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With a map resembling a lopsided cauliflower, or the generosity of a Kiwi ice cream, runners and readers are invited into the world of lick and chew - as Pork Pie lifts the cone on Sydney Summer Series event #9, 'The M2 Tunnel'.

Firstly, our theme.

Whilst the map does indeed look like one of Ron's cauli's, your vegetarian correspondent was stood 'bolt upright' by one of the many SSS contributing editors who remarked after his run - 'you can go to your right, you can go to your left…'. PP immediately continued with, 'and do the hokey pokey', and suddenly an ice cream image formed - and he reached for the note book and the trusty 2B. Course setter Carol (of In Zid) and her Epping offering all now aligning as we grip the map (much as we grip the cone and its two scoops of Tip Top "It's Creamier"), and grip our dibbers, and enjoy another cracking evening on the lick in the Summer Series.

Six years since we started here, another beautiful evening, another impressive roll up, the guns going 'under' again. Somethings going on Sydney, somethings going ON!!

Plonking down the tenner one received an A4 rainbow treat with vanilla accompaniment. One noted various 'sides' (including one unusual 'inside'), some 'tops', 'ends', 'signs', and a 'pillar' on the vanilla. There was even a 'cricket screen' to excite 'The Sauce Bottle' and other fans of the crease and groin. The frozen ice A4 looked to be 'Bounty' in general tone, with some peppermint edging (for James), a scatter of Mango, but without the expected chocolate dip topping in the north. The raspberry numbering added colour and flavour intensity, especially to the mid zone. Stomachs began to rumble as thoughts of post race burgers and chips were replaced with a child like supplication to the twin saints of the sweet tooth - St Peters and St Streets.

Many liked what they saw. Murmurings of 'all stations' were heard. A scoop to the east looked a mandatory start, with many (most) runners liking the 220 tightly packed points from 11 to 23 they could bag almost before any drips were noted on the sleeve of the Sunday best. And across the oval in droves went the droves. A very popular route choice, for those thinking they would get the bush and the climbing over early. By contrast, our 'single scoop' runners liked the opportunity to avoid any serious climbing, and exited the oval to the north and a 28,8,18,northern point bagging before returning with mild puff and thoughts of a second helping via 24,4,15,20 (or 21,11). The other northern beginners were on very different diets, needing the double cone multi flavoured 'whammmo' pre race taster, before engaging the peppermint flag and looping 28(in-out),20,21,Terrys Creek, the central lick, the north and a westerly return from 8(Larry),29,Devlins,30,2,11 and home for a 600 point bag. A beautiful construction, classic linkages, with the sweep and swerve like flow you get from Mr Whippy.

When comparing routes and scores, it appears the only variations noted after the eastern dip and rise were in the lower 'melon' areas (4,15,5,24) and in doing or not doing the stretch north of the 'mango' scoops to 6-26. This latter forty point bag was definitely worth it, and regretted by several early returnees who should have known better. The better middle seemed to be running 3,4,24 on the outward, and slurping up 5 and 15 on the way back. Dan 'OH&S' Redfern was one-such here, although he reports a certain melting on the climb back from 15 to 28. The Pie Thrower preferred the in-out to 20 on the home run instead of Dan's (chocolate) dip, as it was flat.

Most controls were exceptionally well mounted (big thanks Carol) with the only niggles coming from opposite map extremes - difficulties with #30 for some in the west (in a tunnel I gather), and the addition of tapes in the east (perhaps rendering the tricky navigation to/on the small track overly simple). 'The Cosmos' also reported discombobulation at #29, reporting difficult to chew chocolate chip 'stone piles' in a variety of locations - thereabouts. He was running north here, as opposed to the 'perfect' looping from 'The Last Man' noted above, and would not have seen the flag as clearly as the descending runners did. Your trackside tipster has to hand it to Michael though…running up from #29! Whoa, that's a toughie to be sure.

With a winning time of under 40 minutes, one can think it was a touch underdone, with many missing that anticipated extra scoop of 'pistachio' north of Wood Street Oval that Carol had originally ordered and then cancelled - or maybe, the whale flavoured gelato with Devlin waffle offering. Despite this, runners did get a full fridge of summer delights, and fewer penalty reductions than is often the case with this tasty gastronomic sport. It was another event to lick and savour - as perhaps we will do a bit more of. Let's look more closely as runners unwrap their Icy Poles, Splices and Magnums (and Paddle Pops for the older folk) at the download station, and see how their stats shine forth.

So we know we have an under, and it turns out to be our regular 'all stops' runner Glenn Horrocks, with a sensational 600 gram strawberry confection wolfed down in 39.56. Glenn was one of three MM's and two OM's to go the full monty, his companions (Richard, Steve, Patrik and Andy) all working home in the low forty's - 'The Last Rope Tickle' in 40.48 the best of them. There followed a procession of 590,580,570,560's lining up with their spare change -  but no 550's - apart from Pete Annetts carding the double fives but copping forty and developing an ice cream headache for his trouble. Included in the high fives, was first OW home - Gill Fowler with a very creamy 580 gram Tiramisu cone. Sensational running from 'The Typeface' and 50/70 clear of Claire and Lisa respectively, with Marina continuing this impressive class with a 480 post, and an almond topping reward.

