Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anything but 'Weary' at Meadowbank

Course setter, Steve Dunlop, had the nags at full throttle last night as the Summer Series herd grappled with yet another excellent Meadowbank extravaganza. Despite numerous outings on this track, this is a difficult one to pocket and a good spread of pots here instills fear in the best prepared stallions - and so it proved again with only three guns cracking over 500 points on this tester.

Steve has graduated to 'Master Potsman' in presenting his puzzling array. The initial lick drew one east where 22, 2, 23, 13 and 24 made for a nice beginning, then up to 25 before thinking 'train time'. The cunningly sited 22 sucked them up the ramp on the way out (again!!), and #12 had a few ponies under the bridge staring upwards on the way back, although old hands knew the ropes here. Also bringing a smirk to the dial was #26 - initially looking west of the railway, and then revealing itself to be a classic out-and-back on the east side. Once back over the line (who was the runner seen waiting for the lift??!!), most opted for a flog to #27 and points west (#7 didn't cut the mustard for the loopy brigade here). The western half is where 'Weary' delivered his tricks. How to work in the 15, 30, 16, 19 spine with the outer basket of 10, 28 17 etc. There was also the 'marine' tempters in 9 and 29 that managed to stretch a few quads in the burst home - with mangrove essence tweeking the nostrils.

All in all, lots of options on the western sector (compared to a more regular loop in the east) that needed accurate timing to benefit from. And slightly odd that scores weren't higher. The spread looked very reasonable for the Flash Harry's, but results said otherwise. Maybe the stretch to #10 and 28 was the killer, or maybe the wester duo of 29 and 9. Looking for a lonely pot reveals a couple of possibles. I'd punt #3, although 4 and the aforementioned #10 probably had to wait for the last dance to find a partner.

Anyway, it was a great night, beautiful running weather (especially late when The Pork turned up) and pulled in our biggest crowd to date. It looks like 210 or so laced up the Nikes with, again, many new faces presenting at the barrier - and a few stalwarts out on the paddock in a welcome return to the series (Andrew and Debbie especially welcome back). Turning to the leader board, we see Richard 'left' Green on top with a fantastic 540 points, a length clear of James 'The Inkpot' McQuillan on 520, and Michael 'Life's a' Burton with 510 (Both Richard and James are in great form and are being heavily backed by the members wives). Then followed a veritable bevvy of silks, all clutching 480 points as they chased the bunny. Stallions Mark 'Ing Pen' Schaefer, Luke 'A Boy Named' Su, Adrian White 'Paint', Kar Soon, 'It's A' Shane, Anthony P, Malcolm 'X' and Steve 'Don't' Ryan 'It On' thought they had the 480 fun all to themselves, but Windy Wendy crashed the party taking home the same prize money in another speedy display for the veteran.

Also noted by sweaty correspondent 'Pork Pie' were great runs by Larry 'Adler' Weiss and fellow GO-er Peter Annetts with 470. On the rails a neck away was Tracy Marsh with a tidy 460 ahead of Jo 'Sin' Sinclair, carding 450, and Mary 'Take No Prisoners' Fein's 430. Great to see champion runner/orienteer Mary running the series again (She grabbed the ton last week at the Pipe). 410 Points also caught the attention of your correspondent, with Matt 'Doc' Peters, Gil Fowler 'Ware' and Graeme Hill all posting this tidy total - Graeme taking the Super Vets title last night with this score.

In the Legends, Mal 'Content' Gledhill was in top form with 340. Carol Jacobson reversed last weeks result with a 60 point gap to Sue 'T Bone' Thomson in the Super Veteran Women, Vicki Stitt bagged 400, Airdrie collected 300 and Michele looked the goods with a sweet 310 in JW. The list goes on, but I must mention Owen Rothery. The Big O is a champion orienteer from WA, in town in work related mode and last night giving the yellow OAWA shirt a right flogging. I think Owen had a good score but it was not up when I was wielding the pencil. Great to see him in Sydney!

As I said, another good 'un at the Meadow. Thanks Steve and the Western Hills crew.

Next week sees the action get a little closer to the city with the much loved Hawthorn Canal on show. Our results guru, Dave 'Barby &' McKenna (a tidy 420 last night), is the course setter and we should be in for a treat. Many will remember the long strip of Hawthorn Parade/Canal and begin wondering if the Dave will catch us with a few southern tempters, or even a loop across the railway and the mad pipe bridge. We can only ruminate on what's to come, as The Gondolier draws, and redraws the fun of 'Federation'. Join the joggers, join the bike riders and the elderly Bay Run walkers as we all get into event #7 - and the apres event nosh up. Bar Italia could be tempting!


SteveF said...

I must confess it was me that used the station lift,however I did have young Liam in the stroller and after negotiating the stairs between 12 and 6 ( we avoided the road where there was no path) we decided the lift was the way to go.
Great course on the east and we avoided the challenging routes on the western side of the railway.Steve and Liam Flick

The Insider said...

During Glenn's rehabilitation (Hope you went to the physio Glenn...) The Masters division certainly is interesting, with a 4 way tie for first.

Kar Soon Lim
Tim Rogers
Shane Henry and
Anthony Peterson

All of them scoring 480, and only Tim being a previous winner this year.

Following closely behind (470) was Peter Annetts. So last weeks predictions panned out to be correct!

So, in Masters we now have had 8 winners in 6 rounds! The 8 winners minus Nick Barrable have a good chance of filling the top 7 places for the year. Tim Peterson, Graeme McLeod and Pete Fallows must give themselves a chance of picking up a win sometime during the season.

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