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A cool evening, but a perfect one for those that like the sweet taste of pinging points and the drooling expectation of a box of thirty's in shiny wrappers. WHO chief pastry chef and chocolatier Mark 'M&M's' Mueller channeled sweet supremo Adriano Zumbo in laying on a looping of delights, a confection of points, a pufferooney of praline, a bag of Almond & Brazil - last night at Rydalmere, in both milk and dark coatings.

In a sharp contrast to our last outing at Upjohn, course setter MM went the full 30 flavour Zumbo box, but in a tight package. Many older SSS legs will remember the wide postings of Steve 'The Hangman' Holloway in October 2006, where points were to be found both east of Cowells Lane, and west to Dundas Public School - one of the widest spreads in SSS memory (3klms across). It was known as the night of the 'Longjohns', as punters, in stretched undergarments, posted low totals and reached for the tub, the Denkorub and the pub.

Happily, WHO's 2014 Director of Enjoyment understood the impact of a big tin with disappointing contents, and tightened up the offer - going for a box of delights that looked capable of being fully devoured in one go; as open men's champ, 'King' Richard, subsequently demonstrated in an outstanding 42.23 minute chew. Richard's all stations run (one of only four, but the only one without time/overeating penalty) rendering the event setting a SSS 'textbook' classic.

Summer Series serial snackers, arriving at Zumbo's western open air store at Upjohn Park, found Nerise on the till, and pastry making equipment scattered hither and thither. The most popular collection during the evening sale was the ten dollar box, with its soft centred thirty pointers close in. The full colour description sheet under the lid, revealed the thirty's were ringed by more modest shapes, with low scoring M&M's in all five colours towards the edge. This 'bulls eye' description is not strictly correct however, as Mark had deployed three biggies towards the edge (21 north, 30 south east, and 25 south), and found a few ten's in the centre - just to confuse those that like everything neatly and predictably placed in the SSS box.

Let's take a closer look at Sydney Summer Series event 15, and the craft of chocolatier Mueller.

First impressions were an 'on' evening for the guns - or at least close to. It also looked to be decent scoring for those normally confined to Fruit & Nut, with early string work confirming no trouble to digest 300 of the shiny choc points, and some hand made Paddington Almond & Raspberry pralines as a distinct possibility. Despite there being only two exit points (via #6 south or #16 north), the scatter was then upon you, with an inner central loop, an extension east, a hairnet 40 in the north, and a western edge 'north/south' run of club dark that included peppermint as a deterrent to James. The kicker that gives the area its interest is the divisive and busy Silverwater Road, behind uncrossable fences and only having four ways over/under - with one of them an actual pedestrian crossing!

Whereas The Hangman only used two of these crossings (top and bottom) in his 2006 knees up, Mark made use of all four - with 27/28 on opposite sides slap in the centre, and at the heart of much pre-race planning. Getting over and back was via the tunnel from 25 to 15 at the bottom (#15 a puzzle if approaching from the north), #7 on the bridge, #17 beside the ped Xing, and the tunnel to #17 in the north. If ignoring the goodly bag in the east, a good connect was to work 15,5,7,27,17 (press button and hold on),28 (in-out),11 - and then the hairnet and or points west. Including the east, as most runners seemed to do, meant after leaving 5/15, looping 29,30,20,10,9 before dropping back to 28 (in-out), crossing to 17, 27 (in-out) and then burning on north to #11 etc. This leaves our #7 - and also #18, seemingly out of most routes and our nomination for lonely pot.

Those that began north via #16 mainly worked 12,24,23 and back over to #22 on the footbridge. Stretching in-out to #13 resulted in stale after dinner mints, unless this was a prelude to the full outer circle of hard centres -24,23,13,3,4,14, along Subiaco Creek to 26 and as described initially. Another western beginning baled west at 23 - going 24,23,4,14,26 etc. My suspicion is more customers liked the selection in the centre/ east side of the box, with only the aunties happy with the old fashioned hard centre textures and wrapper designs in the west.

Many runners would have enjoyed the location of control #21 - on Mark's own letter box (!) where his children squealed with delight as the flash harry's rushed on to the nearby lamp post before reading the description. Another excellent feature of the evenings engorgement, was the solid taping of control units to their respective features. Absolutely no problems with dangling wires and 'insertus denyus' here at the western Zumbo!

A superb set up, great behind the counter crew work, good parking - and an excellent course of fine confections. All good stuff, with no complaints heard of, although one or two mentions of small bits of the map that could be tweaked perhaps (the fence and open area at #25 for instance). Given that a mitt full of M&M's is generally a yummy experience, let's see how a few of the gun SSS lolly fiends handled this evening of running (with Cadbury in mind).

