Thursday, February 4, 2010


A massive turn out last night witnessed Brendan 'Panama' Hatton go close with a brilliant 580 pointer. The 'Hat' had a touch more in hand at the photo to finish a half head from 'Private' Ryan and Richard 'Rough Open' Green (both 570), and a brace of 550's (Adrian 'The Plug' White and recently returned Andy Hill) on this demanding and fantastic course. Trackside reporter Pork Pie, is not sure if 'The Canal' ran the lot for plus twenty, or judiciously left out a twenty pointer. Richy Green left off #3 and #11 for an on-timer, and I wouldn't be suprised if others did the same - #11 was a hot candidate for the 'loopsters flick' (a well known tango step amongst thinking runners).

Course setter Larry Weiss created another SSS masterpiece on an area we have not used for some years (mores the pity). The Lassoo added a bit of new material (#13,20,22 area) to the old map and went for a wide spread. There was almost a halo effect with close groupings around the east and to the north. The middle streets looked pointy, but involved much scratching the bean to get the in-out optimal. This area, although easy running and pot locating, needed a bit of speed to cover the deceptive distances involved. Competitors starting west (not many looking at later proceedings), had the legs burning at #22 with only 70 points to show for the flog.

The majority felt the lure of the bush and dashed off to #27 where running speed dropped in proportion to thinking speed. Although 4, 7 and 28 fell easily enough, the tracks to 27 needed concentration. The map in these parts needs an update as much has altered, including a 'track' between 28-6 that has disappeared. Still, those that concentrated soon emerged to cuddle #30 before the roll of the dice. This was the decision to take the water route or to bend back to the street stuff. Many old hands avoided the mangrove track, remembering lost time here on past outings, or bit the bullet and plunged down via #10 hoping for clean sites (which they were). Although maybe a bit slow, it is very pleasant running and offered 70 bikkies - and a nice way to get to the north west tempters. Many took the bait.

Of interest is Michael Burton's route. Sweeping all on the east and north, he left off #17 (running 18-23-22 and then curving back north to 13-20-21-9 etc) and also planned to drop #11 from the homeward trip, when spare (!) minutes rendered the two ones within reach. Strangely the new twenty point claim took two minutes over for no net benefit. Nice run though. Ronny 'The Pumpkin' Junghans modest but very effective route is also of interest, eschewing many biggies but posting 410. Ronaldo went east then 6-30-11-14-15-2-24-16-18-17-21-9-25-12-1 home. Very tidy. Pork Pie ran further for ten less! Drinks on the soccer star after he returns from planting Christmas trees in Africa methinks.

Lots of good mid course options this week, always a good thing. Thanks Larry! As to a lonely pot, really hard to pick one. Maybe #8, maybe #23? Number three might have also sat out the dance, although you missed the map naming point if you avoided this one (and enjoyed Larry's 'brick' in the creek!)

Looking deeply through the schooner glass (Resches of course), we can see some excellent scoring amongst the Summer Series ponies. How about a couple more 500's - Tim 'The Boat' Rogers and Tim Austin '7' both taking ten from Michael Free in the Masters (540/530), Kar-Soon gowning up for 520 and Boris Granovski 'Yoghurt' spooning a tidy 510. Good scoring that had the fans collecting. Down in the high fours, the elbows were flying as Lisa Grant led a phalanx of 490's (Dave Heggarty, Shane Henry, Warwick Selby), a slip of the pencil from Eoin Rothert (vets) and Gill Fowler (open) on 480 and a further spoon full of sugar to Mary Fein 'Ted', Glenn Meyer and Anthony 'I Shrunk The Kids' Dowle (470's). Vets Michael Halmy and Jim McLean (450/460) had a tenner over their Super rivals Ian 'The Gladstone Bag' Cameron and Steve Flick (yet to post a ton this programme), while a trio of Open nags kicked 410 into the kitty (Vicki Stitt, Nils 'By Mouth' Bown and Stephen 'The Corset' Cossell).

In the juniors, Michele Dawson worked a loose rein for 350 to take the points from rising star Rachel Noble (320). I didn't get too many other junior scores, but did enjoy Clare Winnick 'winning' with 80. Go Clare! At the other end of the draw, Janet (230) had too many beans for Bev (140) and Anne Stewart (150) in VW, while Carol Jacobson was seen back from her recent Routeburn Track diversion and took the SVW points. Angela Murray posted 250 ahead of Sue Thomson's 200 in the same class. The Legendary blokes had the loose underware flying as well, with Ron's 410 taking the cake in LM after Heiko managed to becalm himself - and was dockside twenty minutes late! Mal Gledhill spent too long looking at the map and was off pace for 330, Kenny Jacobson had 290 South Island sandflies, as did Chippy (290 that is) to touch out David 'Woodgrain' Dash and Tim 'The Toolman' Cox. Barry 'The Locomotive' Cole enjoyed his usual early run for a neat 200 in the same group.

Some good 300 mid filed scoring worth noting if you've got a tick. Rod 'The Interview' Parkin had 320 on the note pad, as did Ian 'Focacia' Miller. Other SVM's had a touch more over Ian however, with 'Pope' Paul Prudhoe and Selwyn 'Yard' Roper posting 390 and an unlikely trio 'of deserts' sharing 350 (Lotty, Forbes and Gatwood). Michael Roylance had only 250 to his credit for some reason, unusual for His Lordship to let mate Davy Gat take a ton from him. Might have been something he ate for afternoon tea. In another mixed bunch, Helen Murphy, Dave Stitt (both SV's) and Debbie Byers (V) joined hands for 270, but were shaded by Bryony (in a rare but welcome appearance) who had ten more. Jai Detomasso carded a PB (340), and is getting a strong handle on the series. Robin Cameron (390) had more petrol than Dale (350), although The Dee is up a class of course.

Malcolm and Wendy flew, as did Peter 'Not In' Hibberd, although exact points didn't get the biro. James 'I Love Art' Lithgow was disappointed for 400. After a great early loop, The Groom had a flash of late course madness (probably distracted by thinking of the pie and peas at The Woolwich Pier to come), and worked a direct route from 28-26 via the cliff line! The light green shading is apparently not a true vegetation representation here, as James battled on - losing much time. A true son of orienteering.

It looks like it might have been our biggest roll up to date with 2 maps left from 240. No matter what the exact 'entry' figure, it was a great turn out, and an outstanding event. Great to have the mix of street, park and bush running so well embraced. We will be back.

Next week sees a return to Vineyard Creek at Telopea and Ted Mulherin working his usual magic on this top venue. The bush tracks are great running, as are the parks and streets, in what is a classic 'out and back' venue. Be there to catch more of the action as things hot up in this great season. The week following I get to turn the thumbscrews at Glebe. As usual, lots of great views and history - and a new park to boot!

Also, while I'm in plugging mode, don't forget my sprint event next Monday (8th) at Gladesville Hospital - the sixth in this great series. All Sportident units and lots of route choice as you work the 1:5000 detail. Yes!

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Fly on the Wall said...

Ron is a wily old fox - a master route plotter and never loses stride. I pretty much replicated his trek but added #22 near the end for 440 in 44m 30s, covering 7km with 68m of climb. Thought that might be a PB in % terms until Mal Bradley pointed out that Mr Burton was back - so settling for 79%.
Actual route was 26-4-7-28-6 (first track off to the left does not exist)-30-11-25-14-15-2-24-16-18-17-21-9-20-22-13-12. Fine setting by Larry, although I was hoping there might be 50 points on the peninsula to the E of #15.

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