Monday, March 19, 2012


Glenn 'The Moonman' Horrocks cruised to an amazing 2.31 hour all stations victory at yesterday's Minigaine Madness event at Lindfield. Glenn worked the yellow T shirt's booster valves in a sensational orbit of the points at Ted Woodley's excellent and testing three hour outing. Glenn held 15 minutes over the next Cosmonaughts home in a swallow dive of in/out work across the course - and including the slow track flog from 82 to 100.

Numbers appeared excellent, with four hundred plus on the drip feed and nibble. An excellent cross over afternoon between the hard core Sydney Summer Series ponies and regular rogaining teams. Many booked high returns. Others liked the occassional smudge of 2B on the waterproof, as if the walk was reward enough. Many ran...and ran. Others, sworn to a walk, found themselves slipping into neutral on the downhill and perambulating accordingly. Unlike a six hour flog, where walking is the go, the three hour format encourages fantasies of youth and lost fitness - hence the vets and legends enjoying early pace only to be seen later staggering on all fours towards the red flag. But, hey, what a blast - and what a neat way to spend a fine (as it turned out) Sunday arvo.

'The Bodgie's' course was superb, even if baked by NASA in under three. Perhaps a tickle in the north on the other side of the river, and also an extension south could have made for a closer call, but this is academic. For most of us, it was well out of reach, but not too far so. Early distance estimates and time checks were often met, meaning that those that planned with options did better. The out-of-bounds section on Lady Game Drive was the kicker that provided for a full north to south circle route, or confined the southerner routers to a sort of U shaped plumbing course. Both had their fans.

Two groups of 240 points provided early chew. The UTS grouping, and the Waterfall group were both in the middle, and exercised the mind. Many on the all stops Circular Quay tour swept north via 76,35,64,108,34 before repointing the nose cone towards Antarctica and a cross back above the Epping Line (and its regretted viaduct above the river). These nags then headed up via 53,10 72 and a little Loyal Henry before enjoying watermelon and orange - and forgoing both of the 240 bags of washing. Some added the UTS points, eschewing #77 if the tick tock was getting louder.

Other starters, fearing too much shoe leather in the north, opted for a compact collect. This went 11,43,UTS,52,30,63,72,53(in/out),10 (imagine a gun club here!!),73 and up to the very tempting 40,107,13 and the 103 puzzle of count the wires before a bit of river work and working back via the mud and waterfall at 104, and the uphill flog home via 76. These latter Madness birdies attracted the concern of the Millwood Avenue shopkeeper (next to the Koala control), who texted me about the irresponsible and dangerous road crossings he was witnessing. I must admit it was a busy place and many stallions were still in high spirits. Thankfully, I don't think there were any incidents of duco on leg.

Heaps of individual variations of course, as one would expect with such an event. The very north western points were only for the striplings, and included the long river track connection mentioned above. Although Astronaught Glenn went low here after going in/out 82 to 70 (I'm incredulous!!), bagging the '01 as a through train might, before plowing along the slow slush to 100, he reports Mark Schaefer working in/out to 101, climbing from 82 to 70, bagging 84 and then enjoying bitumen to 83/100. Probably a faster collect that enabled him to ignore the 84 distraction on the fly eastwards.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, so thanks Teddy and all who helped realise the event.

I will keep this short, not quite having two extensive blogs in me during the one week. I did see some good scoring though, and note Mark and Tim going all stations in 2.42, Gill & Steve 'The Blue Boot' the same in 2.46 - with, Richard 'The King' Green, rounding out our three's in 2.45. Greg Barbour clocked 2990, while the three gistening singlets of James, Wazza and Dipper pulled in on time with 2700 in the can. Not bad for this clutch of Sv's.

Further down the numbers game, Barb Hill pushed Matty all the way for 2470, Lloyd and Malcolm enjoyed 1620, and Duncan and Colin went easy on the salt to post 1310. Good to see Roly (or Zuzu) Burford and Jitka enjoying themselves with 1010, and SSS legend David Bray on fire with 2740. Great running from DB Lager. Stu piled on 1700, Bruce Stanley (without Melbourne) enjoyed 1340 and Bryony and 'The Biscuit' carded an excellent 1830 to suprise many of their peers. Like grandad Ron, they worked the northern arc to good effect.

Somehow, the results will filter into SSS categories. We await this dissing of characters into the type trays with interest, and future thoughts on the individual/team links. Much post race discussion centered round the positive drag effect if an older pony was pushed higher by a younger companion. Correspondence please, although I think the format was a good one and am happy to see the linkage with 'those with map bags' continue. I'm sure most agree.

Again thanks to all - including the Waitara Scouts catering and the girl with the yard broom.

In only a couple of days we are at it again, this time back to Lindfield and the 45 minute format. Rob Spry is our point man, and will have plenty to enjoy over at Tryon Oval. Back up that clicking hip joint with one more flog the dog, as we rue the missing State League's and fear our Easter prep is way short. Maybe run twice. Maybe just the once....but run just the same. Lindfield, we love you it seems. Be there.


Ancient Legend said...

First Timers in a Minigaine … mud splatter everywhere ... shoes still drying and mind boggling as to how the Teams and Individual scores can relate to the SSS tables ... Just drink another Red and be very contented with fun we had on the day!
Thanks to Ted and Crew for a great Sunday event.

Also Ran said...

It was a very enjoyable event and a well set course, but I don't believe that it should be part of the Summer Series points score. It's a bit like deciding a one day series by throwing a test match in near the end.

Not everyone who enjoys the Summer Series is capable of going for three hours, and it gives their opposition a chance of a free 100 points which could decide the outcome in a close contest.

Ancient Legend said...
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Miss Taken said...

The SSS is either an individual or group competition. Many SSS individuals will have run as part of a team and will register the same score as their team mate. The team mate may be younger, older or of the opposite sex. Above all, two heads are always better than one so I question whether this is in keeping with the individual nature of the majority of SSS events.

Perhaps in future, if you wish the Minigaine to be included in your SSS individual results, you should run as an individual. Otherwise your result will be recorded in the Groups section of the SSS table.

Dave said...

One of the most enjoyable events of the orienteering/rogaining year, run it, walk it, it's all fun.

As for my opinion in regard to including it in SSS: is it better to encourage people to participate in more or less runs?

Personally I participate in these runs not because I have an expectation that I can ever win an event, but because it is fun to get out in the bush and explore new areas and enjoy the courses.

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