Thursday, October 14, 2010


Course setter Selwyn 'Pine Tree' Roper, put on a top course at Cowells Lane last night. Selwyn had a goodly scatter, taking in some of the nicer sites at this location, and also adding a couple of sneaky dead ended pot locations to trap the unwary. The middle section provided the mental stew, as runners and walkers pondered how to add them to a lower or higher loop. The circles expanded westward, with a good range of speeds catered for. Back via 24/14 was easy peasy, via 27 and 17 added a touch of the puff and pant, doing Upjohn needed more confidence and speed, while the outer fling to 10 and 30 was in the Glenn and Andy zone.

Under threatening skies, early runners looked to quickly get the sweat band loaded - generally liking the anti clockwise circle that followed an early scratch of the 2B at pot #1. Some visited #2 beforehand, getting their tables very mixed up, and probably then being sent to the back of the class. The clockwise brigade liked the downhill start to the seat at 3, before a bit of 'in-out' work to #13. Some, including Gordy, foreswore #13, intent on plundering more juicy fare further west. Both starts had their fans, and their rewards, as thirty pointers loomed into view without having to get too discombobulated.

I mention the weather, because later starters got a right soaking. It also got very dark and by 7pm was almost a night event. Thank heavens for the small WHO tent where the damp late arrivals peeped forlornly out at their cars, not daring to move. This show of inclemency is the reason the Old Pork doesn't have many time to record, as he doesn't like to get the hair piece too wet - and besides the old gent couldn't see a thing!

A couple of times that were noted included the Thommo's both doing 300, Robin 'The Camshaft' Cameron and Linda 'Dinner Ale' Sesta posting 450, Glenn doing the lot in 48.15 (an impressive vote on the course length Selwyn) and young Aidan putting up 380. Adrian White seemed to be up there with 580 with many in the mid fives. Gill 'Sans' Fowler, Mike Free and Davy 'The Gravy' Bray all clung together with 520, while Ron and Heiko posted 430 each in the Legends. I think Steve Flick managed 480 but appeared beaten by Wazza who ran in late to some applause from the Members Stand - and a 500 plus outing. Next week Steve - no Warwick!

So sorry about the lack of detail here. No doubt we will get the results up at some stage and all will be revealed. Bear with us on the R word. It will happen, but is taking a while to be down in the post McKenna SSS world we now find ourselves in.

Next week we return to North Epping where runners might get a touch of eucalyptus and sandstone as well as the parks and roads up there. Ted 'CNN' Woodley has a beauty planned with a more northerly start location than our last outing there. It should be fun, fun, fun. As you would expect sports fans. Be there!


Fly on the Wall said...

Got lucky with the weather - after an 80-minute drive through dreadful traffic to get there, the rain stopped by the time I was ready to run - and bucketed down again barely 5 minutes after I had finished.
Nice to see this map smaller than previous year's settings when 6.5km would only get you around 320.
I went 1-2-12-20-4-26-19-29-7-8-9-28-18-15-25-22-14-24-16-23-13-3 for 440 in 42 minutes - silly me, did not think of the in-out to #27. That was about 7km, so a good outing in pleasant conditions.
A disturbing sight on arrival, though, for newcomers - with one perennial Masters medallist dry-wretching for several minutes after getting back 5 seconds early!

Chris Brown said...

Visit for solutions to this week's event.

Engine said...

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