Thursday, October 21, 2010


In a great vote of confidence in Ted Woodley's North Epping course last night, Glenn (45.10) and Andy (46.10) bagged the lot in the proverbial 'just over'. Of interest is their taking exactly the same route, but in opposite directions. Andrew (OM) clung to Big Ben and went clockwise, while Glenn 'Horror Movie' Horrocks (MM) burst off via #1 and the bendy road stuff to the creek at 16. Lisa 'Secrets' Grant also had the handbag open, posting all thirty pots in 51" for a tidy 540 points in Open Women. Lisa sounds like she is fully recovered from last seasons 'spelling' and the attentions of the dreaded knee doctor. Good to see.

So, a top night in the bush, and a complete contrast in both topography and weather to last weeks outing at Cowells. The evening couldn't have been more pleasant for a light jog, but The Tedster had other ideas. On first viewing, the 1:7,500 scale map and an 8.5klm total length looked very friendly until you understood that you had to work the LCR to get a good loop happening. This meant a bit of ascent/descent had to factored in, as did the slower rates of fire trail and bush track travel. Teddy also popped a couple of neat 'don't argues' into the bushy proceedings that needed good quality South Maitland coal in the firebox to get without effort (we loved the hollow tree Ted). There were also a few nice power poles with pink ribbon to catch the pencil as a reward for early speed or late exhaustion.

Looking at the course now (after a bit of a lie down with a Billy tea and Arrowroot), I see how the southern collection proved the undoing of many (including Porkie). The 150 points 'pre creek' looked tempting, but left you well down on the clock and with a long run home - especially if you had trouble finding #16 as many did (it seemed lower than shown on the map). A better plan was to travel via #1 to 8, 30 and 20 and then work north to its two exit strategies. Those with the lung-power got the harpoon out and bagged those 90 before the inevitable bit of 'in-out' work to 13 and 25. Paul 'Father of the Bride' Prudhoe completed this loop with a brilliant return via 2,5,27,14 and 1 in just over 45" to claim the SVM silver and 410 points - just shaded by a great run from painter and docker Steve 'Dore" Flick's 420. The earlier climb out via the pylon also had its fans.

Some runners ignored the river altogether, content to enjoy the bemused residents of Boundary Road and add in a couple of daring side trip to the pylons. The river seems a long way down from that nice boulder (#4) and best left to the mad young things. It seems most of the Knox kids burst off at great speed to #1 to do a low loop via Browns and the climb back up via 16 and 12 - from which points, walking seemed a much more sensible way to go. Many options to suit the many abilities - that's the Summer Series!

I failed to nominate a lonely pot last week, and am struggling a bit to find one here. Possibly #17, but only because Gordon '& Tonic' Wilson ignored it. Gordy's route defies logic and saw his many fans laying a few early coppers on a rival nag. You see Gords worked the deadly southern sector - and descended to 16 and 29, and then retraced his steps to 24 and 2 and points north! Tres weird was the cry, and this time I'm not claiming it's a 'Gordon's for Me".

Before we look at some more scoring, I should mention that this looks like our first 200 plus evening this season, with 205 individuals and 46 grouped runners making a very nice 251 total nags on the flog. Good to see the momentum building. And now to some results.

The old Pie Bald always likes to look at the left hand board, and blow me down with a feather if we don't have a score to wonder at here. Cheryl Bluett managed a minus 260 to lead the pack in fine style. I think Lesley 'Harvey Oswald' Cox put up a minus twenty, and there may have been a few others - obviously caught short on the old Lane Cove. This is called getting your money's worth.

I've already mentioned the other end with Andy and Glenn. Joining in on the magnetic, and jostling for Porkies attention, we find Dave Hegarty (OM) posting 550, a short half head from Davy Bray (MM) and Steve 'The Sandal' Ryan (OM) with 540. Not sure if there were any more in the fives, but plenty of singers entertained the troops with good four hundred outings. How about Shane 'Googly' Henry with 470, just shading Michael Free and 'Pulpit' Pete Annetts (460) and Anto Petterson's 450 in MM. Gill Fowler getting three green lights with a lift of 470 in OW - in front of Carolyn Haupt (450), Catherine 'Non Custodial' Murphy (430) and Swedish runner Malin Anderson getting the hang of us with a tidy 420 in the same class.

The masters and vet ladies must have been hiding, because the only ones recorded were Linda Sesta posting 370 (MW) and a great run from Airdrie in VW for 330 to claim in front of Lisa (the incandescent Lisa) with 280 and Barb Dawson's tidy 250 (take note Graeme, I'm ON FIRE!). Also great to see Sue Froude amongst us again - and promising to get to more this season. Fantastic devotion as the Sooze comes from Cronulla! I do also have a note from a reader that Wendy Stevo had the afterburner on in VW for 460 - a sensational score from the bus stop.

The Junior Women saw a couple of great runs with Michele putting up 370 to shade Rachael Noble's 350. This looms as a great age contest. No JM's noted although I did see Aidan on the fly. The Legends are going to be great contests this year, with Bryony already three from three with a twenty point tickle over Ange's 270. Sue T must have copped a speeding fine and only carded 120, but is relishing the contest in the L's. We need Janet to join in to really get things stirred up. The blokes are also fun, fun, fun, with Ron's 390 taking the silk - from Dave Lotty's 360 and Timmy Cox's 310. Heiko must have left the map at some stage (seen arriving at #15 from the north!?) and only scratched out 240. Next week Heiko, next week. When we might also see Malcolm return to the fray (Lloyd popped a tidy 260 but might need a new prescription once brother Mal gets the shorts on).

Good to see Graham Horrocks back on deck (maybe now a Legend?), and also to see the WHO brides (Millar and Dunlop) working the knees for 330 and 320 respectively. Ted seemed a no-show, but maybe next week for the WHO top weight. Pork Pie always likes to see silk trackside, and it was a pleasure to see Judge Murphy in the green and gold ermine (for 240). Helen clipped the card with 230, in deference to a family feud - or a short spell in the cooler. Dale is staying in low gear (for 290) in this class, where a clear leader is yet to emerge. In the Vet Men, Peter Hibberd looked good with 450, a whisker in front at the photo from Mark Robinson (440) and Pete Marshall (420). Andy 'The Plumber' Graham was uncharacteristically back with 380, although Andrew 'The Saviour of the NZ Financial System' Lumsden was also 'Beached - Ez' on the same score, as was Steve 'The Minke Whale' Shepherd. Julian did a bit of YMCA in posting 300 and will need more nutricious feed before the big one.

Before I go, I'd like to note Emily Don scoring 270 - if only because it gives me the chance to mention her as Emily 'Is Don, Is Good' Don in the racing guide. Also note James 'The Artist' Lithgow once again failing to start, and, in possibly a first for the Summer Series, Ron 'The Jugular' Junghans niece Kirsten running her course (including the LCR tracks) in bare feet!

So, a great night at The Whale and a real buzz around the assembly area. Results are getting sorted and we are back into the SSS rythmm. Next week sees Pete 'The Shoulder Holster' Hibberd reveal the hidden texts and mysteries of Berry Island and its most famous son John Winston Howard. Will John be home? Will that bit of wreckage still be there? Will I stuff up along the creek? All this and more as we get fired up for SSS#4. Be there!

Also, late mail. Anyone interested in the inaugural 'Rumbalara Bush Run' at Gosford on December 12, should consult the Central Coast O web site ( That's it folks, Pork Pie is off to cook up a plate of veggies. As Ron says, you gotta eat your vegetables!

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