyway, I'm looking on rather enviously at what must have been a top event. As you would expect from the Mayor of Manly. So, well done Jesso, and the GO crew. And cheers to all who braved the urgings of country aunties - and went for a run instead of taking another slice of Madeira. The 'Rusted On' Award to each and every one.

Now, next Wednesday sees Dave Stitt in charge at the excellent Incinerator in Willoughby. This Burley Griffin marvel provides an architectural anchor to a very enjoyable area for Summer Series funsters to have one more flog of the fetlocks before boarding QF47 and the dash to the Oceania Challenge/World Cup Orienteering Carnival in New Zealand. Dave enjoys a wide scatter and will no doubt go east for a touch of bush track, west for a bit of wrist spin, south to count cars on the overpass footbridge - and a even might get us a discount at the Bang & Olufsen store. Plenty of parking and a great childrens play area add to the flavour as we bang it on for the second half - and experience the deep thinking of the long standing Garingal Secretary. Join us!

Finally. Because of impending absence in NZ, 'Party Pie Face' will blog briefly next week with a paragraph or so that can be used as a catalyst for race reports of events at Killara and Putney, and also 'The Incinerator' (I won't have time, although I'll be there). Until then sports fans, back to the Baenie with a Reschs in hand.  

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the unknown runner said...

I think the"Sauce Bottle" set a very good course. There was everything- good route choice, hills & sand running (although in my case sand walking).Was it better to go 27-16-28-20 or do 28 from the bottom 18-9-28-26. Excellent running close to the beach.

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