Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pork Pie in Preview mode

Your chubby Summer Series correspondent is wizzing off to NZ early tomorrow, so may not be able to write up tonight's damp O as expected. Apologies to all those looking for their regular Thursday afternoon dose of race reporting with yet more impossible race naming. However, I will be back, maybe with edition 1 of the Form Guide close behind.

Looking forward to tonight's stretch out - with Jimmy the M back in charge. Might be a bit on the damp side, but will be a nice temperature (unlike last night!). Should be good to work a second go at this venue, maybe skewed a bit more to the west if I'm not mistaken. We will soon see what the maestro has in store - the delicious moment when you hand over the coin, and you get your map. And start thinking 'why is number 30 so far away?' Yes, yes, yes. let's go Jimbo!

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The Insider said...

The insider at least can report some of the results in the main division...

Glenn hasn't been to the physio, got part way round the course and hobbled home. Physio time Glenn, no coming back until the shooting pain in the knee has gone away! (Hey, it might mean you dont take the lead until round 15 or so, but the rest of the field can pretend for a while!)

Peter Annetts must have finally escaped his evil twin, and bagged the win with a 450.

David Bray, not quite as good as last week, bit of trouble at controls 23 and 12 slowed him down (Mind you, was 12 really in the right spot?). Came back 5+ minutes late. To get a 390 or 400.

Michael Free, mumbling about dogs on the pipeline, made the mistake of not going for 14, managed to miss 15 as well as spending some time at 12, got back 7 minutes and 2 seconds late for a 410.

Anthony Petterson assessed the course most accurately, but got back with time to spare! (oops) for a 400.

Tim Rogers was seen! but was being fatherly and taking his sun out for a run, so don't be fooled when the scores go up, he looks as lean as ever.

That's five winners in five rounds. (Glenn, Nick, Michael, David, Peter) With some obvious candidate winners yet to. (Tim Rogers, Kar Soon Lim, Anthony Petterson, Tim Petterson). With Shane and Graeme certainly possibles.

Meadowbank next week. My tip, Tim Rogers to make it 6 winners from 6 events, closely followed by Peter Annetts whose form line looks strong. Probably a good course for Kar Soon Lim too, but he may not be at full fitness at the moment.

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