Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beautiful weather at last! Melvyn Cox's event last night at Killarney Heights saw most running a new area, and even the old hands saw a very different map - Mel adding considerably to the west and north. Around 180 turned up ( a big change on the area's last use in 1992 where on a rainy night, we had just eight runners!!) and enjoyed a challenging course - many underestimating their abilities and coming in early. The hilly stuff should have slowed the old dogs but many good scores were posted despite the climbing.

Once again, Glenn and Andrew got the lot - Andy just shading the 'horror movie' by 10 points after a nine minute late return (510 to 500). Andy said the legs were burning on the home leg uphill from 12 and 5. Rob Mason also ran a blinder for 500. Gil Fowler continued her excellent form with 450, and Wendy Stevenson powered to 430, obviously less bothered by recent injuries. Allison Lilley and Sue Login also made 430.

In the old blokes sections Gordy and 'Was' ran a dead heat for 450, with Legends Tearaway Ted on 390 and Timmy 'grandad' Cox a half head back on 380 - both exceptional runs in the pipe and slippers category.

Most runners chose to ignore the western grouping, with #1, 2 and 3 just not proving tempting enough to draw them through to 21 and 11. Many runners doing the south were tempted down to #13 however, adding to the rewarding sweep of 24, 22 and 23. Lots of good route selection with runners going off in many directions (16 and 14 the main exit points). Another excellent SSS event. Big thanks Melvyn.

As alluded to in the last post, next week's Glebe event is a new inner city area map with lots of very different action to Killarney. Expect puzzling control distributions, confusing street grids and great views. Also consider public transport (tram stop at Jubilee Park and bus to Glebe Point) if possible, as parking is tight (walking from Chapman Road south end across the park is an option - plenty parking there). No matter how you come, you can expect another summer series classic! Be there.

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The Insider said...

Last bets are coming on as the summer series is 3/4 over. Mathmatically it looks like a race in three in the masters division, but form suggests that it is up for grabs between Peter Annetts and Tim Rogers with Michael Free unlikely to do better than 3rd. Could being course setter (Peter) for the last event be the ultimate differentiator?

The final market for the year.

Peter Annetts 2/1 (4/1, 3/1)
Tim Rogers 3/1 (7/1, 8/1)
Michael Free 10/1 (7/1, 7/1)
The remaining field > 100/1

Although likely to be out of the money, it will be of interest to see who finishes more strongly out of Anthony Petterson and Malcolm Bradley, who got the win at flat rock track, after being 'close but not quite' all season thus far. The count of winners now stands at 7 (Peter 6, Tim 7, Michael 6, Anthony 2, Malcolm 1, Tim Petterson 2 and Jonathan Potts 1.)

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