Thursday, February 28, 2008

Glebe Point went off with a bang last night. A new area, a new map, and for most starters, a beautiful early evening's run. The 6.45p.m. brigade, in contrast, enjoyed a bit of the old Sydney 'showers and possible thunderstorms' entertainment, returning with soggy cards, fogged glasses and glistening thighs (mmm!).

Looks like around 210/220 took the bait and fronted for this different, almost inner city SSS experience. The foreshore route to #22 and #13 yielding great west city and fish market views - and with the Anzac humming in the distance. Because late score calculations were rather overtaken with the 'dampness factor', a list of place-getters has eluded your correspondent. I did hear that Rob Mason managed 590 - an incredible run if correct. My setting estimate was around the 10.25 klm. mark, with slight variations depending how you cut the inner Glebe control visits. So getting this close to 600 with the upsey downsey stuff is a sensational outing. There were plenty of higher than average scores given the 1:7500 scale map and good stuff close in.

Routes taken on departure and finishing were from all points of the compass - a pleasing outcome. Many initially visited #11, although the guns were often seen flying off to #14, and then presumably trying to work the tempting 25,26 pots into an exit north east. More than I imagined visited #20, some finding the distraction cost them when they returned to more sensible matters at #28. Few made it to my 'Andrew Hill' pot (#5) although the 29/18 stretch got a few into the Annandale tango. Many of our newer runners failed to find #1, not realising it was a couple of contours up the hill - an annoying bit of course setting shenanigans by the old Porkie.

Next week we continue with our new map 'package', returning up the north shore to East Killara. This area promises a bit of yummy bush track work with several tempting reserves to get under the Dunlop Volley's. Allan Tilley is at the controls for SSS event #21 and should have us working the legs, and hopefully the grey matter. Fun as always. Let's hope we get a beautiful evening.

Looking forward to April, note that we continue our SSS format into the Autumn with our evening series. Lots of fun running with the headlight on and looking for the reflector tape. The first event at Lavender Bay will actually be still in daylight saving as new legislation has moved the closing date back. We may well start early for this one, effectively adding another SSS event.

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