Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green and Gold at Parra!

A perfect evening and a great course by Lyn and Neville, saw Richard Green 'Top' take the gold with 600 points in a breathtaking 40 minutes. The Dickster led a small and elite bunch who pulled the lot under the allotted 45 minutes, that strangely didn't include early favourite Glenn 'Boss' Horrocks (in the mounting yard after carding 560, and maybe carrying an injury). The other speedsters last night were Rob 'Under Arms' Mason, home in 43.18, and Michael 'Gorbachev' Burton doing it for the oldies in 44.20.

A good crowd seemed to be on hand (maybe around the 180 mark) and lots of fast times were posted. The event had the feeling of a Sprint O, especially given the excellent fun to be had amongst the city buildings. The setting was more complex than the last outing here (a simple out-and-back loop) and the ponies enjoyed the challenge. At first sight, the map suggested 600 would fall to a bigger group - especially given the relatively flat nature of the area (next week will suprise here folks). Apart from fiddling the city pots, it was really a decision to go topside or attack along the south that had the punters on the lick. There were a couple of checkpoints (#9 and #2) that dropped from the song sheet of several speedy loopsters, but lots said, 'bugger it, I'll go go for the lot'.

Many other runners saw danger in the grouping of 22, 6 and 20 drawing them to the eastern bridge and a possible late penalty, and forewent these points in working a safer route on the north side. Over there, it was reasonably straight forward with the Victoria Road outbound flog leading to a nice return via #25, 17 and 27. Another nice line that helped cover the mid map hole, was the 16, 12, 30, 10 return gallop on the south side - decent scoring amongst the commuters, and worth it compared to the riverside run of #24 and #2.

I think all will agree, the Sprint-O like city pots added to the enjoyment last night at Lennox, and will hopefully be a feature of future events here. Great fun, although the SHOO brigade will have to go to 'all corners' to squeeze the flash boys over 45.

Hard to find a lonely pot, number 9 maybe. This was easy to leave out if you were on the Victoria tram, but probably featured in a few routes (the 15, 21, 9, 7, 29 sequence working for a couple of stars that I know of). Speaking of stars, the Pork noted some excellent scores, with high numbers being the order of the day. Michael 'The Frenchman' Free and David 'Derby Day' Bray were on song for 580 (David ditching #9 and 35 seconds over the clock), Anthony 'I Shrunk The Kids' Peterson and Glenn notched 560, along with Super Vets star Warwick 'Ear' Selby (a great run from the singlet). Shane 'The Treasurer' Henry, Andy Simpson and Jim 'Innycricket' McLean posted 550, whilst the mares stood aside for Wendy's stupendous 560, Sue 'Hollow' Login and her sensational 540 - a short half head from Tracy 'Paper' Marsh on 530.

Also great to see new 'Legend' Chippy on the chomp for 440, a shade behind Ian 'Bread and Dripping' Miller's 450, and fellow 'L' Heiko 'The Speeding Bullet' Schaefer's 460. Larry pulled 510, Rosscoe shaded Grandad Steve (500 to 490) and let's not forget web guru Dave Noble definitely not on the hobble with 520 - what a run! In the filly's, Carolyn 'Handbag' Haupt clutched 480, Robin Cameron cornered 460 and Vicki 'The Viking' Stitt put 410 points to the sword. Those indefatigable walkers, Robyn and Viv, posted 230 while Peter Stevens wielded the monogrammed pencil to record a sober 160.

There were many other good 'uns (Judge Murphy with 430 is noted in the court records) on a very enjoyable evening. Thanks SHOO!

Next week, sees Jim 'The Torturer' Merchant at the rack with the second outing on the Frenchs Forest map 'The Pipeline'. Jim and Ron put this one together, and there has been a hint of map extension. Many will remember the fearsome plunge to the southern checkpoints last year, and hope that they can work a score by bus this time. Jimmy always pens a top course and it will be great to fall under his spell once again (it has been several years since we have been seduced by the 'Merchant of Mona Vale'). Sir Ronald has snared a better starting location at Davidson High, hopefully with toilet facilities that are not time locked. Many might remember the battle between electronics and screwdriver last year!

Be great to have another go here. Remember the cemetery? Be great to be running this again. Yes, yes, yes folks - I can't wait!

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The Insider said...

After 4 weeks the insiders punditry is looking decided shakey, but then it's a long season Les...

Richard Green has indeed welshed, taken the easy route, the low road, the cowards option and decided to pit himself against those inexperienced open men. Shame on you Richard.

Glenn Horrocks has a knee that isn't doing what it is supposed to, time for some physio Glenn, and then you can give these Masters the humbling they deserve.

Daylight has a new name, and it is Anthony Petterson, not rated by this pundit at the start of the season, he has turned up looking like the 6-million dollar man, and form currently has him running 3rd. Can he maintain this previously unseen form?

Michael Free. Hardly a foot wrong in 4 rounds. It wont last, more renown for heroic failure that actual victory, we can but watch and wait and then probably laugh when it comes to the inevitable fall from grace.

David Bray finally showed up at Parramatta, and immediately bagged a win, He's fit, but will his other commitments stop him from being a regular starter? A definite wild card at any event he shows at.

Speaking of wild cards, Where is Tim Rogers? He is sure to appear soon, and the cemetery is much closer to home. Keen interest will be on his condition when he finally comes back from the spelling paddock.

Kar-Soon Lim while known as a volatile performer, certainly hasn't hit his straps yet. The 2nd fastest (After Glenn) for outright speed in the field, he hasn't put his athleticism to full use, yet...

Peter Annetts. OW. Peter Annetts. Garingal Champion. The only explanation the insider can come up with is that Peter has an evil twin, that ties him up every Wednesday night and goes orienteering in his place. Its actually could not be the same man seen at metro-league and state-league events. They look the same, but their performance is so different that "The doppelgänger theory" is the most likely explanation.

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