'The Growth Spurt' continues his excellent form in the Subs with 480, this time only a blue banjo clear of a great run from Alastair George. Prelim results are not showing up too many other youngsters on the tongue twirl, although Karla looks good with 410 (JW), but Kaj seems to have gone fifty behind an impressive 450 from Ruariridh MacDonald in the JM's. Kar-soon ran in a fine 570 in MM, with Antoniya an equally well compiled 500 triple scoop (including hundreds and thousands) in MW - AB's score being a winning one of course. Of interest in MW, is the second place tie by Cath Chalmers and Jennifer Newton - both eating into 440's with Zerol Scoops (the original and the best).

The Vets don't tend to admit newcomers to the milk bar queue, and so it appears last night with strong fives and fours from the well known suspects. Excellent running of course, and frozen Tim 'Tam' only thirty adrift of Michael. Getting closer, getting closer! In VW I see Tania Kennedy leading with a tidy 380 - and Megan 'The Pecan' not far behind. Good running ladies.

The Supers are also well rehearsed, with Mel once again taking lolly with a great 500 - and this after working up past #14 eyes glued to the path, and having to descend again to beep. 'The Lassoo' is also showing a clean heel with a 480 coffee blend in a waffle cone to stay clear of Wazza's 460. Neil once again puzzles with a 340 post after going over the hour and having to share his $510.00 triple choc dip tub with Mr Download. A hungry bugger that Mr D. Great to see Sue Clark with us for a second week in SVW, sharing 370's with The Debster, but having to cop 'The Garage' going seventy flavours better.

Teddy takes a close LM, and Heiko finally gets into form with a strong 'rum & raisin' root toot toot in the Immortals - thirty clear of Bruce with 360 points. I think Sue has the IW 'cone or cup' despite sticking with the plain vanilla Tip Top. The walkers looked to the more modest ices on the poster, and fronted the sweets counter bearing 280 (Alain) and 240 (Lesley/Kathryn) cent coins for their respective confections choices. Jimmy was missing, with Bliss duties - and lets go a certain 100 with 'WS' seemingly running most weeks now (no corp cup??). Sir Pumpkin (IM) was another missing his after dinner desert, and would have felt the loss keenly. Ron likes to work the full menu, from soup to sweet, and is often seen within the four walls of a take home Neapolitan pack as the other amigo's affect a 'don't care' doze.

Some other stats?

Good to see Tommy Joss back on the flog (OM and a 600 in 45.36!), Ishka Bless (SJM) blessing us all with a great 330 (first up SSS run??), the tennis team of Dukic, Jovicevic & Jovicecic in matching tunics, and Grandpa Stitt managing to keep Henry well clear of the corner store temptations with their fifty minute 220. There doesn't appear to be any .01's this week, although we have a couple of close calls - none better than SVM Rod Parkin's 44.59 440 point post, although Nick 'Duke Of' Eales, Bob 'The Organ' Morgan and 'The Prawn' would have been pleased they were quick on the lick with 44.57 final pings.

Our most common order was the 300 flavours vac sealed pack - attracting thirteen runners (including last weeks first couple - with Helen leading the Judge home by 44 seconds). Twelve liked 410, but nobody like 520. Funny that. In a welcome back (from Peru) moment, we see Ian McKenzie with us once again, walking to all shops and stops on the map in 91.36 to record an initial 130. We'll call it in the melon/lemon range at present, and hope to see a more 'forest fruits' endeavour as the legs reacquaint to Sydney conditions. In contrast to Ian, our shortest outing was from Brian Cleland, who chewed through 300 pints in 37.06 and then promptly sat down. One does need a rest and a nice cuppa after too much ice cream I grant you.

I gather that several of the group entries were Epping Scouts, several quickly getting the hang of things and recording good scores. Welcome one and all. Many others have developed a certain flair for the summer series, and would have gone home happy bunnies. It was a good night for a run, and Carol and the ever busy Garingal crew delivered once again.

Next week we can look forward to a return to Loyal Henry Oval and the ministrations of Greg Barbour and The Feet. This is a small but very sweet spot quietly hidden away in Roseville, where leafy streets, the intriguing architecture of UTS, and a bush track tempter will have competitors queuing for the map and some post work pingmanship. Gregory has been known to go wide in the past and one might expect to earn ones download here - as the SSS roller coaster goes north shore for event ten. Expect another sensational outing on the chew, and as Pork Pie is often heard to say "Be There".            


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Bruce S said...

Loved the Run

got beaten by #14 ... like 'Mel' eyes down and climbing against the Puff Puff steep climb ... climbed right past #14 ... and did not have the time or steam to go back down and try to find it ;o))

Still pleased (as always) at the event ...special thanks to Carol and her Team.

'could do better' will return

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