Monday, February 18, 2008

Your racing correspondent was missing last week, but I gather a healthy roll up made the Balls Head event one to remember. This has always been a 'goodie', and so close to transport to guarantee a crowd. I understand the weather was ok which would have been a relief for course setter John Anderson and the Garingal crew. I presume there was a goodly spread in the bush with the flog up to the top of the map one of the key directional decisions. The BP site is always fun navigation, and a great piece of Sydney Harbour now back to be enjoyed by the public.

This week the action moves to Killarney Heights, and an area not used for the Summer Series for many years. Course setter Mel Cox will no doubt turn on a ripper in this great area, with it's mix of street, park and bush track running. The views from the tracks above the old historic magazine buildings on Middle Harbour are fantastic if memory seres me right. Many who have run the Great Nosh footrace will also know sections of this map - including the 'delicious' climb up from Flat Rock track. Should be fun, WILL be fun!! See you there.

And looking forward. Next week we have the new map of Glebe. This small scale map (1:7500) will still give you a workout. Expect to get city views, parks, alleys and lots of confusing small streets. Parking might be tight, so come by tram if you can (or bus - the start is right near the end of the Glebe Point service).

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