Wednesday, March 27, 2013


All of a sudden, we are at the end of season 22 - and in for a steamy finale at Mars Creek (aka Macquarie Uni). And what a season it has been. With around 5,300 actual entries from nearly 800 wallets with legs, we are down a touch on actual individual numbers this season (mainly in the Open classes), but up in participation - with the old nags in particular fronting like there is no tomorrow. Not bad, not bad at all, muses Pork Pie (sipping a tasty Pimms and dabbing his beaded brow with a large white and suitable monogrammed 'kerchief).

Because of his absence last week in leafy Toowoomba, PP missed Marina's apparently excellent flog at Parriwi. Scores looked nice high ones, rather like the siting of controls #25, 22 and 12 - a course with points and views to boot. With the sensible decision to remain east of Spit Road, the Bennelong Queen engineered a cracker that reprised some upsey Balmoral work of prior seasons - and even a bit of 'The Blue Engine's' recent master work from December 19. South looked the go, with air show like loops and weaves needed to secure the lollies. The lighthouse got a workout I see, and the Parriwi peninsular cliff fortress again failed to tempt - at least from where I'm sitting. Still, great scoring looked on for those that like elevation, and the subsequent 'elation' that comes from the hilltop 'about turn' in the pike position.

Tonight we have John 'The Lamb Shank' Brayan and Garingal crew working the Mac Uni Sports Complex again, and will no doubt cower in awe of the full coloured A4 sheet. I'm expecting JB to give us a final flog that will send us mad with 'If only's'. It will also give the 21 placegettings still to be decided, a proper final poser. Particularly, watch the Open and Masters Men contests that hang on tonight's run for the winners! Classic stuff from the series that stops the nation.

Also tonight, we have the NSW minister of Sport & Recreation, Graham Annesley, with us to present the Sydney Summer Series Cup. A first for the SSS, and big thanks to Barbara Hill for chasing this. We hope everyone can hang about as we celebrate the winners and bend the ear of the minister.

Because the Easter Orienteering carnival looms this coming Friday, many/most of us are hitting the highway early Thursday on the dash to Bendigo - and some classic old gold working cunning running. A consequence of this very early Easter, is Porkie once again going AWOL. If the man in the ugh boots gets a chance, a wrap of another excellent season (and the final) will appear in this very spot. It might take a few Carlton's to get him going however. In the meantime, thanks to all for being part of the action and enjoyment of Australia's premier navigation-on-the-run series. We will be back!

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