Thursday, February 11, 2010


Andrew Hill is running back into SSS form with a clean win last night at Vineyard Creek. Andy (OM) began with #24 and worked the south before heading north to the street pots and a crisp 12/4 finish, carding all 600 for four minutes over. Good to see him claim his first 100 points this season, twenty clear of Boris Granovsky's 540 in the same class - also an exceptional run. And how about Michelle White also posting 540. A new runner I think, but what a score! Not to be outshone in all this excitement however, was veteran Mike Burton - also claiming 560 in an amazing run from the old professor. I should have included Michael in the title this week, but was overcome at the clothes line allusion, and have asked 'Burton's Ale' to sit quietly on the sideline (for once). Michael probably ran a more efficient loop than Andrew, leaving out #10 and #1 for his 47 minute outing. Is there no stopping this mad man from Coogee!

Ted Mulherin was our setter last night, in an area reasonably familiar to most SSS addicts, although it's been two years since we amused the neighbours here. Around 180 punters were drawn to the Creek and the challenge of the inverted Y (much like Lake Como in Italy). The street 'cap' north was expected, as were the challenges in the bush track network. The runners can also expect to flog themselves silly with a descent to Kissing Point Road. All was delivered last night. Teddy had us discombobulated in tracks at #16, cursing as we blundered to the boulders at 23, and happy to see the southern car wreck at #6 (last time it was the northern car). The in-out brigade loved the chance to work 4/12 on the level, and everyone loved giving #1 the flick - well just about everyone (this might be my lonely pot).

Lots of route choice action to report, with many beginning into the bush to #13 and south. 13 and north west was also a nice beginning loop, and the start to 24 also had friends (including Andrew). Few seemed to begin directly north. Once in the bush, reality set in, and for many street runners, speeds slowed and directions were not as simple as they seemed back at the car (how many of us see runners stopping after a pot to reset themselves). Once you got the hang of it, it was then a simple eastern side/western side run with the big decision being when to pull out of the nose dive and return. This is where the tempters of 27 and 28 came so cunningly into play - drawing you ever onwards. Those that strayed past #9 to #30 before the return certainly felt the legs burning climbing away from the latter pot. Testing stuff indeed.

Some excellent scoring by the Flash Harry's. The Masters seem to be in all out war with Peter Annetts taking home the ton (520) from Michael 'Jackson' Free (510), Anthony Petterson (500), Chris 'Please Re' Frain (490) and Graham 'The Bible' McLeod with 480. Very musical and in such neat order. Thank you Masters! Mixing into this elite, are SV interlopers - with Graeme 'Doh' Hill pulling the 100 from Wazza 490 to 480. Neil 'And Say Your Prayers' Hawthorn and Pork Pie stayed in touch with 450's in the same elderly men category, clear, for once, of the Ian's (Cameron and McKenzie with 440 apiece). In the living Legends, Heiko had a fall in the creek and twisted his knee for twenty minutes over, Kenny Jacobson took home 370 toilet rolls, with Mal Gledhill also carding the same score. This might be the hundred here with LM threat Ron Junghans currently lost in Africa, Eric 'Clapton' Smith only playing Layla for 330 minutes and Peter 'Saint' Stevens holding the good book open at page 100. Barry 'The Railway Scrapyard' Cole was not sighted.

In the LW category, Janet Morris ran well clear of Anne Stewart (260/160) to claim another win. The juniors saw Aidan Dawson hold onto a strong 390 lead in the men (young Chris Hinds enjoyed 150), with sister Michele blasting past for 420 in JW - a great score from the 'Four String'. Rachel 'On Wheels' Noble was off pace with 280, and will probably go 'light font' this week. Emily 'Burdened By Her Family' Prudhoe also scored 'something' in JW, but at the time of going to press didn't know what it was - "I went down, and came back up". Classic!

Our Open Girls seemed to enjoy themselves, with Vicki Stitt and Rachel 'The Apartment King' Merton both staying amidships for 300, Clare Murphy having more fun with 390, Carolyn Haupt flying for 430, Lisa Grant in the clubhouse with 460 - but all seemingly parked at the Coke machine as Gill Fowler roared past, piling on an incredible 520. A great run from Gilbo, who had many of the fancied blokes well below her on the magnetic board. I'm guessing she loves 'The Y'. The OM's also had some top scoring with Tom Joss 'Stick' carding 410, Chris Brown moving up a gear for 440 and Dave Hegarty tucking in twenty more for 460. As has been apparent recently, the Masters Men seem to be giving the score board a rattle more than the Open blokes, although there may be more open scoring that 'The Pork' missed in his early dash to the West Ryde.

Cath Chalmers (MW) ran well for 320, but was well beaten by star orienteer Mary Fein with 480. Mr Cath (Eoin Rothery) is also finding his feet in Sydney, posting a strong 470 in the vets, just behind the man on the BSA Mal Bradley, who ran all except #1 for nine over (500). Bigger gaps in veteran women, with Wendy jotting down a sensational 520, and giving little comfort to Lisa 'Bedside' Lampe (260) or the normally competitive Robin Cameron (380) and Karin Hefftner (420 - still a great run from the sports car, and not far behind mate Larry 'The Brake Pedal' Weiss's 460).

In the Super Vets, I also note Jim Merchant holding the calf for 370, but clear of club mates Ernest 'Wind Song' (320) and David 'The Bird' Bowerman (360), and Dave Lotty's 340, but doffing their caps to Selwyn 'The House of Usher' Roper (400) - and a top run from the Queen Mother, Michael 'Gordons For Me' Roylance with 420 - one of his best outing this series. Steve 'The Hollow Log' Holloway is in need of better feed after posting 260 and retiring to the calculator. Always next time Steve!

A couple of others noted in HB with a shakey hand were Sandra Thomas for a perfect zero, Rose Todd (OW) 210 (next week 297 for the A4 award Rose?), Nicole Sellin (also OW) a ton more with 310 (as did Debbie Byers). Dale Thompson scored 310 after a nine minute late penalty, but kept Jai DT (260) in the waiting room in the same Super Vet category. Jai probably slipped back a touch last night getting the hang of the bush tracks - tricky most maps, and particularly so here west of the creek. Time Jai, it just takes time.

So, event #19 behind us (big thanks to Ted and the WHO crew) and on we plunge to Glebe. I have cast the knucklebones far and wide and found a few more choice spots to rest while doing the pottery tango. Expect to get the scenic stuff around the foreshore (including a wharf), a 'new' park (naturally a 30 pointer), a boulder, a fantastic big brick chimney and, best of all, the 'northern dragon'. The start is in the Jubilee Oval 'grandstand' with good cover. Come by light rail, come by bus - even come by car! But make sure you come. The competition is really hotting up and this might be your night to fly. Lots of apres run dining spots and pubs to factor in around Glebe and Annandale (I heard a whisper of the Nags Head). It's going to be a biggie!

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