We see another 200+ roll up, with 185 entries that included another twenty plus choc faces going the group gorge. This seems to Porkie a pretty good roll up out here, and may be a western record - such was the attraction of Mark and his well made Rocky Road! I also note quite a few new names, especially in the junior ranks, and hope we see the non-clubbies joining up soon. I won't overdo the stats, but note 143 of the 185 entries scored half way or better - a very decent outcome, especially as we only get one clear 600 full pointer (Richard Green as mentioned). Lots of high fours, nine on 500, and nearly all five rest points (no 570 score) attracting the sweet tooth - in marked contrast to several recent outings.

I'll work through the top tray in each age class, noting particularly any upset or unusual results. Wrappers open, as we see the Currie's taking SJ (470 for Dunk and I think his perfect set of 12, 350 for Ellen) and the Dawsons doing likewise in the Juniors (Aidan overall 10th with 550, and Michele with 470). I note Richard James and Lachlan Coady (SJM 240/190 respectively) and Tristan White (490), John 'The Fire Alarm' Wormell (450) and Alex 'No Nose' Allchin (410) all working the Junior rank abacus.

The Open wars continue with Andrew Hill taking the OM with 590 (all points in 45.10), to shade Steve Ryan (560). All SteveO pipped Mike Weiner (550) and Mark Schaefer (540), he was bested by a gun trio ('The Ink Bottle', 'The Bathroom Basin' & 'The Bank Chief') who's collective 580's have punters with deep pockets sitting 'bolt upright' - James the only one of them to be a 600 man though. Lisa and Gill joined hands with 560 strawberry centres (OW) with Claire Winnick 'Of Time' a 530 scoff. Marina and Clare Williams both cleared 500's.

No Glenn in the Masters again, with Richard untroubled at 600. 'The Gunboat' was handy with 580, and the Morris Minor full of Nestles pinged 550. Dave Stanley and 'The Commodore' were ten adrift. Another exciting evening in MW, with Antoniya shading Mary Fein by twenty points (520/500), and Carolyn 'Milk Tray' Haupt also a 500. No Burton in the vets, with Peter Annetts working the rhyme perfectly (540) to claim from Andy 'Mouth Full' Smith (520), Brian Brannigan (510) and Johnny 'The Rope' Brahan (490). Paula romped in from Linda in the ladies here with a 520/440 margin - and earning a years supply. The supers saw Selby post a win (510) from Graeme Hill (490, I told you to listen up here), with no show from the 'Melbourne Tram Depot'. Lithgow, Lumsden, Weiss and Ward all carded 460's, with 'The Blue Engine going ten better. Karin moves to fourteen wins (dropping 100 pointers!), but only just in front of Deb (430), with Lee Lowe handy (360) and Adrienne even handier.

So far, all pretty well as expected, but get to LM, and we report (for the second time!!!), Ian Miller going the full box with 430 to claim from Steve Flick's 430. Whoo hoo, this puts the cat amongst the… with Teddy also close (450) and both Pants and Moscow awol. Carol J from Margaret Waugh in LW, Ted Mulherin and Heiko share IM (430) with Malcolm and Sir Ron of Pumpkin twenty in arrears - despite, or because of, the urgings of just finished fellow Amigo's. Thanks guys! Sue pips Janet by 10 in IW, with Emmanuelle a clear winner in WaW, as appears a joint one to Jimmy & Rosscoe in WaM with no sign of AP 'Codeine'.

Once again Ian McKenzie went all pots, although not at normal speed with some discomfort in the mid tee region. He keeps 60 after a 98.30 stroll, but will rest easier than Bev, whose 72.38 walk swallowed 280 points of her original 160. Cripes! I also note it good to see Chris Crane working the boom arm for 190 WaM points and Dave Lotty with us and a 310 post in the Legends. And he's one if ever there was one. Go Dave!

I mention Ian 'IBM' Miller above for his LM win, but let me also point out the excellent timing - 44.59! Ian takes the 'just in time' cake (or is that the Orange Centred Dark with Brazuil Nut). We had a few close calls, and yet another timing tragedy - Jeremy Fowler with the classic call of 45.01. Not fair really.

OK folks, lets quietly dispose of the wrappers, and swear to get back to a veggie only diet. A top outing at Subiaco (aka Upjohn Park), for which we offer our pastry masters Mark and organiser Anette Larsson and the WHO kitchen our sincere thanks. And in less than a week, guess what, the SSS caravan rolls back into the inner west with a potential biggie - a very biggie. Next week sees us working closely with young Duncan and Dad as we work a NEW summer series area. Well mostly new, with the area west of Whites Creek Annandale right across to Norton Street in Leichhardt about to feel the caress of the New Balance for the first time. 'The Claymore' has intimated that he will work east up to Johnson Street, and no doubt throw a couple either side of Whites to confuse. But it is the new stuff that excites, and provides no one with any prior. The assembly in the park in Catherine Street has a dunny and memories of the Lillyfield tram for the older competitor. What more could a SSS tragic want! Join us for this fantastic event, and the obligatory slag and flat tie at Bar Italia afterwards. It's on the map - as we will be shortly!

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