Thursday, February 7, 2008

Event 17 began in warm sun, turned to windy and gray and finally ended up raining! Despite the late moisture, most runners managed to get their run in the dry, and enjoyed an area with many spectacular views. Setter Mike Burton deployed his pots in two distinct locations - 300 points to the west, seemingly closely grouped, but involving some fearsome climbing - and 300 points on a long stretch to the east. #21 was the difficult one to loop in to both these directions, but most couldn't resist a thirty and got it - often early.

The start location was the more friendly Holly Street Oval (than last years hill climb rally from the old pool site), and saw runners heading off either via #1 or to #20 on the level! Hill work soon loomed however. The big results were unusually both for a clean sweep of all controls. Andrew Hill back in 53 minutes for 510 and Glenn a minute shy for 500 - both spectacular efforts, with Glenn coming home via 30, 18, 9, and 20 - a real slog that no doubt had the legs burning.

In the Open Womens group Gil Fowler ran an excellent 400, with Joanna Sinclair I think going ten or so better. Amazing running. Warwick Selby took out the old men (again!) with a brilliant 410, just in front of Gordy on 400. Ron J was heard to remark that 'I could have got 410 with more time' - brilliant work Ronnie, I think I see a book coming!

Looking at the course and the results board, any score over 400 was very well earned indeed. It was good to be able to run the southern bush track and enjoy the excellent sandstone features (#24 being a top location). Other great views were along the road from #3 to #13 and at #11. Good stuff, and who knows, we may eventually get to 'Explosives Reserve' next season - seems we are heading in that direction.

The cruel setter control was #22 (you bugger Michael), and the lonely pot award probably to #4. Good to see all pots well placed and clearly described. Thanks Big Foot, much appreciated by a big turn out (seemed like high 160/170's or so).

Next week sees a return to popular Balls Head. This should be a ripper, and with good weather, could see a record roll up. John Anderson has his finger on the button of this enjoyable mix of bush track checkpoints at Balls Head itself, the restored and fascinating old BP site and the narrow streets of Waverton. A great location with many great views and close to transport - the train station is on the map. This one is a must, don't miss it.

And looking forward. After 'The Balls', we have a succession of three new areas, Killarney, Glebe and East Killara. A fantastic mix of urban and bush fun to look forward to. And for the complete addict, note that the Autumn Evening series is finalised and will follow the SSS. Five events kicking off at Lavender Bay on Wednesday 2 April. Yum!!

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