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Looks like a goodie last week with 'The Hills Hoist' firing 580, and giving 'And Three Veg' a perfect endorsement for his excellent course setting at Beacon Hill. As hinted at in a prior post, correspondent Pork Pie was across the Ditch attending to matters in the Barr stable, and missed this reprise of one of last years classics. Out of sight maybe, but thanks to a 'bevy' of spies, the old gent (back in Oz) can now offer a brief analysis from the comfort of the chesterfield - tea and a milk arrowroot at hand.

As a change from Jimmy's more pan focussed flog last season (Jim is a noted pan man - especially when the Amigo's are waiting to depart), Sir Ronald of Duffy's included the Governor Phillip Lookout reserve in his spread - therefore giving the 150 plus students of indecision an east/west conundrum. Ron's 160 points east of Willandra Road was only twenty more than Jim's 12/13 season offering here, but probably held greater appeal because of the (previously hidden) Beacon Hill Reserve yumminess. Things looked like falling to a neat anti clockwise circuit after a 17,9,6,28,30,5,16 beginning - with the view from #28 probably being rather a good one.

Of course, this didn't look like enough pointeroonies, so The Eastenders had also to focus on the ceramic ware. In actual fact, I would guess more did this than went east, so maybe I should refocus the pinz nez in this arm chair dissertation.

So, looking west and to the Pan. An abbreviated offering in the north is evident, but not without interest to the fancies in tights. I see the maze included (#22), 13 remembering last outing's #17, something on the large bare rock area (#23), and another nibble at the stripy stuff in #21. RonaldO also included a reprise of control 15 - confusing last time, and I gather, confusing this time, with several experienced map handlers copping a few seconds on the scratch hereabouts.

The western circuit looked fairly straightforward, with an exit 'Larry' at 29 and then a 7,8,27,20 bagging before you went Irish. A good finish from the Pan area looked like 12,26,18, and then home, or a wider claim working, say, 26,11,10,19,18, and then triangle practice. 'Platform One' reports a western circle and ending with the 26,18 option and a tidy 370 after giving back a tenner for his malingering at #26. This latter control would have proved a late run tempter for exhausted runners, eye on the clock and hopping for a simple finish, as the thirty points on offer there gave the finger to control #1, and almost demanded a right turn. Number one might have been our 'Roy Orbison', with #2 and #8 also in the mix.

Last seasons course saw the vast majority running only the western/north western offering, with the 140 east just for Glenn, Andrew and Steve. This time I would have thought more crossed over the busy central road, working scores into the fours - as indeed many did. I see a pair of tights on the SVM's, with 'Orange Peel' holding ten over a very strong showing from Mel Cox (470/460). The Vets also liked the fours, with Smith and Rogers sharing three figures on 490, and another four for Mary Fein in MW (450). The lesser bank accounts went even better of course, with Aidan piling on 530 (JM), Patrik holding a tenner over Glenn (MM 560/550) and the Open's showing off their class in light weight clothing (Andy takes the cake with twenty over Steve, and Catherine and Lisa 'STB' Grant holding identical awards in OW with 470's).

Good to see 'The Stanley Steamer' take lolly in IM, as did Sue of Sydney Theatre. Jim walked to victory (probably knowing every inch of it), and Terry Bluett took gold in LM - with John Anderson down a peg with a touch of discombobulation on course. Only three groups noted, which is a shame as the group entries had been building nicely. Maybe its a location thing when your going Buddy Holly.

Apparently it was a beaut day for a run, and a good day for frogs - with arriving (and west starting) runners remembering their school days as they sniffed the grass and narrated Banjo's "The chorus frogs in the big lagoon would sing their songs to the silvery moon". I'm a bit narked to have missed it.

So, a goodie by all accounts, and the Pan legends lives on. No doubt we will be back - hopefully in bigger numbers next time. Speaking of bigger numbers, the Uringa Undertakers are preparing for just that - tomorrow!! Yes folks, tomorrow we dine again, this time at Concord West on the fantastic Kokoda Track map. This more northern start point of recent Concord offerings yields some excellent harbour park and track running, the Kokoda memorial intrigues, with the sprint like features of Concord Hospital adding puzzle and variation. Helen and Terry are calling the shots, and are sure to work us over big time. Expect no mercy from the Judge, but be sure to make it a date, as you run scenes from The Great Gadsby and help keep old father time at bay. Be there!!

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