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Detective Robert 'I Spy' Spry (for the crown) opened proceedings with a 600 point description of the crime scene at Lindfield local court. To gasps from those on trial, Detective Spry demanded a heavy penalty for those caught with a full haversack, although he did accept some leniency from those who confessed to only petty theft in the 100/200 range.

In almost amazingly fine weather, the court (sitting outdoors) heard how D.S. Spry presented his case in two parts. Firstly he offered a tidy collect around the streets without too much bother from defense witness Contour Kate. He also showed his dark side by promulgating an additional low dive in the east that demanded exertion and timing, and was best undertaken by prisoners without leg irons. This second part exotica (the superb linkage from 20 to 24 via the the Tank Stream) adding the itch powder to Wazza's singlet, and other transportees seduced by the bakkie and rum on offer down in the bush.

So, an offer in two. Up high on the streets rewarded, and could include a rock pillar and a touch of slosh in the nice finishing circuit of 17,17,7 for those that don't mind a little something on the undersole. For a big score however, you had to tackle the east, and its attendant puff and gasp. Plenty did of course, with the Half Way Harry's (and there were many of these lads in the arrowed pajamas) including 10,14 and 24, in their plans, but baulking at the S bend plunge.

Now that Sherif Pork Pie has the court in session, let's look at the evening.

Firstly, a fine evening. Whooo hooo, two in a row. Very neat and well planned by the BNO weather gods. Secondly, here we are back at Tryon Oval, I think the first time since 2004! Rather too long a wait, although I note we started from the other end in 2008, and would have shared many of the locations from that one. The Tryon 'planning' grandstand, the green 'non water feature' grassy oval, and new dunnies added to the appeal - and with Bennelong Northside in full branding mode, SSS arrivees salivated at the offer awaiting. There was a palpable buzz, in what might have been a crowd approaching the double ton. I'd guess we came close, in which case a late event record, as numbers tend to curl into autumn, rather like a rust coloured leaf.

What had our chief spy devised?

First impressions of the portrait A4 offering were good. No Nosh track work to capture lost souls this time, although there was the compensating wilderness rescue offer on the east. Some good stuff in close, with the laneways to 22,23 appealing, as did the tidy, slightly contoury, offer at 12,11,28. The bush circuit with the sevens has already been fingered by PP, but is re-noted as a 'must do', and checkpoints 26 and 25 in the north, easily pencilled for most of the non baby boomers (poor souls). For those not going to the green room, 18 and 20 held brief appeal, but it soon passed.

There were only two opening speeches. The majority of defendents had QC Chuck Berry arguing 'Sweet Little Sixteen' as their first offence, with the bush first bunnies (and their counsel John Lennon QC) opted for 'She Was Just Seventeen'. Both had fans and followers, although Chucky probably took the majority vote. For those nags, the natural order after the friendly 16 was 1,2,23,22 and a decision that involved the fate of their respective estates. The cautious Carol's went left after 22 (as though turning into First Class) and played with 3,12 and 5. Working into the brown added 14 and 26 and back to 4 before 25 appealed and a retreat to the triangle - with the 80 points below the school added if the tick tock nodded. More bold prisoners added in/out 18 to the above, and the boldest of the lot, remembering the quality of the bush on offer, rolled a fag, changed their wills, and plunged down to the 20,8,29,19,30,24 meeting with their makers - and a nice Peak Freans worm biscuit (hopefully buttered with 'Miracle' Margarine).

It is not an exaggeration to say there were runners everywhere, all working circles with the odd tummy tuck. You could almost rack up 200 on fairly flat terrain, but the Detective knew how to draw a rash decision from the prisoners in the dock. I particularly like the up/down around 11,28 and 21 (coming west 21,28,11 had an edge to 21,11,28). Likewise 3,12,5 going west appealed, rather than in/out 12 on the way from 6 to 21. Of other temptations, probably #24 is the best - playing with the mind of determined 14 to 26 miscreants - who probably profited by the additional bagging.

Hard to spot a lonely pot, or at least one that was seriously off circuit. Perhaps #18 is the Roy Orbison, as the low eastern floggers would almost certainly gone 22,20 before holding on. Pots 9 and 15 worked into a nice extension, so not them. Maybe #10. Hardly worth the left turn if engaged in the 14-24 linkage. Yep, maybe little old Network Ten. Gina, alone again!

We have now got to the stage where Porkie must confess to having NO scores. As a few might have noticed the Porcine One left the paddock in a strangely breathless state after a very poor run/walk in asthmatic gasp. Glenn, in a blurr of passing yellow, wondered out loud if I was in 4WD mode (seeing my slow work uphill from 28 to 11). Very much 4WD Glenny, and not much out of low range I'm afraid. Hopefully all will recover in time for the final. So, as I don't have the scores, all prisoners in the dock can rest easy as Judge Deed gathers his robes. Your sentences will be read out soon enough.

In summary then, it looked like a great roll up to an excellent event. Thanks Rob for standing in for Mike Halmy, and thanks to BN for another enjoyable day of water and water biscuits.

This sees event 26 over and done with, with only the final to go. Many are already in mourning as another season draws to a close - probably one of the wettest on record. However, let's go out with a bang, as Ronald 'Biggs' Junghans puts up a cracker at Macquarie Uni. Starting at the sports grounds gives us the ideal venue for the post race presentations, so make sure you stay around to applaud you racing peers - and to have a farewell bask in the glow of the sport that others can only look on in puzzled envy. Sydney Summer Series - we know how to sell umbrellas!

Although next week sees a conclusion of SSS season 21, Dave Stitt and other moonlight madmen will be bringing forth the Moonlight Madness Series of full moon flogs. Beginning on 04 April at Shrimptons Creek and going once a month (all rather British) till September. Flyers will be on hand at Macquarie and on the Garingal/ONSW websites. All the same Summer Series fun, just in the dark!

The other big shift in sentiment, is the move to orienteering in the bush. Yes, the real deal awaits, with Easter in Queensland seeing the O suits emerge from their hibernation. If you have enjoyed a bit of summer map sport, join us as we go all funny in the coloured clothing. Join us and experience the joy of beeping in the bush (it's just something to keep us from the train sets).

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Bruce S said...

What is this about asthma???
It must be caused by those long legs!
Still you turned in a 95% …. Bloody good for a man running with asthmatic conditions!

The Event, the Venue and even the weather was excellent … bring on the next one.
I think “Miss Taken” is correct in saying that for SSS scores should be listed as Individual or Group. Miss Taken points out that there are many close contests and two eyes are better than one.
Bruce Stanley/GO/LM

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